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Isolated Neutron Stars: From the Surface to the Interior

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Table of contents

1. Recent progress on anomalous X-ray pulsars
Victoria M. Kaspi

2. XMM–Newton observations of soft gamma-ray repeaters
Sandro Mereghetti, Paolo Esposito, Andrea Tiengo

3. MMIV: de SGR1806–20 Anno Mirabili
GianLuca Israel

4. Long term spectral variability in the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR1900+14
Andrea Tiengo, Paolo Esposito, Sandro Mereghetti, Lara Sidoli, Diego Götz, Marco Feroci, Roberto Turolla, Silvia Zane, Gian Luca Israel, Luigi Stella, Peter Woods

5. The radio nebula produced by the 27 December 2004 giant flare from SGR 1806-20
Joseph D. Gelfand

6. The continuum and line spectra of SGR1806-20 bursts
Alaa I. Ibrahim, William C. Parke, Jean H. Swank, Hisham Anwer, Roberto Turolla, Silvia Zane, M. T. Hussein, T. El-Sherbini

7. Unveiling soft gamma-ray repeaters with INTEGRAL
Diego Götz, Sandro Mereghetti, Kevin Hurley

8. Our distorted view of magnetars: application of the resonant cyclotron scattering model
Nanda Rea, Silvia Zane, Maxim Lyutikov, Roberto Turolla

9. Spitzer space telescope observations of SGR and AXP environments
Stefanie Wachter, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Sandeep Patel, Don Figer, Peter Woods

10. Anomalous X-ray pulsars: persistent states with fallback disks
Ü. Ertan, M. A. Alpar, M. H. Erkut, K. Y. Eksi, S. Çaliskan

11. The anatomy of a magnetar: XMM monitoring of the transient anomalous X-ray pulsar XTEJ1810–197
E. V. Gotthelf, J. P. Halpern

12. PSR J1119–6127 and the X-ray emission from high magnetic field radio pulsars
M. E. Gonzalez, V. M. Kaspi, F. Camilo, B. M. Gaensler, M. J. Pivovaroff

13. Chandra smells a RRAT
Bryan M. Gaensler, Maura McLaughlin, Stephen Reynolds, Kazik Borkowski, Nanda Rea, Andrea Possenti, Gianluca Israel, Marta Burgay, Fernando Camilo, Shami Chatterjee, Michael Kramer, Andrew Lyne, Ingrid Stairs

14. QED can explain the non-thermal emission from SGRs and AXPs: variability
Jeremy S. Heyl

15. Resonant Compton upscattering in anomalous X-ray pulsars
Matthew G. Baring, Alice K. Harding

16. Newborn magnetars as sources of gravitational radiation: constraints from high energy observations of magnetar candidates
S. Dall’Osso, L. Stella

17. Astrophysical input for gravitational wave searches
D. I. Jones

18. Dim isolated neutron stars, cooling and energy dissipation
M. Ali Alpar

19. Accretion by isolated neutron stars
N. R. Ikhsanov

20. Non-LTE modeling of supernova-fallback disks
Klaus Werner, Thorsten Nagel, Thomas Rauch

21. Chandra observations of neutron stars: an overview
M. C. Weisskopf, M. Karovska, G. G. Pavlov, V. E. Zavlin, T. Clarke

22. XMM-Newton observations of the isolated neutron star 1RXSJ214303.7+065419/RBS1774
Mark Cropper, Silvia Zane, Roberto Turolla, Luca Zampieri, Matteo Chieregato, Jeremy Drake, Aldo Treves

23. Persistent and transient blank field sources
A. Treves, S. Campana, M. Chieregato, A. Moretti, T. Nelson, M. Orio

24. The Magnificent Seven in the dusty prairie
B. Posselt, S. B. Popov, F. Haberl, J. Trümper, R. Turolla, R. Neuhäuser

25. The magnificent seven: magnetic fields and surface temperature distributions
Frank Haberl

26. Isolated neutron stars: magnetic fields, distances, and spectra
M. H. Kerkwijk, D. L. Kaplan

27. Studies of neutron stars at optical/IR wavelengths
R. P. Mignani, S. Bagnulo, A. DeLuca, G. L. Israel, G. LoCurto, C. Motch, R. Perna, N. Rea, R. Turolla, S. Zane

