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Algae and Cyanobacteria in Extreme Environments

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Table of contents

PART 1. General Introduction

1. Oxygenic Photosynthetic Microorganisms in Extreme Environments
Joseph Seckbach, Aharon Oren

PART 2. Phototrophs at High and Low Light

2. Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Cyanobacteria and their Protective Mechanisms
Bagmi Pattanaik, Rhena Schumann, Ulf Karsten

3. The Hidden Life of Algae Underground
Werner Reisser

4. Meromictic Lakes as Habitats for Protists
Dag Klaveness, Finn Løvhøiden

5. Marine Phototrophs in the Twilight Zone
Noga Stambler, Zvy Dubinsky

PART 3. Phototrophs in the Marine Environment

6. Biology of the Chlorophyll D-Containing Cyanobacterium Acaryochloris Marina
Michael Kühl, Min Chen, Anthony W. D. Larkum

7. Phylogenetics, Molecular Biology and Ecological Impacts of a Group of Highly Unusual Protists
Shauna Murray

8. Diatoms
Frithjof A. S. Sterrenburg, Richard Gordon, Mary Ann Tiffany, Stephen S. Nagy

9. The Margin of the Sea
David Garbary

10. Seaweeds on the Abrasion Platforms of the Intertidal Zone of Eastern Mediterranean Shores
Rachel Einav, Alvaro Israel

11. Status of Mangrove Ecosystem
M. Sundararaman, T. Boopathi, S. Gopinath

12. Intertidal Sandy Beaches as a Habitat Where Plastid Acquisition Processes are Ongoing
Noriko Okamoto, Isao Inouye

13. Hydrochemical Key to the Genesis of Calcareous Nonlaminated and Laminated Cyanobacterial Microbialites
Stephan Kempe, Józef Kazmierczak

14. Soil and Freshwater Micro-Algae as a Food Source for Invertebrates in Extreme Environments
Alena Lukešová, Jan Frouz

PART 4. Phototrophs in Cold Environments

15. Cold Tolerance in Cyanobacteria and Life in the Cryosphere
Warwick F. Vincent

16. Cyanobacteria in Antarctic Lake Environments
S. M. Singh, J. Elster

17. Green Cryosestic Algae
Jiří Komárek, Linda Nedbalová

18. Psychrophilic Diatoms
Thomas Mock, Karen Junge

19. Algae at Extreme Low Temperatures
Erica Benson, Keith Harding, John G. Day

PART 5. Phototrophs in Hot Alkaline and Acidic Environments and Non-Thermal Acidic Habitats

20. Cyanidiophyceae
Gabriele Pinto

21. Diversity of the Cosmopolitan Thermophile Mastigocladus laminosus at Global, Regional and Local Scales
Scott R. Miller

22. The Thermophilic Cyanobacteria of the Zerka Ma'in Thermal Springs in Jordan
Danny Ionescu, Aharon Oren, Muna Y. Hindiyeh, Hanan I. Malkawi

23. Iron-Tolerant Cyanobacteria
Igor Brown, Carlton Allen, Daniel L. Mummey, Svetlana Sarkisova, David S. McKay

24. Extreme Acidophiles
Phil M. Novis, Jon S. Harding

25. Eukaryotic Community Structure from Río Tinto (SW, Spain), a Highly Acidic River
Angeles Aguilera, Linda Amaral-Zettler, Virginia Souza-Egipsy, Erik Zettler, Ricardo Amils

26. Species Composition of Cyanidiales Assemblages in Pisciarelli (Campi Flegrei, Italy) and Description of Galdieria Phlegrea SP. NOV
Gabriele Pinto, Claudia Ciniglia, Carmela Cascone, Antonino Pollio

27. A Genomics Approach to Understanding the Biology of Thermo-Acidophilic Red Algae
Andreas P. M. Weber, Guillaume G. Barbier, Roshan P. Shrestha, Robin J. Horst, Ayumi Minoda, Christine Oesterhelt

28. Enigmatic Archaeal and Eukaryotic Life at Hydrothermal Vents and in Marine Subsurface Sediments
Andreas Teske

PART 6. Phototrophs Under Water Stress: Dry and Hypersaline Environments

29. North American Desert Microbiotic Soil Crust Communities
Valerie R. Flechtner

30. Chroococcidiopsis from Desert to Mars
Maria Grilli Caiola, Daniela Billi

31. Chlorophyta on Land
Louise A. Lewis

32. Aeroterrestrial Algae Growing on Man-Made Surfaces
Ulf Karsten, Rhena Schumann, Anika Mostaert

33. The Systematics of Subaerial Algae
Juan M. Lopez-Bautista, Fabio Rindi, Dale Casamatta

34. Diversity, Distribution and Ecology of Green Algae and Cyanobacteria in Urban Habitats
Fabio Rindi

35. Diversity of Organic Osmotic Compounds and Osmotic Adaptation in Cyanobacteria and Algae
Aharon Oren

PART 7. Adaptation of Algae to Changing Environments

36. Cyanobacteria
Lucas J. Stal

37. Life in a Hypervariable Environment
William J. Henley, Jana Kvíderová, Andrea E. Kirkwood, Jessica Milner, Andrew T. Potter

PART 8. Other Microorganisms and Extreme Habitats

38. The Fate of Biological Materials in Acidic Environments of the Río Tinto, Southwestern Spain
David C. Fernández-Remolar, César Menor Salván, Marta Ruiz Bermejo, Andrew H. Knoll

39. Deep-Sea Microbial Eukaryotes in Anoxic, Microoxic, and Sulfidic Environments
Virginia P. Edgcomb, Joan M. Bernhard, Sunok Jeon

40. Fungal Associations at the Cold Edge of Life
Silvano Onofri, Laura Zucconi, Laura Selbmann, Sybren de Hoog, Dra Asunción de los Ríos, Serena Ruisi, Martin Grube

41. The Early Earth's Record of Supposed Extremophilic Bacteria and Cyanobacteria, at 3.8 to 2.5 GA
Wladyslaw Altermann

PART 9. Outlook-Summary

42. Algae and Cyanobacteria Under Environmental Extremes
Joseph Seckbach, David J. Chapman, David Garbary, Aharon Oren, Werner Reisser

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Life Sciences, general, Ecology

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Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology
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845 pages
Natural Sciences

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