Ling, Hoe I.

Soil Stress-Strain Behavior: Measurement, Modeling and Analysis

Soil Stress-Strain Behavior: Measurement, Modeling and Analysis


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Table of contents

1. Inelastic Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterial
Fumio Tatsuoka

2. Characterization of Soil Deposits for Seismic Response Analysis
Diego Presti, Oronzo Pallara, Elena Mensi

3. Small Strain Behaviour and Viscous Effects on Sands and Sand-Clay Mixtures
H. Benedetto

4. Advanced Laboratory Stress-Strain and Strength Testing of Geomaterials in Geotechnical Engineering Practice
Satoru Shibuya, Takayuki Kawaguchi

5. Assessment of Strength and Deformation of Coarse Grained Soils by Means of Penetration Tests and Laboratory Tests on Undisturbed Samples
O. Pallara, F. Froio, A. Rinolfi, D. Presti

6. Strength Properties of Sand by Tilting Test, Box Shear Test and Plane Strain Compression Test
Kimio Umetsu

7. Micro X-Ray Ct At Spring-8 For Granular Mechanics
Takashi Matsushima, Jun Katagiri, Kentaro Uesugi, Tsukasa Nakano, Akira Tsuchiyama

8. Visualization of Particle-Fluid System by Laser-Aided Tomography
Hidetaka Saomoto, Takashi Matsushima, Yasuo Yamada

9. Strength and Stiffness of Coarse Granular Soils
Ramon Verdugo, Karem Hoz

10. Deviatoric Stress Response Envelopes from Multiaxial Tests on Sand
D. Wood, T. Sadek, L. Dihoru, ML. Lings, H. Javaheri

11. Stress-Strain Behaviour of a Micacious Sand in Plane Strain Condition
S. J. M. Yasin, F. Tatsuoka

12. Undrained Shear Behaviors of High Plastic Normally K
0-Consolidated Marine Clays
S. Nishie, L. Wang, I. Seko

13. The Effects of Controlled Destructuring on the Small Strain Shear STiffness G
0 of Bothkennar Clay
David Nash, Martin Lings, Nadia Benahmed, Jiraroth Sukolrat, David Nash

14. Small Strain Stiffness of a Soft Clay Along Stress Paths Typical of Excavations
S. Fortuna, L. Callisto, S. Rampello

15. Mechanical Behavior of Florence Clay at the High-speed Train Station
Angelina Parlato, Anna d’Onofrio, Augusto Penna, Filippo Magistris

16. Stiffness of Natural and Reconstituted Augusta Clay at Small to Medium Strains
Giuseppe Lanzo, Alessandro Pagliaroli

17. The Influence of Meso-Structure on the Mechanical Behaviour of a Marly Clay from Low to High Strains
Francesco Silvestri, Claudia Vitone, Anna d’Onofrio, Federica Cotecchia, Rodolfo Puglia, Filippo Magistris

18. Stress State and Stress Rate Dependencies of Stiffness of Soft Clays
Supot Teachavorasinskun

19. Coupling of Ageing and Viscous Effects in an Artificially Structured Clay
Kenny K. Sorensen, Beatrice A. Baudet, Fumio Tatsuoka

20. Viscous Properties of Sands and Mixtures of Sand/Clay from Hollow Cylinder Tests
Antoine Duttine, Herve Benedetto, Damien Bang

21. Viscous Property of Granular Material in Drained Triaxial Compression
T. Enomoto, F. Tatsuoka, M. Shishime, S. Kawabe, H. Benedetto

22. Viscous Property of Kaolin Clay With and Without Ageing Effects by Cement-Mixing in Drained Triaxial Compression
J.-L. Deng, F. Tatsuoka

23. Effects of Curing Time and Stress on the Shear Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Cement-Mixed Sand
Jiro Kuwano, Tay Wee Boon

24. Effects of Some Factors on the Strength and Stiffness of Crushed Concrete Aggregate
L. Lovati, F. Tatsuoka, Y. Tomita

