Légaré, Jacques

Ages, Generations and the Social Contract

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Table of contents

Part I. Changing Background of Intergenerational Relationships

1. Demographic Change, Welfare, and Intergenerational Transfers: A Global Overview
Ronald D. Lee

2. Demographic Context of the Social Contract in Developed Countries: Unity and Diversity
Jacques Véron, Sophie Pennec

Part II. Generations, Social Contract and Labour Force Participation: Theoretical and Empirical Issues

3. Economics of the Intergenerational Debate: Normative, Accounting and Political Viewpoints
André Masson

4. Reorganizing the Activity Cycle: The Stakes in a New Social Contract
Bernard Perret

5. Social Contract and Age at Retirement: Some Elements of a Franco-American Comparison
Patrick Aubert, Didier Blanchet, David Blau

6. Longevity and Work
Pierre Pestieau

Part III. Family and Relationships Between Generations

7. Changes to the Legal Relationship Between Grandparents and Grandchildren in Quebec: A Disconcerting Evolution
Renée Joyal

8. Demographic Change and the Social Contract of Informal Support Within the Family
Jenny de Jong Gierveld

9. Change and Reciprocity in Intergenerational Relationships: The Discourse Of Spanish Working Mothers
Constanza Tobío

10. Intergenerational Exchanges in Older Populations
Emily Grundy

11. Family Solidarities at the Beginning of Retirement in France
Christiane Delbès, Joëlle Gaymu

Part IV. Redistribution and Intergenerational Equity

12. Pensions and Income Redistribution in a Comparative Perspective: Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study
Christina Behrendt

13. Social Spending: Recent Changes and Conditions for its Long-Term Viability
Hervé Gauthier

14. Pensions, Privilege and Poverty: Another “Take” on Intergenerational Equity
Susan A. McDaniel

Part V. Social Time

15. Toward a 24-Hour Economy: Implications for the Temporal Structure and Functioning of Family Life
Harriet B. Presser

16. Working Schedules: In Search of a Balance Between Family Time and Economic Wellbeing
Evelyne Lapierre-Adamcyk, Nicole Marcil-Gratton, Céline Le Bourdais

17. Determinants of Paths of Transition to Total-Work Retirement: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis
Leroy O. Stone


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