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Multi-Carrier Spread Spectrum 2007

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Table of contents

1. Frequency-Domain Equalization for Block CDMA Transmission
F. Adachi, A. Nakajima, K. Takeda, L. Liu, H. Tomeba, K. Fukuda

2. Different Guard Interval Techniques for OFDM: Performance Comparison
Heidi Steendam, Marc Moeneclaey

3. An Analysis of OFDMA, Precoded Ofdma and SC-FDMA for the Uplink in Cellular Systems
Cristina Ciochina, David Mottier, Hikmet Sari

4. Influence of a Cyclic Prefix on the Spectral Power Density of Cyclo-Stationary Random Sequences
Michel T. Ivrlac, Josef A. Nossek

5. Downlink Scheduling for Multiple Antenna Multi-Carrier Systems with Dirty Paper Coding Via Genetic Algorithms
Robert C. Elliott, Witold A. Krzymien

6. Exit-Chart Analysis of Iterative Space-Time-Frequency Coded Multi-Carrier Receivers
Stephan Sand, Armin Dammann

7. Interleaver for High Parallelizable Turbo Decoder
Laurent Boher, Jean-Baptiste Doré, Maryline Hélard, Christian Gallard

8. Multi-User Detection Techniques for Potential 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) Schemes
Qinghua Guo, Xiaojun Yuan, Li Ping

9. Analysis and Performance of an Efficient Iterative Detection Strategy for IDMA Systems
Petra Weitkemper, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer

10. Joint Navigation & Communication based on Interleave-Division Multiple Access
Peter Adam Hoeher, Kathrin Schmeink

11. Out-Of-Band Radiation in Multicarrier Systems: A Comparison
Leonardo G. Baltar, Dirk S. Waldhauser, Josef A. Nossek

12. Mitigation of Dynamically Changing NBI in OFDM Based Overlay Systems
Sinja Brandes, Michael Schnell

13. Cancellation of Digital Narrowband Interference forMulti-Carrier Systems
Mohamed Marey, Heidi Steendam

14. RAKE Reception for Signature-Interleaved DS CDMA in Rayleigh Multipath Channel
Alexey Dudkov

15. Accurate BER of MC-DS-CDMA over Rayleigh fading channels
Besma Smida, Lajos Hanzo, Sofiène Affes

16. OFDM/OQAM for Spread-Spectrum Transmission
Chrislin Lélé, Pierre Siohan, Rodolphe Legouable, Maurice Bellanger

17. A Multi-Carrier Downlink Transmitter for Leo Satellite
Roman M. Vitenberg

18. A New Dynamic Partial Precoding Technique for Mc-Cdma Systems Employing Psk Modulation
C. Masouros, E. Alsusa

19. The Influence of Link Adaptation in Multi-User OFDM
Stephan Pfletschinger

20. Adaptive Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum with Dynamic Time-Frequency Codes for UWB Applications
Antoine Stephan, Jean-Yves Baudais, Jean-François Hélard

21. Radio Resource Allocation in Mc-Cdma Under QOS Requirements
Ismael Gutierrez, Faouzi Bader, Joan L. Pijoan

22. Performance of Cyclic Delay Diversity in Ricean Channels
Armin Dammann, Ronald Raulefs, Simon Plass

23. Downlink Performance of MC-CDMA Systems with Spatial Phase Codes in Fading Channels
Stefan Kaiser

24. Doppler-Compensation for OFDM-Transmission by Sectorized Antenna Reception
Peter Klenner, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer

25. On the Receive Signal Dynamics in Energy Efficient MIMO OFDM Multi-User Mobile Radio Downlinks
Faruk Keskin, Andre Egelhof

26. DOA Estimation for MC-CDMA Uplink Transmissions
Antonio Alberto D’Amico, Michele Morelli, Luca Sanguinetti

27. The Cellular Alamouti Technique
Simon Plass, Ronald Raulefs

28. Iterative Intercell Interference Cancellation for DL MC-CDMA Systems
M. Chacun, M. Hélard, R. Legouable

29. Positioning with Generalized Multi-Carrier Communications Signals
Christian Mensing, Simon Plass, Armin Dammann

30. Joint Channel Tracking and Phase Noise Compensation for OFDM in Fast Fading Multipath Channels
Roberto Corvaja, Ana García Armada

31. Estimation of Sampling Time Misalignments in Ifdma Uplink
Alexander Arkhipov, Michael Schnell

32. Combined time and frequency domain OFDM channel estimation
Maik Bevermeier, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach

33. Design and Performance Analysis of Low-Complexity Pilot-Aided OFDM Channel Estimators
Eugene Golovins, Neco Ventura

34. A Study on Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems using EM Algorithm based on Multi-Path Doppler Channel Model
Akihiro Waku, Masahiro Fujii, Makoto Itami, Kohji Itoh

35. Channel Estimation for Block-IFDMA
Anja Sohl, Tobias Frank, Anja Klein

36. Robust time domain channel estimation for MIMO-OFDMA Downlink System
B. Saux, M. Hélard, R. Legouable

37. Joint Iterative Channel Estimation and Soft-Chip Combining for a Mimo MC-CDMA Antijam System
Galib Asadullah M.M., Gordon L. Stuber

38. Pilot Design for MIMO-OFDM with Beamforming
Michele Carta, Ivan Cosovic, Gunther Auer

39. Channel estimation by exploiting sublayer information in OFDM systems
Maik Bevermeier, Tobias Ebel, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach

40. Joint Data Detection and Channel Estimation for Uplink MC-CDMA Systems over Frequency Selective Channels
Erdal Panayirci, Hakan Dogan, Hakan A. Çirpan, Bernard H. Fleury

41. On the Performance of MC-CDMA Systems with Partial Equalization in the Presence of Channel Estimation Errors
Flavio Zabini, Barbara M. Masini, Andrea Conti

42. Cross-Coupled Rao-Blackwellized Particle and Kalman Filters for the Joint Symbol-Channel Estimation in MC-DS-CDMA Systems
Julie Grolleau, Audrey Giremus, Eric Grivel

43. Kalman Vs H8 Algorithms for MC-DS-CDMA Channel Estimation with or without a Priori ar Modeling
Ali Jamoos, Julie Grolleau, Eric Grivel, Hanna Abdel-Nour


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