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Field Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate Pathology

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Table of contents

Section I. Introduction

1. Introduction to microbial control
Harry K. Kaya, Lawrence A. Lacey

2. Theory and practice of microbial insecticide application
Andrew C. Chapple, Roger A. Downer, Roy P. Bateman

Section II. Statistical Considerations

3. Experimental design: statistical considerations and analysis
James F. Campbell, Stephen P. Wraight

Section III. Application Equipment

4. Ground-based application equipment
R.P. Bateman, G.A. Matthews, F.R. Hall

5. Conventional application equipment: aerial application
Karl Mierzejewski, Richard C. Reardon, Harold Thistle, Normand R. Dubois

6. Dissemination of beneficial microbial agents by insects
Fernando E. Vega, Patrick F. Dowd, Lawrence A. Lacey, Judith K. Pell, D. Michael Jackson, Michael G. Klein

Section IV. Overview of Pathogen Groups

7. Viruses
Jenny S. Cory, Hugh F. Evans

8. Bacteria
Stephen F. Garczynski, Joel P. Siegel

9. Entomopathogenic microsporidia
Leellen F. Solter, James J. Becnel

10. Fungi
Stephen P. Wraight, G. Douglas Inglis, Mark S. Goettel

11. Nematodes
Albrecht M. Koppenhöfer

Section V. Naturally Occurring Pathogens

12. Documentation of naturally occurring pathogens and their impact in agroecosystems
Donald C. Steinkraus

13. Assessing impact of naturally occurring pathogens of forest insects
Joseph S. Elkinton, John Burand

Section VI. Exotic Pathogens

14. Introduction of exotic pathogens and documentation of their establishment and impact
Ann E. Hajek, Italo Delalibera Júnior, Michael L. McManus

Section VII. Evaluation of Entomopathogens in Specific Systems

15. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens in potato
Stephen P. Wraight, Marc Sporleder, Tadeusz J. Poprawski, Lawrence A. Lacey

16. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens in crucifers and cucurbits
John D. Vandenberg, Stephen P. Wraight, Anthony M. Shelton

17. Microbial control of insect pests of corn
Leslie C. Lewis, Denny J. Bruck, Jan J. Jackson

18. Evaluation of microbial agents against rice pests
H. Y. Choo, W. C. Rice

19. Microbial control of insect pests of soybean
Flávio Moscardi, Daniel R. Sosa-Gómez

20. Microbial insecticide application and evaluation: Cotton
D. C. Steinkraus, S. Y. Young, D. H. Gouge, J. E. Leland

21. Mushroom pests
Parwinder S. Grewal

22. Techniques for testing microbials for control of arthropod pests in greenhouses
H. Denis Burges

23. Forest defoliators
K. van Frankenhuyzen, R.C. Reardon, N.R. Dubois

24. Microbial control of wood-boring insects attacking forest and shade trees
Ann E. Hajek, Leah S. Bauer

25. Microbial control of lepidopteran pests of apple orchards
Lawrence A. Lacey, Steven P. Arthurs, Alan L. Knight, Jürg Huber

26. Microbial control of insect pests of stone fruit and nut crops
David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Lawrence A. Lacey, Joel P. Siegel

27. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens for citrus pest control
Clayton W. Mccoy, Robin J. Stuart, Larry W. Duncan, David I. Shapiro-ilan

28. Small Fruits
Steven R. Booth, Frank A. Drummond, Eleanor Groden

29. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens for control of pest insects in mint
Ralph E. Berry

30. Insect and Mite Control on Nursery and Landscape Plants with Entomopathogens
Denny J. Bruck, Ralph E. Berry, Jack D. DeAngelis

31. Grasshoppers and locusts
G. Douglas Inglis, Mark S. Goettel, Martin A. Erlandson, David K. Weaver

32. Lawn, turf and grassland pests
Michael G. Klein, Parwinder S. Grewal, Trevor A. Jackson, Albrecht M. Koppenhöfer

33. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens for managing insects in stored products
Jeffrey C. Lord, James F. Campbell, John D. Sedlacek, Patrick V. Vail

34. Microbial control of urban pests – cockroaches, ants and termites
Richard J. Milner, Roberto M. Pereira

35. Application and evaluation of entomopathogens for control of livestock and poultry pests
Dudley E. Pinnock, Bradley A. Mullens

36. Microbial control of mosquitoes and black flies
Ole Skovmand, James Kerwin, Lawrence A. Lacey

37. Terrestrial mollusc pests
Michael J. Wilson

Section VIII. Transgenic Plants

38. Evaluating transgenic plants for suitability in pest and resistance management programs
Michael A. Caprio, Douglas V. Sumerford

Section IX. Resistance

39. Resistance to insect pathogens and strategies to manage resistance: An update
A.M. Shelton, R.T. Roush, P. Wang, J.-Z. Zhao

Section X. Non-target Organisms

40. Guidelines for evaluating effects of entomopathogens on~non-target organisms
Ann E. Hajek, Mark S. Goettel

Keywords: Life Sciences, Invertebrates, Biological Techniques, Plant Pathology, Zoology, Plant Sciences

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