25. Freezing and Ice Growth in Frost-Susceptible Soils
Radoslaw L. Michalowski, Ming Zhu

26. Effect of Fly Ash Stabilization on Geotechnical Properties of Chittagong Coastal Soil
M. A. Ansary, M. A. Noor, M. Islam

27. Strengthening of Weakly-Cemented Gravelly Soil with Curing Period
Tara Nidhi Lohani, Fumio Tatsuoka, Masaru Tateyama, Satoru Shibuya

28. The Loss of Strength of an Unsaturated Local Soil on Soaking
Samuel I. K. Ampadu

29. Material Properies of Intermediate Materials between Concrete and Gravelly Soil
Taro Uchimura, Yuko Kuramochi, Bach Thuan Thai

30. Compaction-Induced Anisotropy in the Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Cement-Mixed Gravelly Soils
Lalana Kongsukprasert, Yusuke Sano, Fumio Tatsuoka

31. Stress-Strain Behavior of a Compacted Sand-Clay Mixture
Jui-Pin Wang, Hoe I. Ling, Yoshiyuki Mohri

32. Small Strain Properties and Cyclic Resistance of Clean Sand Improved by Silicate-Based Permeation Grouting
Y. Tsukamoto, K. Ishihara, K. Umeda, T. Enomoto, J. Sato, D. Hirakawa, F. Tatsuoka

33. Effects of Cyclic Loading on Gravel
Giuseppe Modoni, Le Quang Dan, Junichi Koseki, Sajjad Maqbool

34. Comparison of Simultaneous Bender Elements and Resonant Column Tests on Porto Residual Soil
Cristiana Ferreira, António Fonseca, Jaime A. Santos

35. Dynamic Measurements and Porosity in Saturated Triaxial Specimens
Marcos Arroyo, Cristiana Ferreira, Jiraroth Sukolrat

36. Cyclic Plane Strain Compression Tests on Dense Granular Materials
Junichi Koseki, Job Munene Karimi, Yukika Tsutsumi, Sajjad Maqbool, Takeshi Sato

37. Small Strain Deformation Characteristics of Granular Materials in Torsional Shear and Triaxial Tests with Local Deformation Measurements
T. Kiyota, L. I. N. Silva, T. Sato, J. Koseki

38. Dependency of the Mechanical Behaviour of Granular Soils on Loading Frequency: Experimental Results and Constitutive Modelling
Clara Zambelli, Claudio Prisco, Anna d’Onofrio, Ciro Visone, Filippo Magistris

39. Dynamic Clay Soils Behaviour by Different Laboratory and In Situ Tests
A. Cavallaro, S. Grasso, M. Maugeri

40. Dynamically and Statically Measured Small Strain Stiffness of Dense Toyoura Sand
Sajjad Maqbool, Takeshi Sato, Junichi Koseki

41. Sample Disturbance in Resonant Column Test Measurement of Small-Strain Shear-Wave Velocity
Nicola Chiara, K. H. Stokoe

42. Cyclic Behavior of Nonplastic Silty Sand under Direct Simple Shear Loading
H. H. El-Mamlouk, A. K. Hussein, A. M. Hassan

43. Modelling of Stress-Strain Relationship of Toyoura Sand in Large Cyclic Torsional Loading
Nguyen Hong Nam, Junichi Koseki

44. Effect of Loading Condition on Liqefaction Strength of Saturated Sand
Shun-ichi Sawada

45. Experimental Study on the Behaviors of Sand-Gravel Composites Liquefaction
Xianjing Kong, Bin Xu, Degao Zou

46. Accumulated Deformation of Sand in One-Way Cyclic Loading under Undrained Conditions
Goran Arangelovski, Ikuo Towhata

47. Analysis for the Deformation of the Damaged Embankments during the 2004 Niigataken-Chuetsu Earthquake by Using Stress-Strain Curves of Liquefied Sands or Softened Clays
Susumu Yasuda, Motohiro Inagaki, Kazuyuki Nagao, Shin-ichi Yamada, Keisuke Ishikawa

