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Advances in Plant Ethylene Research

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Table of contents

1. Ethylene Biosynthesis, Perception And Signal Transduction

1. Ethylene stimulates nutations of etiolated Arabidopsis hypocotyls that are dependent on the ETR1 receptor
B. M. Binder, T. C. Zutz, R. C. O'Malley, W. Wang, A. B. Bleecker

2. A novel membrane protein conserved in plants and animals is important for ethylene receptor function in Arabidopsis thaliana
J. S. Resnick, M. Rivarola, C. K. Wen, J. A. Shockey, Caren Chang

3. New inhibitors of ethylene perception in improvement of display quality in miniature roses (Rosa hybrida L.)
H. Mibus, M. Buanong, E. C. Sisler, M. Serek

4. The melon ethylene receptor CmERS1 is localized to the endoplasmic reticulum with an Nlum-Ccyt membrane orientation
B. Ma, M. L. Cui, H. J. Sun, K. Takada, H. Mori, H. Kamada, H. Ezura

5. Cloning and differential expression of banana genes coding for EIN3-LIKE proteins involved in ethylene action
D. Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié, O. Hubert, M. Chillet, B. Fils-Lycaon

6. Isolation and expression of ACC oxidase in Hevea brasiliensis
J. Leclercq, M. A. Rio, Kuswanhadi, Sumarmadji, P. Montoro

7. Post-translational modification of ACC oxidase of white clover (Trifolium repens L.)
Z. Du, S. Leung, M. T. McManus

8. Characterisation of expression of the ACC oxidase gene family of apple (Malus domestica)
J. E. Binnie, S. Tustin, M. T. McManus

9. Characteristics of an ethylene inducible ethylene receptor Cm-ETR2 in melon fruit
W. O. Owino, B. Ma, H. J. Sun, T. Shoji, H. Ezura

10. Ethylene biosynthetic and signalling genes in strawberry fruit: isolation and characterization of ACC-synthase, -oxidase and CTR1
E. Kiss, A. Balagh, V. Tisza, T. Koncz, L. Heszky

11. Analysis of the protein phosphatase involved in the posttranslational regulatory mechanism of LeACS2
Y. Kamiyoshihara, H. Mori

12. Hydrogen peroxide partially reverses 1-MCP-mediated inhibition of ethylene action in ‘Golden Delicious’ apples
P. G. Lévesque, S. Iyer, G. N. M. Kumar, J. K. Fellman

13. Characterization of three ethylene receptor genes in Coffea canephora Pierre
J. Bustamante, V. Poncet, C. Campa, M. Noirot, S. Hamon, A. de Kochko

14. Characterization of ethylene receptor subfamilies by intron position
T. Shoji, W. O. Owino, K. I. Yuhashi, S. Nonaka, H. Ezura

2. Interactions Between Ethylene And Other Hormones

15. Interactions with the ethylene pathway: a puzzle yet to be completed
D. Van Der Straeten, F. Vandenbussche, L. De Grauwe, J. Dugardeyn, D. Hagenbeek

16. Impact of jasmonate esters on ETR1 ethylene binding and the triple response
J. C. Linden, G. E. Schaller

17. Ethylene and abiscisic acid interaction during hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.) flower development and senescence
A. Trivellini, A. Ferrante, M. Lucchesini, A. Mensuali-Sodi, P. Vernieri, F. Tognoni, G. Serra

18. Analysis of a novel ethylene-induced COI1-dependent signalling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana
E. Adams, A. Devoto, J. G. Turner

19. Ethylene involvement in auxin transport during apple fruitlet abscission (Malus × domestica L. Borkh)
V. Dal Cin, G. Galla, A. Boschetti, A. Dorigoni, R. Velasco, Angelo Ramina

20. Blue light dependence of Arabidopsis seedling ethylene responses
F. Vandenbussche, B. Vancompernolle, D. Van Der Straeten

21. Inhibition of ACC oxidase activity by melatonin and indole-3-acetic acid in etiolated lupin hypocotyls
M. B. Arnao, J. Hernández-Ruiz

22. Auxin and ethylene interaction during fruit growth and ripening of Actinidia deliciosa
A. M. Bregoli, C. Fabbroni, F. Costa, V. Raimondi, G. Costa

23. Jasmonates delay ripening by interfering with ethylene biosynthesis and perception and with polyamine accumulation in peach fruit
V. Ziosi, A. M. Bregoli, C. Bonghi, A. Rasori, S. Biondi, G. Costa, P. Torrigiani

24. A novel growth modulator interconnects ethylene, ABA, and sugar signaling
J. Dugardeyn, D. Hagenbeek, C. Zhang, D. Van Der Straeten

