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International Handbook on Giftedness

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Understanding Giftedness: Introduction or on the Importance of Seeing Differently
Larisa V. Shavinina

Part II. The Nature of Giftedness

2. The History of Giftedness Research
Heidrun Stoeger

3. Essential Tensions Surrounding the Concept of Giftedness
David Yun Dai

4. Contemporary Models of Giftedness
Janet E. Davidson

5. A Feminine Perspective of Giftedness
Linda Kreger Silverman, Nancy B. Miller

6. An Expert Performance Approach to the Study of Giftedness
K. Anders Ericsson, Kiruthiga Nandagopal, Roy W. Roring

7. Debating Giftedness: Pronat vs. Antinat
FranÇoys Gagné

8. The Arbitrary Nature of Giftedness
Nancy B. Hertzog

9. Gifted and Thriving: A Deeper Understanding of Meaning of GT
Michael F. Sayler

10. A Unique Type of Representation Is the Essence of Giftedness: Towards a Cognitive-Developmental Theory
Larisa V. Shavinina

Part III. The Neuropsychology of Giftedness

11. Neuropsychological Characteristics of Academic and Creative Giftedness
John G. Geake

12. The Neural Plasticity of Giftedness
M. Layne Kalbfleisch

13. Working Memory, the Cognitive Functions of the Cerebellum and the Child Prodigy
Larry R. Vandervert

Part IV. Developmental and Cognitive Foundations of Giftedness

14. Developmental Trajectories of Giftedness in Children
Christoph Perleth, Annett Wilde

15. Highly Gifted Young People: Development from Childhood to Adulthood
Miraca U.M. Gross

16. Talent Development Across the Lifespan
Roger Moltzen

17. Creative Cognition in Gifted Youth
Katherine N. Saunders Wickes, Thomas B. Ward

18. A Metacognitive Portrait of Gifted Learners
Marion A. Barfurth, Krista C. Ritchie, Julie A. Irving, Bruce M. Shore

Part V. Personality of the Gifted, Individual Differences, and Gender-Related Issues

19. Personality Qualities That Help or Hinder Gifted and Talented Individuals
Reva Friedman-Nimz, Olha Skyba

20. Emotional Life and Psychotherapy of the Gifted in Light of Dabrowski’s Theory
P. Susan Jackson, Vicky F. Moyle, Michael M. Piechowski

21. On Individual Differences in Giftedness
Andrzej Sekowski, Malgorzata Siekanska, Waldemar Klinkosz

22. A Theory of Talent Development in Women of Accomplishment
Sally M. Reis, Erin E. Sullivan

Part VI. Twice-Exceptional Gifted Individuals and Suicide-Related Issues

23. Twice Exceptional: Multiple Pathways to Success
Judy L. Lupart, Royal E. Toy

24. Gifted LearnersWho Drop Out: Prevalence and Prevention
Michael S. Matthews

25. Understanding Suicidal Behavior of Gifted Students: Theory, Factors, and Cultural Expectations
Laurie A. Hyatt, Tracy L. Cross

Part VII. Types of Giftedness

26. In Search of Emotional–Social Giftedness: A Potentially Viable and Valuable Concept
Reuven Bar-On, Jacobus G. (Kobus) Maree

27. The Two Pioneers of Research on Creative Giftedness: Calvin W. Taylor and E. Paul Torrance
Kyung Hee Kim

28. Creative Giftedness: Beginnings, Developments, and Future Promises
James C. Kaufman, Scott B. Kaufman, Roland A. Beghetto, Sarah A. Burgess, Roland S. Persson

29. Imaginary Worldplay as an Indicator of Creative Giftedness
Michele Root-Bernstein

30. Development of Gifted Motivation: Longitudinal Research and Applications
Adele Eskeles Gottfried, Allen W. Gottfried

31. Leadership Giftedness: Is It Innate or Can It Be Developed?
Karen B. Rogers

Part VIII. Domain-Specific and Multiple Giftedness

32. Scientific Talent: The Case of Nobel Laureates
Larisa V. Shavinina

33. Understanding Mathematical Giftedness: Integrating Self, Action Repertoires and the Environment
Shane N. Phillipson, Rosemary Callingham

34. Cinema Talent: Individual and Collective
Dean Keith Simonton

35. Reading, Writing, and Raising the Bar: Exploring Gifts and Talents in Literacy
Rachel Schnur, Sarah G. Marmor

36. The Elusive Muse: Understanding Musical Giftedness
Roland S. Persson

37. Giftedness and Talent in Sport
Jacques H.A. Rossum

38. On Entrepreneurial Giftedness
Larisa V. Shavinina

39. Ilk Hunting: Newbies, Cyberpunks, Coders and the Search for Elusive, Ego-Twisted, Talented Computer Hackers
Thomas E. Heinzen, Louis M. Picciano

