Valavanis, Kimon P.

Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Valavanis, Kimon P. - Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Background Information

1. Introduction
K. P. Valavanis

2. A Historical Perspective on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
K. P. Valavanis, M. Kontitsis

Part II. Modeling and Control Fundamentals

3. Airplane Basic Equations of Motion and Open-Loop Dynamics
I. A. Raptis, K. P. Valavanis

4. Control Fundamentals of Small / Miniature Helicopters - A Survey
M. Castillo-Effen, C. Castillo, W. Moreno, K. P. Valavanis

5. A Tutorial Approach to Small Unmanned Helicopter Controller Design for Non-aggressive Flights
W. Alvis, C. Castillo, M. Castillo-Effen, W. Moreno, K. P. Valavanis

6. Design and Control of a Miniature Quadrotor
S. Bouabdallah, R. Siegwart

Part III. Navigation Aspects

7. Obstacle and Terrain Avoidance for Miniature Aerial Vehicles
S. Griffiths, J. Saunders, A. Curtis, B. Barber, T. McLain, R. Beard

8. Vision Based Navigation and Target Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
B. Ludington, E. N. Johnson, G. J. Vachtsevanos

9. Single and Multi-UAV Relative Position Estimation Based on Natural Landmarks
L. Merino, F. Caballero, P. Forssen, J. Wiklund, J. Ferruz, J. R. Martihez-de-Dios, A. Moe, K. Nordberg, A. Ollero

10. Evolutionary Algorithm Based Path Planning for Multiple UAV Cooperation
I. K. Nikolos, N. C. Tsourveloudis, K. P. Valavanis

Part IV. Applications

11. Robust Nonlinear Observers for Attitude Estimation of Mini UAVs
R. Mahony, T. Hamel

12. Autonomous Solar UAV for Sustainable Flights
A. North, R. Siegwart, W. Engel

13. The Integration of a Multimodal MAV and Biomimetic Sensing for Autonomous Flights in Near-Earth Environments
W. Green, P. Y. Oh

14. Dynamic Localization of Air-Ground Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Dang, F. L. Lewis, D. O. Popa

15. Decentralized Formation Tracking of Multi-Vehicle Systems with Consensus-Based Controllers
L. Fang, P. J. Antsaklis

16. “Hardware in the Loop” Tuning for a Volcanic Gas Sampling UAV
G. Astuti, D. Caltabiano, G. Giudice, D. Longo, D. Melita, G. Muscato, A. Orlando

17. A Modular On-board Processing System for Small Unmanned Vehicles
R. D. Garcia, K. P. Valavanis

Part V. Epilogue

18. Conclusions and the Road Ahead
K. P. Valavanis, G. J. Vachtsevanos, P. J. Antsaklis


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