25. Ethylene and ABA cross-communication and plant growth response to salt stress in tomato (Solanumlycopersicum L.)
M. E. Picarella, M. G. Antonelli, S. Astolfi, S. Zuchi, P. Vernieri, G. P. Soressi

26. Auxin, ethylene and brassinosteroids: cross talk in the Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyl
L. De Grauwe, F. Vandenbussche, O. Tietz, K. Palme, D. Van Der Straeten

27. A PPR protein, required for normal plant development, may be involved in control of the ethylene pathway at the posttranscriptional level
D. Hagenbeek, J. Dugardeyn, C. Zhang, D. Van Der Straeten

3. Role Of Ethylene In Plant Growth And Differentiation

28. Changes in ethylene sensitivity by regulated expression of the tomato ethylene receptor family
B. M. Kevany, Harry Klee

29. Ethylene induces sexual development through the enhanced expression of a novel zyg1 gene in Dictyostelium
A. Amagai

30. Ethylene controls the development, germination, in the progamic phase of fertilization and growth of petunia male gametophytes in the progamic phase of fertilization
L. Kovaleva, G. Timofeeva, A. Dobrovolskaya, V. Rakitin

31. Ethylene-regulated floral volatile synthesis in Petunia × hybrida
R. J. Dexter, B. A. Underwood, D. G. Clark

32. Unravelling ethylene biosynthesis and its role during tracheary element formation in Zinnia elegans
E. Pesquet, H. Tuominen

33. Leaf senescence in tissue culture of Passiflora incarnata L.: the role of ethylene
A. Mensuali-Sodi, M. Lucchesini, S. Maltinti, G. Serra, F. Tognoni

34. Synergistic effect of kinetin and benzyl adenine improves the regeneration of cotyledon explants of bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) on ethylene production
S. Shyamali, H. Kazumi

35. Role of the Cucurbita pepo ethylene receptor cpers1 in sex determination
A. Peñaranda, C. Payán, D. Garrido, M. Jamilena, P. Gómez

36. Populus genomics as a tool to unravel ethylene-dependent wood formation
J. Vahala, J. Love, S. Bjürklund, H. Tuominen, B. Sundberg, J. Kangasjärvi

37. Control of vegetative growth of ‘Verdejo’ grapevines with ethephon
R. González, P. Villalba, M. R. González, P. Martín

4. Fruit Development, Ripening And Quality

38. 1-MCP effects on ethylene emission and fruit quality traits of peaches and nectarines
V. Ziosi, A. M. Bregoli, G. Fiori, M. Noferini, G. Costa

39. Flesh softening in melting flesh, non-melting flesh expression and phosphorylation of soluble polypeptides in relation to ethylene production
A. Ghiani, N. Negrini, S. Morgutti, F. F. Nocito, A. M. Spinardi, C. Ortugno, I. Mignani, D. Bassi, M. Cocucci

40. Ethylene and volatile accumulation in citrus fruit
J. X. Shi, R. Porat, E. E. Goldschmidt, S. B. Chen, N. Gollop, U. Ravid, R. Goren

41. The role of ethylene in the expression of genes involved in the biosynthesis of aroma volatiles in melon
L. Lucchetta, D. Manríquez, I. El-Sharkawy, F. B. Flores, A. Latché, J. C. Pech

42. Creating climacteric melon fruit from nonclimacteric parentals: postharvest quality implications
J. Obando, C. Miranda, M. M. Jowkar, E. Moreno, M. K. Sour, J. A. Martínez, P. Arús, J. García-Mas, A. J. Monforte, J. P. Fernández-Trujillo

43. Effect of selenium addition on phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) activity and ethylene production in leafy vegetables
K. E. Diaz, A. Mensuali-Sodi, G. Serra, F. Malorgio, F. Tognoni, A. Ferrante, B. Pezzarossa

44. Development of a new palladium-based ethylene scavenger
T. Ilkenhans, S. Poulston, L. Rowsell, A. W. J. Smith, L. A. Terry

45. Ethylene behavior in arazá fruit (Eugenia stipitata Mc Vaugh) during ripening and storage at different temperatures
M. P. Carrillo, M. S. Hernández, J. A. Barrera, O. Martínez, J. P. Fernández-Trujillo

46. Ethylene production in nectarine fruit of different maturity as measured by time-resolved reflectance spectroscopy
M. Vanoli, P. Eccher Zerbini, M. Grassi, S. Jacob, A. Rizzolo, A. Torricelli, L. Spinelli, R. Cubeddu