28. Radio emission from AXP and XDINS
V. M. Malofeev, O. I. Malov, D. A. Teplykh

29. Measuring proper motions of isolated neutron stars with Chandra
Christian Motch, Adriana M. Pires, Frank Haberl, Axel Schwope

30. The trigonometric parallax of the neutron star Geminga
Jacqueline Faherty, Frederick M. Walter, Jay Anderson

31. The puzzling X-ray source in RCW103
A. Luca, P. A. Caraveo, S. Mereghetti, A. Tiengo, G. F. Bignami

32. Evidence for a binary companion to the central compact object 1E1207.4-5209
PeterM. Woods, Vyacheslav E. Zavlin, George G. Pavlov

33. Towards self-consistent models of isolated neutron stars
J. A. Pons, J. F. Pérez-Azorín, J. A. Miralles, G. Miniutti

34. Neutron star surface emission: Beyond the dipole model
Silvia Zane

35. Molecular systems in a strong magnetic field
Alexander V. Turbiner

36. Thin magnetic hydrogen atmospheres and the neutron star RXJ1856.5–3754
Wynn C. G. Ho, David L. Kaplan, Philip Chang, Matthew Adelsberg, Alexander Y. Potekhin

37. Ultraviolet emission from young and middle-aged pulsars
Oleg Kargaltsev, George Pavlov

38. Studying millisecond pulsars in X-rays
Vyacheslav E. Zavlin

39. X-ray observations of PSR B0355+54 and its pulsar wind nebula
Katherine E. McGowan, W. Thomas Vestrand, JamieA. Kennea, Silvia Zane, Mark Cropper, France A. Córdova

40. New phase-coherent measurements of pulsar braking indices
Margaret A. Livingstone, Victoria M. Kaspi, FotisP. Gavriil, Richard N. Manchester, E. V. G. Gotthelf, Lucien Kuiper

41. Thermal X-ray emission from hot polar cap in drifting subpulse pulsars
Janusz Gil, George Melikidze, Bing Zhang

42. The example of effective plasma acceleration inamagnetosphere
V. S. Beskin, E. E. Nokhrina

43. Impact of neutron star oscillations on the accelerating electric field in the polar cap of pulsar
A. N. Timokhin

44. Heat blanketing envelopes and thermal radiation of strongly magnetized neutron stars
Alexander Y. Potekhin, Gilles Chabrier, DmitryG. Yakovlev

45. Equation of state of neutron star cores and spin down of isolated pulsars
P. Haensel, J. L. Zdunik

46. Equation of state constraints from neutron stars
James M. Lattimer

47. Neutron star masses: dwarfs, giants and neighbors
Sergei Popov, David Blaschke, Hovik Grigorian, Mikhail Prokhorov

48. Amicroscopic equation of state for protoneutron stars
G. F. Burgio, M. Baldo, O. E. Nicotra, H. -J. Schulze

49. Modelling the dynamics of superfluid neutron stars
N. Andersson

50. Cooling of neutron stars with strong toroidal magnetic fields
Dany Page, Ulrich Geppert, Manfred Küker

51. Internal heating and thermal emission from old neutron stars
Andreas Reisenegger, Rodrigo Fernández, Paula Jofré

52. Thermal emission areas of heated neutron star polar caps
M. Ruderman, A. M. Beloborodov

53. Cooling of magnetars with internal layer heating
A. D. Kaminker, D. G. Yakovlev, A. Y. Potekhin, N. Shibazaki, P. S. Shternin, O. Y. Gnedin

54. What do exotic equations of state have to offer?
J. E. Horvath

55. Precession as a probe of the neutron star interior
Bennett Link

56. Spin-one color superconductivity in compact stars?—an analysis within NJL-type models
D. N. Aguilera

57. Exotic bulk viscosity and its influence on neutron star r-modes
Debarati Chatterjee, Debades Bandyopadhyay

58. Nucleon superfluidity versus thermal states of isolated and transiently accreting neutron stars
K. P. Levenfish, P. Haensel

59. The drift model of “magnetars”
I. F. Malov, G. Z. Machabeli

60. Importance of Compton scattering for radiation spectra ofisolated neutron stars
Valery Suleimanov, Klaus Werner

61. Search for fast optical activity of SGR 1806-20 at the SAO RAS 6-m telescope
G. Beskin, V. Debur, V. Plokhotnichenko, S. Karpov, A. Biryukov, L. Chmyreva, A. Pozanenko, K. Hurley