48. Numerical Simulation of Seimic Behavior of Pipeline in Liquefiable Soil
Degao Zou, Xianjing Kong, Bin Xu

49. Deformation Analysis of Liquefied Ground by Particle Method
Kobayashi Yoshikazu

50. Effects of Constitutive Parameters on Shear Band Formation in Granular Soils
Marte S. Gutierrez

51. The Behaviour of a Normally Loaded Clayey Soil and Its Simulation
Georgios Belokas, Angelo Amorosi, Michael Kavvadas

52. A Fast Implicit Integration Scheme to Solve Highly Nonlinear System
Saiful Siddiquee

53. Anisotropic Behaviour of Sand in the Small Strain Domain. Experimental Measurements and Modelling
A. Ezaoui, H. Benedetto, D. Bang

54. Adapting a Generalized Plasticity Model to Reproduce the Stress-Strain Response of Silty Soils Forming the Venice Lagoon Basin
Simonetta Cola, Laura Tonni

55. Validation of a New Soil Constitutive Model for Cyclic Loading by FEM Analysis
G. Abate, C. Caruso, M. R. Massimino, M. Maugeri

56. Viscoplasticity of Geomaterials and Finite Element Analysis
T. Tanaka

57. Numerical Modeling of Wave Propagation in Bogotá Soft Soils
D. K. Reyes, C. Grandas, A. Lizcano

58. A Constitutive Model for Soft Rocks
Mohammed Kabirul Islam, Mohammed Ibrahim

59. Embedded Temporary Prop for Ballast Bed Renewal in Railways
Tomokazu Ise

60. Behaviour of Sand Reinforced with Fibres
Erdin Ibraim, Stephane Fourmont

61. Deformation Behaviors of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls on Shallow Weak Ground
You-Seong Kim, Myoung-Soo Won

62. Effects of Cushion on the Induced Earth Pressure by Roller Compaction
H. S. Roh, H. J. Lee

63. Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Specimen Using Constant Pressure Large Direct Shear Test
K. Matsushima, Y. Mohri, U. Aqil, S. Yamazaki, F. Tatsuoka

64. Inelastic Deformation of Sand Reinforced with Different Reinforcing Materials
Warat Kongkitkul, Fumio Tatsuoka

65. Residual Earth Pressure on a Retaining Wall with Sand Backfill Subjected to Forced Cyclic Lateral Displacements
Daiki Hirakawa, Minehiro Nojiri, Hiroyuki Aizawa, Fumio Tatsuoka, Takashi Sumiyoshi, Taro Uchimura

66. Experimental Estimation of Adfreeze Shear Reinforcement at Joint between Frozen Soil and Underground Structures
Katsuhiro Uemoto, Teru Yoshida, Jeawoo Lee

67. Stressed and Deformed Condition of the Grounds Around Driven Piles
A. Zh. Zhusupbekov, A. A. Zhusupbekov, A. S. Zhakulin, T. Tanaka, K. Okajima, A. J. Belovitch, G. A. Sultanov

68. Centrifuge Modeling of Piles Subjected to Lateral Loads
Logan Brant, Hoe I. Ling

69. A Simplified Soil-Structure Interaction Based Method for Calculating Deflection of Buried Pipe
Ashutosh Sutra Dhar, Md. Aynul Kabir

70. Alternative Remedial Techniques for Sheet-Piled Earth Embankments
Ahmet Pamuk, Korhan Adalier

71. Research Activities of Geotechnical Research Group of NIIS from the Past to Present
N. Horii, Y. Toyosawa, S. Tamate, K. Itoh

72. Engineering Implications of Ground Motions on Welded Steel Moment Resisting Frame Buildings
Daniel Pradel

73. Inverse Stability Analysis of the St. Moritz Landslide
Alexander M. Puzrin, Ivo Sterba

74. Two-Dimensional Slope Failure in the Centrifugal Field
Min-Hao Wu, Hoe. I. Ling, Ahmet. Pamuk, Dov Leshchinsky

75. Geotechnical and Structural Failures Due to Heavy Rainfall of Mindulle Typhoon in Taiwan
Jieh-Jiuh Wang, Hoe I. Ling

Keywords: Physics, Granular Media, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Building Materials, Structural Foundations, Hydraulic Engineering, Numerical and Computational Methods

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Solid Mechanics and Its Applications
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