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Mobile Phone Programming

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction to Mobile Phone Programming
Frank H. P. Fitzek, Frank Reichert

Part II. Mobile Phone Programming Languages

2. Python for Symbian Phones
Jürgen Scheible

3. Java 2 Micro Edition
Gian Paolo Perrucci, Andreas Häber

4. Symbian/C++
Morten V. Pedersen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

5. Open C
Eero Penttinen, Antti Saukko

6. Qtopia Greenphone
Thomas Arildsen, Morten L. Jørgensen

7. Maemo Linux
Matti Sillanpää

8. Windows Mobile Programming
Rico Wind, Christian S. Jensen, Kristian Torp

Part III. Infrastructure-Based Communication

9. Service Discovery
Andreas Häber

Part IV. Peer-to-Peer Communication

10. Digital Ownership for P2P Networks
Michael Stini, Martin Mauve, Frank H. P. Fitzek

11. SMARTEX: The SmartME Application
Morten V. Pedersen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

12. The Walkie Talkie Application
Morten V. Pedersen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

Part V. Cooperative Communication

13. Cooperative Wireless Networking: An Introductory Overview
Marcos D. Katz, Frank H. P. Fitzek

14. The Medium is the Message
Anders Grauballe, Ulrik Wilken Rasmussen, Mikkel Gade Jensen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

15. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing for Mobile Devices
Imre Kelényi, Gergely Csúcs, Bertalan Forstner, Hassan Charaf

16. Energy Saving Aspects and Services for Cooperative Wireless Networks
Leonardo Militano, Gergely Csúcs, Frank H. P. Fitzek

Part VI. Cross-Layer Communication

17. Cross-Layer Protocol Design for Wireless Communication
Thomas Arildsen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

18. Cross-Layer Example for Multimedia Services over Bluetooth
Morten V. Pedersen, Gian Paolo Perrucci, Thomas Arildsen, Tatiana Kozlova Madsen, Frank H. P. Fitzek

Part VII. Sensor Networks

19. Convergence of Mobile Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks
Frank H. P. Fitzek, Stephan Rein

20. Using In-built RFID/NFC, Cameras, and 3D Accelerometers as Mobile Phone Sensors
Paul Coulton, Will Bamford, Fadi Chehimi, Paul Gilberstson, Omer Rashid

21. Sensor Networks for Distributed Computing
Stephan Rein, Clemens Gühmann, Frank H. P. Fitzek

22. Parking Assistant Application
Janne Dahl Rasmussen, Peter Østergaard, Jeppe Jensen, Anders Grauballe, Gian Paolo Perrucci, Ben Krøyer, Frank H. P. Fitzek

Part VIII. Power Consumption in Mobile Devices

23. Energy Efficiency of Video Decoder Implementations
Olli Silvén, Tero Rintaluoma

24. External Energy Consumption Measurements on Mobile Phones
Frank H. P. Fitzek

25. Optimizing Mobile Software with Built-in Power Profiling
Gerard Bosch Creus, Mika Kuulusa

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Programming Techniques

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497 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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