Luster, M. I.

Nanotechnology – Toxicological Issues and Environmental Safety and Environmental Safety

Luster, M. I. - Nanotechnology – Toxicological Issues and Environmental Safety and Environmental Safety, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Nanotechnologies: Overview and Issues
A. D. Maynard

2. Biokinetics and Effects of Nanoparticles
G. Oberdörster

3. Nanoparticle Exposure and Systemic/Cardio Vascular Effects – Experimental Data
P. P. Simeonova

4. Pulmonary Effects of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Inflammatory Response, Oxidative Stress/Signaling, and Recognition by Macrophages
V. E. Kagan, K. M. K. Rao, E. R. Kisin, S.-H. Young, T. Meighan, A. R. Murray, Y. Y. Tyurina, V. Castranova, A. A. Shvedova

5. Inhalation of Nanomaterials: Short Overview of the Local and Systemic Effects
P. H. M. Hoet, J. Geys, A. Nemmar, B. Nemery

6. Interactions of Organic Compounds with Mineral Particles, and the Detection of Cell Components in Bacteria by Spectroscopic Methods – Connections to Nanoscience
Z. Filip, K. Demnerova

7. Toxicity of Polymeric Nanoparticles with Respect to their Application as Drug Carriers
T. Chervenkov, D. Ivanova, B. Galunska, D. Gerova, T. Yankova

8. Risk Assessment Approaches and Research Needs for Nanomaterials: An Examination of Data and Information from Current Studies
E. D. Kuempel, C. L. Geraci, P. A. Schulte

9. Risk Assessment Related to Nanotechnology: Environmental and Policy–Making
L.-D. Galatchi

10. Needs for Regulations, Training, and Education for Health Protection and Environmental Security of Nanotechnologies
N. Opopol

11. Bioethics and Legal Aspects of Potential Health and Environmental Risks of Nanotechnology
D. Solodoukhina

12. Nanotechnology – The Frame of Worker Training, Public Education, and Participation
F. Kaloyanova

13. Use of Membrane Filtration for Water Treatment with Examples from the Republic of Macedonia
M. Kochubovski

14. Current State of Nanostructured TiO2-based Catalysts: Preparation Methods
R. Tomovska, M. Marinkovski, R. Frajgar

15. Evaluation of Mean Diameter values using Scherrer Equation Applied to Electron Diffraction Images
V. Ciupina, S. Zamfirescu, G. Prodan

16. Occupational Risk Assessment and Management: Focus on Nanomaterials
N. F. Izmerov, L. V. Prokopenko, L. P. Kuzmina, O. V. Sivochalova, T. A. Tkacheva

17. Approaches in Environmental Ecotoxicology
K. Demnerova, P. Lovecka, L. Mateju, M. Mackova, A. Z. Filip

18. Particle Exposure Through the Indoor Air Environment
G. Dura, B. Szalay


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