Zaidi, Mohammed K.

Wastewater Reuse–Risk Assessment, Decision-Making and Environmental Security

Zaidi, Mohammed K. - Wastewater Reuse–Risk Assessment, Decision-Making and Environmental Security, ebook


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Table of contents

Session 1. Introduction and Risk Assessment Methods: Environmental Hazard Impact

1. Effects of Mining Activities on Water around the Çanakkale Plain, Turkey
Alper Baba, O. Deniz, O. Gülen

2. Development of a Decision Support System for Wastewater Reuse in the Middle East
Joop L. G. Schutter

3. Wastewater Treatment in the Mediterranean Countries
Claudia Wendland, Ismail Al Baz, Göksel Akcin, Gürdal Kanat, Ralf Otterpohl

4. Risk/Cost Analysis of Sustainable Management of Wastewater for Irrigation: Supply Chain Approach
Eugene Levner

5. Direct Osmosis Technique: New Approach to Wastewater Reuse in Uzbekistan
Renat R. Khaydarov, Rashid A. Khaydarov

Session 2. Wastewater Reuse—Case Studies

6. Wastewater Management, Treatment, and Reuse in Israel
Saul Arlosoroff

7. Soil Aquifer Treatment Areas in Tunisia: Jerba Island
Makram Anane, Hamadi Kallali, Salah Jellali, Mohamed Ouessar

8. Wastewater Use in Jordan: An Introduction
Zein B. Nsheiwat

9. Municipal Water Reuse in Tucson, Arizona, USA
Sharon B. Megdal

Session 3. Current Risk Management Practices—Developed Countries

10. Dairy Wastewater Treatment with Effective Microorganisms and Duckweed for Pollutants and Pathogen Control
M. T. Rashid, J. West

11. Optimization of Treatment Train for Water Reuse Schemes in the Czech Republic
Petr Hlavinek, Jiri Kubik

Session 4. Risk Assessment/International Conflicts

12. Ranking of Ecological Risks Related to Wastewater Management
David Alcaide Lopez Pablo

13. Risk Assessment of Wastewater Contaminated with Radionuclides Using Arabidopsis thaliana L. Plants
Namik M Rashydov, Valentina V. Berezhna, Nataliya K. Kutsokon

14. Multicriteria Decision-Making Tool for Optimal Water Resource Management
Konstantyn Atoyev

15. Risk-Based Decision Support of Water Resource Management Alternatives
Paul D. West, Timothy Trainor

Session 5. Risk Assessment Methods: Hazard Impact of Treatment Methods

16. Assessment of Three Wastewater Treatment Plants in Turkey
Orhan Gundaz, Celalettin Simsek

17. Pollution Potential of the Shallow Aquifers in Jordan
Nizar Al-Halasah, Bashaar Y. Ammary

18. Efficiency of Oxidation Ponds for Wastewater Treatment in Egypt
Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy, Mohammed A. M. Salem

19. Combining Wastewater Irrigation with Desalination: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Nava Haruvy

Session 6. Risk Assessment: Economic and Managerial Aspects

20. Wastewater Reuse, Risk Assessment, Decision-Making—A Three-Ended Narrative Subject
Sureyya Meric, Despo Fatta

21. Guidelines for Irrigation Management of Saline Waters are Overly Conservative
John Letey

22. Pricing of Water and Effluent in a Sustainable Salt Regime in Israel
Orr Goldfarb, Yoav Kislev

23. Regional Planning of Wastewater Reuse for Agricultural Irrigation and River Rehabilitation
G. Axelrad, E. Feinerman

Session 7. Risk Assessment/National Policy Making Interface

24. Sewerage Infrastructure: Fuzzy Techniques to Manage Failures
Yehuda Kleiner, Balvant Rajani, Rehan Sadiq

25. Guidelines for Good Practice of Water Reuse for Irrigation: Portuguese Standard NP 4434
Maria Helena F. Marecos Monte

26. Farmers' Demand for Recycled Water in Cyprus: A Contingent Valuation Approach
Ekin Birol, Phoebe Koundouri, Yiannis Kountouris

27. Evaluating the World New Health Organization's 2006 Health Guidelines for Wastewater
Hillel Shuval

Session 8. Current Risk Management Practices

28. New Standards for Treated Wastewater Reuse in Israel
Yossi Inbar

29. Wastewater Reuse in Israel – Risk Assessment
Yosef Dreizin

30. Life Cycle Assessment, a Decision-Making Tool in Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed

31. Radiation-Thermal Purification of Wastewater from Oil Pollution
I. Mustafayev, R. Rzayev, N. Guliyeva

32. Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Fecal Enterococcus in Coastal Waters of Puerto Rico
Nydia J. Rodríguez, Baqar R. Zaidi

33. Effects of Wastewater Irrigation on Chemical, Microbiological and Virological Status of Soil
Filip Zdenek, Katherina Demnerova

Session 9. Quantitative Risk Assessment and Policy Making–Impact on Soils and Health

34. Risk Assessment on Population Health
A. Bayramov

35. Thermal Treatment of Wastewater from Cheese Production in Turkey
Lutz B. Giese, Alper Baba, Asaf Pekdeger

36. Environmental Aspects of Wastewater Reuse
Mohammed K. Zaidi

37. Wastewater Reuse in Israel and in the West Bank
Sarit Shalhevet

38. Wastewater Management in Egypt
Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy, Raouf O. Aly

Session 10. Decision-Making and Risk Assessment—International Conflicts

39. Health Assessment of Wastewater Reuse in Jordan
Mu'taz Al-Alawi

40. Wastewater Risk Assessment of Polyester Cabins in Egypt
Mohamed A. Amasha, Tarek M. Abou Elmaaty

41. Removal of Uranium from Wastewater in Turkey
Gul Asiye Aycik

42. Wastewater Management and its Sustainable Use in Turkey
Murat Türkes, Zahide Acar

43. Wastewater Treatment Using New Chelating Grafted Membrane
M. Abdel Geleel

44. The Wastewater Treatment–The Sustainable Development Strategy in Lithuania
Gytautas Ignatavicius


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