40. What Makes a Gifted Educator? A Design for Development
Marion Porath

41. Understanding Managerial Talent
Larisa V. Shavinina, Marina Medvid

42. Multiple Giftedness in Adults: The Case of Polymaths
Robert Root-Bernstein

Part IX. Giftedness, Society, and Economy

43. Families of Gifted Children
Abraham Reichenberg, Erika Landau

44. Large-Scale Socioeconomic, Political, and Cultural Influences on Giftedness and Talent
Don Ambrose

45. Gifts, Talents, and Their Societal Repercussions
Dean Keith Simonton

46. The Unwanted Gifted and Talented: A Sociobiological Perspective of the Societal Functions of Giftedness
Roland S. Persson

47. On Giftedness and Economy: The Impact of Talented Individuals on the Global Economy
Larisa V. Shavinina

Part X. Assessment and Identification of Giftedness

48. The Measurement of Giftedness
Linda Kreger Silverman

49. Identifying Academically Talented Students: Some General Principles, Two Specific Procedures
David F. Lohman

50. The Johns Hopkins Talent Search Model for Identifying and Developing Exceptional Mathematical and Verbal Abilities
Linda E. Brody

51. A New Approach to the Identification of Intellectually Gifted Individuals
Larisa V. Shavinina

Part XI. Recent Advances in Gifted Education

52. New Developments in Gifted Education
Gary A. Davis

53. The English Model of Gifted Education
Deborah Eyre

54. Enhancing Creativity in Curriculum
Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Bronwyn MacFarlane

55. Acceleration: Meeting the Academic and Social Needs of Students
Nicholas Colangelo, Susan Assouline

56. Teaching for Wisdom in Public Schools to Promote Personal Giftedness
Michel Ferrari

57. DISCOVER/TASC : An Approach to Teaching and Learning That Is Inclusive YetMaximises Opportunities for Differentiation According to Pupils’ Needs
B. Wallace, C.J. Maker

58. Future Problem Solving in Gifted Education
Bonnie L. Cramond

59. Practical Intelligence and Wisdom in Gifted Education
Mary Anne Heng, Kai Yung (Brian) Tam

60. Recent Developments in Technology: Implications for Gifted Education
Michael C. Pyryt

61. High Intellectual and Creative Educational Multimedia Technologies for the Gifted
Larisa V. Shavinina

62. A Technology-Based Application of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and High-End Learning Theory
Joseph S. Renzulli, Sally M. Reis

63. The Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy: Creating Access to Excellence for Gifted and Talented Rural Students
Clar M. Baldus, Susan G. Assouline, Laurie J. Croft, Nicholas Colangelo

64. On Bringing Interdisciplinary Ideas to Gifted Education
Bharath Sriraman, Bettina Dahl Søndergaard

65. Innovation Education for the Gifted: A New Direction in Gifted Education
Larisa V. Shavinina

66. Dual-Language Gifted Education and Its Evaluation
Ernesto M. Bernal, Jaime H. García

67. Observed Trends and Needed Trends in Gifted Education
Michael F. Shaughnessy, Roland S. Persson

Part XII. Policy Implications and Legal Issues in Gifted Education

68. United States Policy Development in Gifted Education: A Patchwork Quilt
Joyce VanTassel-Baska

69. Identifying and Developing Talent in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): An Agenda for Research, Policy, and Practice
Rena Subotnik, Martin Orland, Kristin Rayhack, Julie Schuck, Ashley Edmiston, Janice Earle, Edward Crowe, Pat Johnson, Tom Carroll, Daniel Berch, Bruce Fuchs

70. Gifted Education and Legal Issues
Frances A. Karnes, Kristen R. Stephens

Part XIII. Giftedness Research and Gifted Education Around the World: Institutional and Regional Examples

71. Swimming in Deep Waters: 20 Years of Research About Early University Entrance at the University of Washington
Kathleen D. Noble, Sarah A. Childers

72. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Gifted Education in New York City
Dona J. Matthews

73. London Gifted and Talented: A Case Study in High Challenge Urban Education
Ian Warwick

74. Giftedness and Diversity: Research and Education in Africa
Jacobus Gideon (Kobus) Maree, Carol Noêla Westhuizen

75. Recent Developments in Gifted Education in East Asia
N. Shane Phillipson, Jiannong Shi, Guofeng Zhang, Den-Mo Tsai, Chwee Geok Quek, Nobutaka Matsumura, Seokhee Cho

76. Gifted Education in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle Eastern Regions: History, Current Practices, New Directions, and Future Trends
Taisir Subhi-Yamin

77. Gifted Education and Research on Giftedness in South America
Eunice M.L. Soriano Alencar, Denise Souza Fleith, Violeta Arancibia

Part XIV. Conclusions

78. Research on Giftedness in the 21st Century
Albert Ziegler

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Entrepreneurship

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