47. Ethylene production by ‘Prunus domestica’ plums during storage at different temperatures
A. E. Rato, D. Campos, J. M. Barroso, A. C. Agulheiro

48. The peach 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase isogene, Pp-ACS1, is required for fruit softening
M. Tatsuki, T. Haji, M. Yamaguchi

49. Monitoring genes whose expression is related to ethylene biosynthesis genes in tomato fruit by cDNA macroarray
S. Imanishi, A. Noguchi, E. Matsuo, M. Nagata

50. Ethylene is required for the progression of fruit softening and a continuous mRNA accumulation of softening-related genes in peach
H. Hayama, A. Ito, D. Sakamoto, Y. Nakamura, Y. Kashimura

51. Changes in the autocatalytic ethylene production in transgenic tomato expressing the iaaM gene from Agrobacterium tumefaciens
B. Vioque, J. M. Castellano, J. Chamarro

52. Expression profile of ripening-related genes during ethylene evolution and fruit softening in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.)
S. Stella, F. Costa, S. Sansavini

53. Preliminary investigation into the uneven ripening of banana peel after 1-MCP treatment
G. De Martino, F. Mencarelli, J. B. Golding

54. Effect of combined 1-MCP and cold storage on the shelf life and postharvest quality of tomato
M. C. Martínez-Madrid, M. I. Egea, P. Sánchez-Bel, M. Valdenegro, F. Flores, F. Romojaro

55. The effect of chilling and 1-MCP on quality attributes and physicochemical aspects of cell wall components of Passe-Crassane pears
A. M. Spinardi, V. Giovenzana, I. Mignani

56. 1-MCP treatment affects tomato ethylene and polyamine metabolism
A. Tassoni, C. B. Watkins, N. Bagni, P. J. Davies

57. Ethylene stimulates emission of terpenoids and aliphatic esters in citrus fruits
A. Herrera, M. J. Rodrigo, J. Gil, L. Zacarías

58. Ethylene evolution and its relationship with fruit maturation and ripening in late season peaches cultivars O'Henry and Late Nos
L. E. Luchsinger, E. Silva, L. A. Lizana

59. The use of ?PEACH 1.0 to investigate the role of ethylene in the initiation of peach fruit ripening
M. Begheldo, F. Ziliotto, A. Rasori, C. Bonghi

5. Abscission And Senescence

60. Ethylene responses in abscission and other processes of cell separation in Arabidopsis
S. Patterson, M. Butenko, J. Kim

61. Proteomic analysis of pollination-induced senescence in Petunia flowers
M. L. Jones, S. Bai, B. Willard, A. Stead, M. Kinter

62. Circadian rhythm of ethylene related genes under postharvest conditions in transgenic Arabidopsis plants
D. Kenigsbuch, A. Ovadia, H. Tabibian-Keissar, D. Chalupowicz

63. Role of cell wall hydrolases on ethylene-induced abscission of Dendrobium inflorescences
S. Ketsa, K. Bunya-atichart

64. Effect of inhibitors of auxin and ethylene on abscission development of Dendrobium inflorescences
S. Ketsa, K. Rungruchkanont

65. Pre-harvest application of proprietary elicitor delays fruit senescence
J. C. Linden, R. J. Stoner

66. Calcium signaling in water stress-induced leaf abscission in citrus plants
J. Agustí, A. Conesa, M. Cercós, M. Talón, F. R. Tadeo

67. Control of pistillate flower abortion in ‘Serr’ walnuts in Chile by inhibiting ethylene biosynthesis with AVG
G. Lemus, C. González, J. Retamales

68. Effect of 1-MCP on quality and physiological changes in mandarins during degreening treatment
A. Salvador, C. P. Carvalho, A. Monterde, P. Navarro, J. M. Martínez-Jávega

69. Ethylene sensitivity and postharvest performance of Azorina vidalii (Campanulaceae)
C. Dalla Guda, L. Semeria, E. Farina

70. Effects of exogenous ethylene on alstroemeria floral sticks
H. Berger, L. Galletti, M. Villaseca

71. A massive approach to identify genes involved in ethylene induced abscission of apple fruitlets
F. De Franceschi, V. Dal Cin, A. Botton, E. Caniato, E. Barbaro, R. Velasco, Angelo Ramina

72. Is ethylene directly involved in floral abscission in Cucurbita pepo?
R. Rosales, S. García-Ayllón, M. Jamilena, P. Gómez, D. Garrido

6. Ethylene Involvement In Biotic And Abiotic Stresses

73. The role of ethylene in rhizobacteria-induced systemic resistance (ISR)
C. M. J. Pieterse, S. Van Der Ent, J. A. Van Pelt, L. C. Van Loon

