Lebedev, Sergey V.

High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Observations Relevant to Astrophysical Jets and Nebulae
P. Hartigan

2. Distinguishing Propagation vs. Launch Physics of Astrophysical Jets and the Role of Experiments
Eric G. Blackman

3. Magnetic-Tower Jet Solution for Launching Astrophysical Jets
Yoshiaki Kato

4. 3D MHD Simulations of Laboratory Plasma Jets
A. Ciardi, S.V. Lebedev, A. Frank, E. G. Blackman, D. J. Ampleford, C. A. Jennings, J. P. Chittenden, T. Lery, S. N. Bland, S. C. Bott, G. N. Hall, J. Rapley, F. A. Suzuki Vidal, A. Marocchino

5. Outflow Propagation in Collapsars: Collimated Jets and Expanding Outflows
Akira Mizuta, Tatsuya Yamasaki, Shigehiro Nagataki, Shin Mineshige

6. Jet Deflection by a Quasi-Steady-State Side Wind in the Laboratory
David J. Ampleford, Andrea Ciardi, Sergey V. Lebedev, Simon N. Bland, Simon C. Bott, Jeremy P. Chittenden, Gareth N. Hall, Adam Frank, Eric Blackman

7. Hypersonic Swizzle Sticks: Protostellar Turbulence, Outflows and Fossil Outflow Cavities
A. Frank

8. Plasma Jet Studies via the Flow Z-Pinch
U. Shumlak, B. A. Nelson, B. Balick

9. Double-Pulse Laser-Driven Jets on OMEGA
S. Sublett, J. P. Knauer, I. V. Igumenshchev, A. Frank, D. D. Meyerhofer

10. Laboratory Modeling of Standing Shocks and Radiatively Cooled Jets with Angular Momentum
D. J. Ampleford, C. A. Jennings, S. V. Lebedev, S. N. Bland, S. C. Bott, G. N. Hall, N. Naz, M. Sherlock, J. P. Chittenden, A. Ciardi, A. Frank, E. Blackman

11. Numerical Simulations and Astrophysical Applications of Laboratory Jets at Omega
R. F. Coker, B. H. Wilde, J. M. Foster, B. E. Blue, P. A. Rosen, R. J. R. Williams, P. Hartigan, A. Frank, C. A. Back

12. Laboratory Experiment of Plasma Flow Around Magnetic Sail
Ikkoh Funaki, Hidenori Kojima, Hiroshi Yamakawa, Yoshinori Nakayama, Yukio Shimizu

13. Astrophysical Jets of Blazars and Microquasars
Markus Böttcher

14. Simulation of the Magnetothermal Instability
Ian. J. Parrish, James. M. Stone

15. Sheared Flow as a Stabilizing Mechanism in Astrophysical Jets
Lucas F. Wanex, Erik Tendeland

16. How to Produce a Plasma Jet Using a Single and Low Energy Laser Beam
Ph. Nicolaï, V. T. Tikhonchuk, A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, S. Borodziuk, K. Rohlena, J. Ullschmied

17. Experimental Design for the Laboratory Simulation of Magnetized Astrophysical Jets
Radu Presura, Stephan Neff, Lucas Wanex

18. Excitation of Electromagnetic Flute Modes in the Process of Interaction of Plasma Flow with Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field
V. I. Sotnikov, R. Presura, V. V. Ivanov, T. E. Cowan, J. N. Leboeuf, B. V. Oliver

19. Plasma Jet Experiments Using LULI 2000 Laser Facility
B. Loupias, M. Koenig, N. Ozaki, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, M. Rabec le Goahec, E. Falize, S. Bouquet, C. Michaut, W. Nazarov, C. Courtois, Y. Aglitskiy, A. YA. Faenov, T. Pikuz

20. Magnetic Fields for the Laboratory Simulation of Astrophysical Objects
D. Martinez, C. Plechaty, R. Presura

21. Assessing Mix Layer Amplitude in 3D Decelerating Interface Experiments
C. C. Kuranz, R. P. Drake, T. L. Donajkowski, K. K. Dannenberg, M. Grosskopf, D. J. Kremer, C. Krauland, D. C. Marion, H. F. Robey, B. A. Remington, J. F. Hansen, B. E. Blue, J. Knauer, T. Plewa, N. Hearn

22. The Formation of a Cooling Layer in a Partially Optically Thick Shock
A. B. Reighard, R. P. Drake

23. Measurement of the Growth of Perturbations on Blast Waves in a Mixed Gas
A. D. Edens, R. G. Adams, P. K. Rambo, I. C. Smith, J. L. Porter, T. Ditmire

24. Colliding Blast Waves Driven by the Interaction of a Short-Pulse Laser with a Gas of Atomic Clusters
Roland A. Smith, James Lazarus, Matthias Hohenberger, Alastair S. Moore, Joseph S. Robinson, Edward T. Gumbrell, Mike Dunne

25. Investigating the Astrophysical Applicability of Radiative and Non-Radiative Blast wave Structure in Cluster Media
Alastair S. Moore, James Lazarus, Matthias Hohenberger, Joseph S. Robinson, Edward T. Gumbrell, Mike Dunne, Roland A. Smith

26. Mass-Stripping Analysis of an Interstellar Cloud by a Supernova Shock
J. F. Hansen, H. F. Robey, R. I. Klein, A. R. Miles

27. Hydrodynamics of Supernova Evolution in the Winds of Massive Stars
Vikram V. Dwarkadas

28. Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Radiative Shocks
C. Michaut, T. Vinci, L. Boireau, M. Koenig, S. Bouquet, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, N. Osaki, G. Herpe, E. Falize, B. Loupias, S. Atzeni

