Stanilov, Kiril

The Post-Socialist City

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Table of contents

1. Taking stock of post-socialist urban development: A recapitulation
Kiril Stanilov

Part 1. Regional Development Trends

2. Political reform, economic development, and regional growth in post-socialist Europe
Kiril Stanilov

3. Regional growth dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe in the socio-economic and geographic context of a post-socialist reality
Koloman Ivanička, Koloman Ivanička

4. Urbanization patterns in Russia in the post-Soviet era
Irina Molodikova, Alla Makhrova

Part 2. Non-Residential Development

5. The restructuring of non-residential uses in the post-socialist metropolis
Kiril Stanilov

6. Land market, commercial real estate, and the remolding of Moscow’s urban fabric
Alla Makhrova, Irina Molodikova

7. Office development and post-communist city formation: The case of Prague
Luděk Sýkora

8. The evolution of industrial areas in Budapest after 1989
Eva Kiss

Part 3. Residential Development

9. Housing trends in Central and Eastern European cities during and after the period of transition
Kiril Stanilov

10. Social and spatial consequences of the restitution of real estate
Birgit Glock, Hartmut Häussermann, Carsten Keller

11. The perils of post-socialist transformation: Residential development in Sofia
Sonia Hirt, Kiril Stanilov

12. Upscale housing in post-Soviet Moscow and its environs
Yuri Medvedkov, Olga Medvedkov

Part 4. The Evolution of Public Space

13. Democracy, markets, and public space in the transitional societies of Central and Eastern Europe
Kiril Stanilov

14. Public space in the “blue cities” of Russia
Barbara Engel

15. The peculiar history of (post) communist public places and spaces: Bucharest as a case study
Augustin Ioan

16. Urban transport in the Baltic republics
Sigurd Grava

Part 5. Public Policy and Urban Development

17. Urban development policies in Central and Eastern Europe during the transition period and their impact on urban form
Kiril Stanilov

18. Belgrade’s post-socialist urban evolution: Reflections by the actors in the development process
Sreten Vujović, Mina Petrović

19. Urban development, legislation, and planning in post-socialist Zagreb
Branko I. Cavrić, Zorica Nedović-Budić

Part 6. Planning the Post-Socialist City

20. Urban planning and the challenges of the post-socialist transformation
Kiril Stanilov

21. The post-socialist urban restructuring of Ljubljana: Strengthening identity
Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews, Breda Mihelič, Ivan Stanič

22. Urban futures: Strategic planning in post-socialist Europe
Sasha Tsenkova

23. Urban and regional planning in Central and Eastern European countries – from EU requirements to innovative practices
Karina M. Pallagst, Georges Mercier

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Human Geography, Urbanism, Regional and Cultural Studies

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