62. Instabilities in rotating relativistic stars driven by viscosity
Motoyuki Saijo, Eric Gourgoulhon

63. 10 years of RXTE monitoring of anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U0142+61: long-term variability
Rim Dib, VictoriaM. Kaspi, FotisP. Gavriil

64. Exotic ion H 3 ++ in strong magnetic fields
Juan C. López Vieyra, Alexander V. Turbiner, Nicolais L. Guevara

65. The ion H 3 + in a strong magnetic field
Juan C. López Vieyra, Alexander V. Turbiner, NicolaisL. Guevara

66. X-ray intensity-hardness correlation and deep IR observations of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1RXS J170849-400910
N. Rea, G. L. Israel, T. Oosterbroek, S. Campana, S. Zane, R. Turolla, V. Testa, M. Méndez, L. Stella

67. RX J1856.5-3754 as a possible strange star candidate
Jillian Anne Henderson, Dany Page

68. Chandra monitoring of the candidate anomalous X-ray pulsar AX J1845.0-0258
Cindy R. Tam, Victoria M. Kaspi, Bryan M. Gaensler, Eric V. Gotthelf

69. Spin-down of young pulsars with a fallback disk
X. -D. Li, Z. -B. Jiang

70. Search for radio pulsations in four anomalous X-ray pulsars and discovery of two new pulsars
Marta Burgay, Nanda Rea, GianLuca Israel, Andrea Possenti, Luciano Burderi, Tiziana Di Salvo, Nichi D’Amico, Luigi Stella, Elisa Nichelli

71. On the iron interpretation of the 6.4 keV emission line from SGR1900+14
Alaa I. Ibrahim, Hisham Anwer, Mohamed H. Soliman, Nicholas Mackie-Jones, Kalvir S. Dhuga, WilliamC. Parke, JeanH. Swank, Tilan Ukwatta, M. T. Hussein, T. El-Sherbini

72. Mountains on neutron stars
B. Haskell

73. Optical spectroscopy of the radio pulsar PSR B0656+14
S. Zharikov, R. E. Mennickent, Yu. Shibanov, V. Komarova

74. On the peculiarities in the rotational frequency evolution of isolated neutron stars
Anton Biryukov, Gregory Beskin, Sergey Karpov

75. Gravitational waves from r-modes
Paulo M. Sá, Brigitte Tomé

76. Giant pulses of pulsar radio emission
A. D. Kuzmin

77. On the role of the current loss in radio pulsar evolution
V. S. Beskin, E. E. Nokhrina

78. Force-free magnetosphere of an aligned rotator with differential rotation of open magnetic field lines
A. N. Timokhin

79. Oscillations in the neutron star crust
Lars Samuelsson, Nils Andersson

80. Two decades of pulsar timing of Vela
Richard Dodson, Dion Lewis, Peter McCulloch

81. Slow glitches in the pulsar B1822-09
TatianaV. Shabanova

82. Short time scale pulse stability of the Crab pulsar in theoptical band
S. Karpov, G. Beskin, A. Biryukov, V. Debur, V. Plokhotnichenko, M. Redfern, A. Shearer

83. Using XMM-Newton to measure the spectrum of the Vela pulsar and its phase variation
Armando Manzali, Andrea Luca, Patrizia A. Caraveo

84. A toy model for global magnetar oscillation
Kostas Glampedakis, Lars Samuelsson, Nils Andersson

85. Structure of pair winds from compact objects with application to emission from bare strange stars
A. G. Aksenov, M. Milgrom, V. V. Usov

86. The complex X-ray spectrum of the isolated neutron star RBS1223
Axel D. Schwope, Valeri Hambaryan, Frank Haberl, Christian Motch

87. High frequency oscillations during magnetar flares
Anna L. Watts, Tod E. Strohmayer

88. Magnetar corona
A. M. Beloborodov, C. Thompson

89. Intrinsic spectra of the AXPs
Martin Durant

90. The first multi-wavelength campaign of AXP 4U0142+61 from radio to hard X-rays
P. R. Hartog, L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen, N. Rea, M. Durant, B. Stappers, V. M. Kaspi, R. Dib


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