Kadyrzhanov, K. K.

Safety Related Issues of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage

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Table of contents

1. Spent Nuclear Fuel from Research Reactors: International Status and Perspectives
P. Adelfang, A. J. Soares, I. N. Goldman

2. Regulatory Approach for Managing Radioactive Waste in the Republic of Kazakhstan
T. Zhantikin, M. Sharipov

3. Spent Fuel Management in Poland
Stefan Chwaszczewski

4. An Overview of Spent Fuel Storage at Commercial Reactors in the United States
J. D. B. Lambert, R. Lambert

5. Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel at the Idaho National Laboratory
Thomas J. Hill, D. L. Fillmore

6. Assessment of Environmental Impact of Reactor Facilities in Kazakhstan
K. K. Kadyrzhanov, S. N. Lukashenko, V. N. Lushchenko

7. Design and Manufacture of Fuel Assemblies for Russian Research Reactors
V. V. Rozhikov, A. A. Enin, A. B. Alexandrov, A. A. Tkachev

8. Strategy for Handling Spent BN-350 Cesium Traps in the Republic of Kazakhstan
O. G. Romanenko, I. L. Tazhibaeva, D. Wells, A. Herrick, J. A. Michelbacher, C. Knight, V. I. Polyakov, U. Privalov, M. Sobolev, U. Shtynda, A. Gainullina, I. L. Yakovlev, U. P. Shirobokov, A. I. Ivanov, G. P. Pugachev

9. Account and Control of Nuclear Materials at the WWR-SM Reactor in the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent
B. S. Yuldashev, U. S. Salikbaev, S. A. Baytelesov, A. A. Dosimbaev, U. A. Khalikov

10. Activities of the Kharkov Institute Related to the Problem of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management
V. M. Azhazha, I. M. Neklyudov, S. Y. Sayenko, V. N. Voyevodin

11. Understanding and Managing the Aging of Spent Fuel and Facility Components in Wet Storage
A. B. Johnson

12. Long-Term (100–300 Years) Interim Dry Storage for Spent Fuel: Package and Facilities Development Including Safety Aspects and Durability Assessment Program
J.-P. Silvy, N. Moulin, F. Laurent

13. Technical Issues of Wet and Dry Storage Facilities for Spent Nuclear Fuel
E. D. Federovich

14. Problems of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Casks with Spent Fuel during Long-Term Dry Storage
A. Z. Aisabekov, S. A. Mukeneva, E. S. Tur, V. M. Tsyngayev

15. Trial of Storage Container Technology for Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel
Z. I. Chechetkina, Yu. V. Chechetkin, A. E. Novoselov, V. G. Bordachev, V. V. Maklakov, I. Yu. Zhemkov

16. Interim Storage and Long-Term Disposal of Research Reactor Spent Fuel in the United States
Natraj C. Iyer, D. W. Vinson, R. L. Sindelar, J. E. Thomas, T. M. Adams

17. Managing Spent Fuel in Wet Storage at the Savannah River Site
R. L. Sindelar, P. R. Vormelker, R. W. Deible, J. E. Thomas

18. Corrosion of Aluminium Alloy SAV-1 and Austenitic Stainless Steels 12Cr18Ni10Ti and 08Cr16Ni11Mo3—Core Structural Materials for WWR-K and BN-350 Reactors
O. P. Maksimkin

19. Corrosion of Fast-Reactor Claddings by Physical and Chemical Interaction with Fuel and Fission Products
V. A. Tzykanov, V. N. Golovanov, V. K. Shamardin, F. N. Kryukov, A. V. Povstyanko

20. Corrosion of Research Reactor Aluminum Clad Spent Fuel in Wet Storage
L. V. Ramanathan, S. M. C. Fernandes, O. V. Correa

21. Influence of Neutron Irradiation on Mechanical and Dimensional Stability of Irradiated Stainless Steels and its Possible Impact on Spent Fuel Storage
F. A. Garner

22. Degradation in Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steels C0.12Cr18Ni10Ti and C0.08Cr16Ni11Mo3—Materials for Hexagonal Ducts of Spent Fuel Assemblies from the BN-350 Fast Neutron Reactor
K. K. Kadyrzhanov, S. B. Kislitsin, O. P. Maksimkin, O. G. Romanenko, T. E. Turkebaev

Keywords: Chemistry, Materials Science, Power Engineering, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Metallic Materials, Nuclear Engineering

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
Page amount
370 pages
Natural Sciences

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