Abdelmonem, Mohamed S.

The J-Matrix Method

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Table of contents

Part I. Two of the Original Papers

1. New L2 Approach to Quantum Scattering: Theory
Eric J. Heller, Hashim A. Yamani

2. J-Matrix Method: Extensions to Arbitrary Angular Momentum and to Coulomb Scattering
Hashim A. Yamani, Louis Fishman

Part II. Theoretical and Mathematical Considerations

3. Oscillator Basis in the J-Matrix Method: Convergence of Expansions, Asymptotics of Expansion Coefficients and Boundary Conditions
S.Yu. Igashov

4. Scattering Phase Shift for Relativistic Separable Potentials with Laguerre-Type Form Factors
A.D. Alhaidari

5. Accurate Evaluation of the S-Matrix for Multi-Channel Analytic and Non-Analytic Potentials in Complex L2 Bases
H.A. Yamani, M.S. Abdelmonem

6. J-Matrix and Isolated States
A.M. Shirokov, S.A. Zaytsev

7. On the Regularization in J-Matrix Methods
J. Broeckhove, V.S. Vasilevsky, F. Arickx, A.M. Sytcheva

Part III. Applications in Atomic Physics

8. The J-Matrix Method: A Universal Approach to Description of Ionization of Atoms
V.A. Knyr, S.A. Zaytsev, Yu.V. Popov, A. Lahmam-Bennani

9. J-Matrix Green’s Operators and Solving Faddeev Integral Equations for Coulombic Systems
Z. Papp

10. The Use of a Complex Scaling Method to Calculate Resonance Partial Widths
H.A. Yamani, M.S. Abdelmonem

Part IV. Applications in Nuclear Physics

11. J-Matrix Approach to Loosely-Bound Three-Body Nuclear Systems
Yu.A. Lurie, A.M. Shirokov

12. Nucleon–Nucleon Interaction in the J-Matrix Inverse Scattering Approach and Few-Nucleon Systems
A.M. Shirokov, A.I. Mazur, S.A. Zaytsev, J.P. Vary, T.A. Weber

13. The Modified J-Matrix Approach for Cluster Descriptions of Light Nuclei
F. Arickx, J. Broeckhove, A. Nesterov, V. Vasilevsky, W. Vanroose

Part V. Other Related Methods: Chemical Physics Application

14. A Generalized Formulation of Density Functional Theory with Auxiliary Basis Sets
Benny G. Johnson, Dale A. Holder


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