74. Ethylene receptor signaling and plant salt-stress responses
W. H. Cao, J. Liu, T. Chen, Y. R. Cao, X. J. He, R. L. Mu, H. L. Zhou, C. Xie, S. Y. Chen, J. S. Zhang

75. Chemical-induced programmed cell death in tomato suspension cells is mediated through ethylene and lipid signalling
Ernst Woltering, E. T. Yakimova, R. Michaeli, V. M. Kapchina-Toteva

76. Terpenoid biosynthesis and signaling in legume plants in response to herbivorous damage
G. Arimura, V. Volpe, M. Kunert, M. Maffei, W. Boland

77. Metabolomic approaches to understand ethylene mediated defenses in Arabidopsis thaliana against Botrytis cinerea
A. J. Lloyd, A. R. Smith, L. A. J. Mur

78. Characterization of tomato Sl-MBF1 transcriptional coactivator gene family
M. T. Sanchez-Ballesta, M. Hommel, F. Jaimes-Miranda, B. Tournier, H. Zegzouti, I. Mila, A. Latché, J. C. Pech, M. Bouzayen, F. Regad

79. Response of canola plants at the transcriptional level to expression of a bacterial ACC deaminase in the roots
J. C. Czarny, S. Shah, B. R. Glick

80. Cross talk between ethylene, nitric oxide and salicylic acid in ozone fumigated tobacco plants
S. Pasqualini, R. Morettini, A. Borgogni, C. Ghering, S. Meier, L. Ederli

81. Role of ethylene in triggering ROS production in the tomato mutant Nr subjected to acute ozone treatment
A. Castagna, L. Ederli, S. Pasqualini, A. Mensuali-Sodi, B. Baldan, A. Pardossi, A. Ranieri

82. Ozone as a tool for studying stress responses in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.). III. Ethylene, cyanide and the development of foliar symptoms in the autonecrotic mutant V20368
M. G. Antonelli, R. Marabottini, E. Santangelo, A. Francini, E. Pellegrini, D. Di Baccio, L. Ederli, C. Nali, S. Pasqualini, G. P. Soressi, M. Ciaffi, G. Lorenzini, L. Sebastiani, M. Badiani

83. The autonecrosis triggered by Cf-2/Rcr3esc interaction in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) involves an ethylene burst and the enzymatic machinery protecting the respiratory apparatus of mitochondria
E. Santangelo, R. Marabottini, M. G. Antonelli, M. Badiani, S. Pasqualini, G. P. Soressi

84. Ethylene response of tomato fruits to the minimum dropping
H. Usuda, M. Kitagawa, Y. Ito, H. Umehara, N. Nakamura, P. Roy, H. Okadome, Y. Ishikawa, T. Satake, T. Shiina

85. Ethylene production of Botrytis cinerea in vitro and during in planta infection of tomato fruits
S. M. Cristescu, F. J. M. Harren, Ernst Woltering

86. Ethylene production of two durum wheat cultivars exposed to cadmium
A. Mensuali-Sodi, L. Ercoli

87. Ferric reductase and iron transporter gene expression in different Arabidopsis ethylene mutants
M. J. García, F. J. Romera, R. Pérez-Vicente, C. Lucena, E. Alcántara

7. Biotechnology And Applied Aspects

88. Modulating effects of ethylene and ethylene inhibitors in the control of fruit ripening
P. Tonutti, C. Bonghi, Angelo Ramina

89. Issues with commercialization of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) for apples
C. B. Watkins, S. K. Jung, F. Razafimbelo, J. F. Nock

90. Comprehensive analysis of candidate genes involved in ethylene production and perception during apple ripening: phenotypic dissection and functional profiling
F. Costa, S. Stella, V. Soglio, L. Gianfranceschi, H. Schouten, W. E. Van de Weg, W. Guerra, S. Serra, S. Musacchi, S. Sansavini

91. Chilling injury as related to climacteric behaviour in plums
A. P. Candan, J. Graell, C. Larrigaudière

92. Effect of combining 1-MCP treatment and heat treatment on the storage capability of ‘blanquilla’ pear
R. Vilaplana, Y. Soria, M. C. Valentines, G. Reig, C. Larrigaudière

93. Life science trace gas facility: a way towards top-research on biological systems
S. M. Cristescu, F. J. M. Harren

94. Biochemical and physiological characteristics of transgenic CaMV 35S::iaaM tomato
B. Vioque, J. M. Castellano, J. Chamarro

95. Synergistic actions of ethylene with gibberellin in the growth of rice
H. Watanabe, S. Hase, M. Saigusa

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Developmental Biology

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