29. Electrostatic Potentials in Supernova Remnant Shocks
Matthew G. Baring, Errol J. Summerlin

30. Non-Stationary Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities in Pulsar Wind Interaction with a Supernova Shell
X. Ribeyre, L. Hallo, V. T. Tikhonchuk, S. Bouquet, J. Sanz

31. Phenomenological Theory of the Photoevaporation Front Instability
D. D. Ryutov, J. O. Kane, A. Mizuta, M. W. Pound, B. A. Remington

32. Photoionized Flows from Magnetized Globules
R. J. R. Williams

33. Nonlinear Dynamics of Ionization Fronts in HII Regions
Akira Mizuta, Jave O. Kane, Marc W. Pound, Bruce A. Remington, Dmitri D. Ryutov, Hideaki Takabe

34. Pillars of Heaven
Marc W. Pound, Jave O. Kane, Dmitri D. Ryutov, Bruce A. Remington, Akira Mizuta

35. The Evolution of Channel Flows in MHD Turbulence Driven by Magnetorotational Instability
T. Sano

36. Laboratory Exploration of Solar Energetic Phenomena
David Alexander

37. Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Collapsars
S. Nagataki

38. Astrophysical Radiation Dynamics: The Prospects for Scaling
John I. Castor

39. Experiments to Study Radiation Transport in Clumpy Media
P. A. Rosen, J. M. Foster, M. J. Taylor, P. A. Keiter, C. C. Smith, J. R. Finke, M. Gunderson, T. S. Perry

40. Laboratory Observation of Secondary Shock Formation Ahead of a Strongly Radiative Blast Wave
J. F. Hansen, M. J. Edwards, D. H. Froula, A. D. Edens, G. Gregori, T. Ditmire

41. Flash Code Simulations of Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov Instabilities in Laser-Driven Experiments
Nathan C. Hearn, Tomasz Plewa, R. Paul Drake, Carolyn Kuranz

42. Models of Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Jets of Microquasars: Orbital Modulation
Markus Böttcher, Charles D. Dermer

43. Time-Dependent Synchrotron and Compton Spectra from Microquasar Jets
S. Gupta, M. Böttcher

44. New Experimental Platform for Studies of Turbulence and Turbulent Mixing in Accelerating and Rotating Fluids at High Reynolds Numbers
Sergei S. Orlov, Snezhana I. Abarzhi

45. Weibel Turbulence in Laboratory Experiments and GRB/SN Shocks
Mikhail V. Medvedev

46. Diagnostics of the Non-Linear Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
M. Herrmann, S. I. Abarzhi

47. Density Measurements of Shock Compressed Matter Using Short Pulse Laser Diagnostics
M. Koenig, A. Ravasio, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, B. Loupias, N. Ozaki, M. Borghesi, C. Cecchetti, D. Batani, R. Dezulian, S. Lepape, P. Patel, H. S. Park, D. Hicks, A. Mckinnon, T. Boehly, A. Schiavi, E. Henry, M. Notley, R. Clark, S. Bandyopadhyay

48. Hydrogen and Helium at High Density and Astrophysical Implications
G. Chabrier, D. Saumon, C. Winisdoerffer

49. Graded-Density Reservoirs for Accessing High Stress Low Temperature Material States
Raymond F. Smith, K. Thomas Lorenz, Darwin Ho, Bruce A. Remington, Alex Hamza, John Rogers, Stephen Pollaine, Seokwoo Jeon, Yun-Suk Nam, J. Kilkenny

50. He Conductivity in Cool White Dwarf Atmospheres
S. Mazevet, M. Challacombe, D. Saumon, P. M. Kowalski

51. The Structure of Jupiter, Saturn, and Exoplanets: Key Questions for High-Pressure Experiments
Jonathan J. Fortney

52. Modeling Planetary Interiors in Laser Based Experiments Using Shockless Compression
J. Hawreliak, J. Colvin, J. Eggert, D. H. Kalantar, H. E. Lorenzana, S. Pollaine, K. Rosolankova, B. A. Remington, J. Stölken, J. S. Wark

53. Scaling Laws for Collisionless Laser-Plasma Interactions of Relevance to Laboratory Astrophysics
D. D. Ryutov, B. A. Remington

54. Topical Issues for Particle Acceleration Mechanisms in Astrophysical Shocks
Matthew G. Baring

55. Three-Dimensional Particle Acceleration in Electromagnetic Cylinder and Torus
Koichi Noguchi, Edison Liang

56. Simulating Poynting Flux Acceleration in the Laboratory with Colliding Laser Pulses
Edison Liang

57. Three-Dimensional Particle Acceleration in Electromagnetic Dominated Outflows with Background Plasma and Clump
Koichi Noguchi, Edison Liang

58. 3-D RPIC Simulations of Relativistic Jets: Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Field Generation, and Emission
K. -I. Nishikawa, C. B. Hededal, P. E. Hardee, G. J. Fishman, C. Kouveliotou, Y. Mizuno

59. Spectral Features of Photon Bubble Models of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
Justin D. Finke, Markus Böttcher

60. Polychromatic X-ray Beam from the Acceleration of Energetic Electrons in Ultrafast Laser-Produced Plasmas
Félicie Albert, Kim TaPhuoc, Rahul Shah, Frederic Burgy, Jean Philippe Rousseau, Antoine Rousse

61. Scalable Dynamics of High Energy Relativistic Electrons: Theory, Numerical Simulations and Experimental Results
T. Baeva, S. Gordienko, A. Pukhov

62. Proton Radiography of Megagauss Electromagnetic Fields Generated by the Irradiation of a Solid Target by an Ultraintense Laser Pulse
Sebastien Pape, Daniel Hey, Pravesh Patel, Andrew Mackinnon, Richard Klein, Bruce Remington, Scott Wilks, Dmitri Ryutov, Steve Moon, Marc Foord


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