Frankland, Steve

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment

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Table of contents

Section A. Assessment in Action

1. Implementing Criterion-Referenced Assessment
Cathy S. P. Wong, Carmela Briguglio, Sundrakanthi Singh, Michael Collins

2. Reinforcing Formative and Summative Assessment
James Oldham, Adrian Freeman, Suzanne Chamberlain, Chris Ricketts, Stephen Gomez, Richard Osborne, Mary-Jane Taylor, Coralie McCormack

3. Aligning Assessment with Learning and Teaching
Steve Frankland, Janis Moody, Rob Cowdroy, Anthony Williams, Nona Muldoon, Chrisann Lee

4. Rethinking Teacher Professional Development
George Hoefflin, Linda Allal, Lorraine Stefani, Steve Thornton, Sue Wilson

Section B. Embedded Strategies and their Impact

5. Teaching with Group Work, Peer and Self Assessment
Steve Frankland, Pauline Cho, Neil James, Mike Miles, Chris Ricketts, Cheryl Burton, Sherria Hoskins, Carolyne Jacobs, Heather MacKenzie

6. Designing Multiple Assessment Methods
Winnie Cheng, Martin Warren, Richard Tucker, Larry W. Belbeck, Shucui Jiang, Nicoleta Nutiu, Gillian Hallam, Clare Glanville, Carmel McNaught, Paul Lam, Daniel Ong, Leo Lau, Rosario Hernández

7. Reviewing Outcome-based Assessment and Implementation issues
Chris Dillon, Catherine Reuben, Maggie Coats, Linda Hodgkinson, Sue A. Fellwock-Schaar, Pamela C. Krochalk, Mary J. Cruise, Sally Kift, Sundrakanthi Singh, Barry Gibson

Section C. Approaches in Practice

8. Examining Assessment in the Workplace
Stephen Gomez, David Lush, Catherine Layton, Pauline Cho, Catherine Tang, Kevin O'Toole

9. Making Use of Technology in Assessment
Sue Trinidad, Robert Fox, Paul Lam, Paula Hodgson, Josephine Csete, Pippa Nelligan, Mary Rice, Coral Campbell, Judith Mousley, Peter Donnan, Christine Brown, Gwyn Brickell

10. Exploring Implementation Issues and their Implications
Marilyn A. Campbell, Denise Frost, Joanna Logan, Gipsy Chang, Josephine Csete, Gjyn O'Toole, Sue Gelade, Frank Fursenko

Keywords: Education, Education (general), Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Learning & Instruction, Teacher Education

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528 pages
Upbringing, Education

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