Bonaccorso, Brunella

Methods and Tools for Drought Analysis and Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Drought Monitoring and Forecasting

1. Drought Monitoring and Forecasting at Large Scale
I. Bordi, A. Sutera

2. Monitoring and Forecasting Drought on a Regional Scale: Emilia-Romagna Region
C. Cacciamani, A. Morgillo, S. Marchesi, V. Pavan

3. Development of the Piedmont Region Hydrological Bulletin as
a Support to Water Resources Monitoring and Management
C. Ronchi, D. Rabuffetti, A. Salandin, A. Vargiu, S. Barbero, R. Pelosini

4. Is Drought Occurrence And Severity Increasing Due to Climate Change? Analysing Drought Class Transitions With Loglinear Models
E. E. Moreira, A. A. Paulo, L. S. Pereira

5. Stochastic Forecasting of Drought Indices
A. Cancelliere, G. Di Mauro, B. Bonaccorso, G. Rossi

Part II. Drought Description Through Agrometeorological Indices

6. Use Of a New Agricultural Drought Index Within a Regional Drought Observatory
A. Matera, G. Fontana, V. Marletto, F. Zinoni, L. Botarelli, F. Tomei

7. Distributed Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration Through Remote Sensing Techniques
G. Calcagno, G. Mendicino, G. Monacelli, A. Senatore, P. Versace

8. Testing a Modification of the Palmer Drought Severity Index for Mediterranean Environments
L. S. Pereira, R. D. Rosa, A. A. Paulo

9. Regional Drought Identification and Assessment. Case Study in Crete
G. Tsakiris, D. Tigkas, H. Vangelis, D. Pangalou

Part III. Water Resources Management Under Drought Conditions

10. Drought Management Decision Support System by Means of Risk Analysis Models
J. Andreu, M. A. PÉrez, J. Ferrer, A. Villalobos, J. Paredes

11. Mixed Simulation-Optimization Technique for Complex Water Resource System Analysis Under Drought Conditions
G. M. Sechi, A. Sulis

12. Reservoirs Water-Quality Characterization for Optimization Modelling Under Drought Conditions PART I – Reservoirs Trophic State Characterization
B. Begliutti, P. Buscarinu, G. Marras, G.M. Sechi, A. Sulis

13. Reservoirs Water-Quality Characterization for Optimization Modelling Under Drought Conditions Part II – Water-Quality Optimization Modelling
G. M. Sechi, A. Sulis

Part IV. Monitoring And Management Of Groundwater Under Drought Conditions

14. Methods and Tools for Groundwater Monitoring Aimed at the Water Resources Management Under Drought Conditions
V. Ferrara

15. Study And Monitoring Of Salt Water Intrusion In The Coastal Area Between Mazara Del Vallo And Marsala (South-Western Sicily)
P. Cosentino, P. Capizzi, G. Fiandaca, R. Martorana, P. Messina, S. Pellerito

Part V. Drought Impacts And Mitigation Measures

16. Guidelines for Planning and Implementing Drought Mitigation Measures
G. Rossi, L. Castiglione, B. Bonaccorso

17. Drought Impacts in Agriculture: Water Conservation and Water Saving Practices and Management
L. S. Pereira

18. Assessment of Water Shortage In Urban Areas
C. Bragalli, G. Freni, G. La Loggia

19. Drought Risk in Agriculture in Mediterranean Regions. Case Study: Eastern Crete
G. Tsakiris, D. Tigkas

Keywords: Geosciences, Hydrogeology, Applied Geosciences, Civil Engineering, Environmental Management, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry & Geosciences

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