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International Handbook of Career Guidance

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Table of contents

I. Educational and Vocational Guidance in a Social Context

1. Introduction: An International Handbook of Career Guidance
Raoul Esbroeck, James A. Athanasou

2. Career Guidance in a Global World
Raoul Esbroeck

3. Social Contexts for Career Guidance Throughout the World
Edwin L. Herr

4. Landscape with Travellers: The Context of Careers in Developed Nations
Kerr Inkson, Graham Elkin

II. Theoretical Foundations

5. Helping People Choose Jobs: A History of the Guidance Profession
Mark L. Savickas

6. The Big Five Career Theories
S. Alvin Leung

7. Recent Developments in Career Theories: The Influences of Constructivism and Convergence
Wendy Patton

8. Decision-Making Models and Career Guidance
Itamar Gati, Shiri Tal

9. A Constructivist Approach to Ethically Grounded Vocational Development Interventions for Young People
Jean Guichard, Bernadette Dumora

10. Social Contexts for Career Guidance Throughout the World. Developmental-Contextual Perspectives on Career Across the Lifespan
Fred W. Vondracek, Erik J. Porfeli

11. Theories in Cross-Cultural Contexts
Frederick. T. L. Leong, Arpana Gupta

III. Educational and Vocational Guidance in Practice

12. Career Guidance and Counselling in Primary and Secondary Educational Settings
Norman C. Gysbers

13. On the Shop Floor: Guidance in the Workplace
Peter Plant

14. Career Management: Taking Control of the Quality of Work Experiences
Annelies E. M. Vianen, Irene E. Pater, Paul T. Y. Preenen

15. Qualification Standards for Career Practitioners
Nancy Arthur

16. The Emergence of More Dynamic Counselling Methods
Norman Amundson, Erin Thrift

17. Career Guidance and Public Policy
A. G. Watts

18. Training Career Practitioners in the 21st Century
Spencer G. Niles, Azra Karajic

IV. Educational and Vocational Guidance with Specific Target Groups

19. Guidance for Girls and Women
Jenny Bimrose

20. Career Guidance for Persons with Disabilities
Salvatore Soresi, Laura Nota, Lea Ferrari, V. Scott Solberg

21. Career Guidance with Immigrants
Charles P. Chen

22. Coping with Work and Family Role Conflict: Career Counselling Considerations for Women
Charles P. Chen

23. Career Guidance for at Risk Young People: Constructing a Way Forward
Hazel L. Reid

V. Testing and Assessment in Educational and Vocational Guidance

24. Testing and Assessment in an International Context: Cross-and Multi-Cultural Issues
M. Eduarda Duarte, Jérôme Rossier

25. Career Maturity Assessment in an International Context
Mark B. Watson

26. Interest Assessment in an International Context
Terence J. G. Tracey, Saurabh Gupta

27. Assessment of Values and Role Salience
Branimir Šverko, Toni Babarovic, Iva Šverko

28. Cognitive Measurement in Career Guidance
Jacques Grégoire, Frédéric Nils

29. Qualitative Career Assessment: A Higher Profile in the 21st Century?
Mary McMahon

30. Ethical Issues in Testing and Assessment
Donna E. Palladino Schultheiss, Graham B. Stead

VI. Evaluation of Educational and Vocational Guidance

31. Quantitative Research Synthesis: The Use of Meta-Analysis in Career Guidance and Vocational Psychology
Paul A. Gore, Takuya Minami

32. Action Theory: An Integrative Paradigm for Research and Evaluation in Career
Richard A. Young, Ladislav Valach

33. Using Longitudinal Methodology in Career Guidance Research
Jane L. Swanson, Sarah A. Miller

34. Evaluation of Career Guidance Programs
Susan C. Whiston, Ilene M. Buck

35. An International and Social Perspective on Career Guidance
James A. Athanasou, Raoul Esbroeck


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