Mazur, Victor A.

Soft Matter under Exogenic Impacts

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Table of contents

I. General Issues

1. Asteroid impact in the black sea; a black scenario
Roelof Dirk Schuiling, Richard B. Cathcart, Viorel Badescu

2. The conductivity of hydrogen in extreme conditions
Valeriy T. Shvets, Svyatoslav V. Savenko, Jevgeniy K. Malynovski

3. Dynamic crossover and liquid-liquid critical point in the TIP5P model of water
Pradeep Kumar, S. V. Buldyrev, H. Eugene Stanley

4. Amorphization of ice by collapse under pressure, vibrational properties, and ultraviscous water at 1 GPa
Gyan P. Johari, Ove Andersson

5. Coupled ordering in soft matter: competition of mesoscales and dynamics of coupled fluctuations
Mikhail A. Anisimov

6. All standard theories and models of glass transition appear to be inadequate: missing some essential physics
Kia L. Ngai

II. Glass forming liquids

7. Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy and atomistic modeling – effective tools for the disordered condensed systems characterization
Josef Bartoš, D. Racko, O. Šauša, J. Krištiak

8. Segmental and chain dynamics in polymers
C. Mike Roland, Ricardo Casalini

9. Isobaric and isochoric properties of glass-formers
Ricardo Casalini, C. Mike Roland

10. Influence of Differences in Molecular structure on Behavior of and ß Relaxation Processes in Diisooctyl Maleate
S. Pawlus, M. Paluch, M. Mierzwa, S. Hensel-Bielowka, E. Kaminsha, K. Kaminski, S. J. Rzoska, S. Maslanka

11. Orientationally disordered glassy phases
J. Ll. Tamarit, S. Pawlus, A. Drozd-Rzoska, S. J. Rzoska

III. Liquid Crystals

12. Glassy dynamics of rod-like liquid crystals: the influence of molecular structure
A. Drozd-Rzoska, S. J. Rzoska, M. Janik

13. Ordering effect on dynamics in glass-forming mixture of liquid crystals
M. Mierzwa, M. Paluch, S. J. Rzoska, J. Ziolo, U. Maschke

14. Nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy near smectic A-smectic C* transition in ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC
A. Drozd-Rzoska, S. J. Rzoska, J. Ziolo

15. Confined liquid crystaline 5CB in 2D Thermodynamic Space – Preliminary Dielectric Relaxation Study
S. Pawlus, J. Osinska, S. J. Rzoska, S. Kralj, G. Cordoyiannis

16. Annihilation of defects in liquid crystals
M. Svetec, M. Ambrožic, S. Kralj

17. Waves at the nematic-isotropic interface: nematic-non-nematic and polymer-nematic mixtures
V. Popa-Nita, T. J. Sluckin

IV. Critical Liquids

18. Global phase behavior of supercritical water – environmentally significant organic chemicals mixtures
S. V. Artemenko, V. A. Mazur

19. Properties of water near its critical point
V. Kulinskii, N. P. Malomuzh

20. Fluctuational equation of state and slopes of critical curves near the critical point of solvent
V. Rogankov, O. Byutner

21. Combined models of thermophysical properties along the coexistence curve
E. E. Ustjuzhanin, B. F. Reutov, V. F. Utenkov, V. A. Rykov

22. Intermolecular potential for simple liquids and gases in the high pressure region
V. Yu. Bardic, L. A. Bulavin, V. M. Sysoev, N. P. Malomuzh, K. S. Shakun

23. Homogeneous nucleation and growth from highly supersaturated vapor by molecular dynamics simulation
N. Lümmen, B. Fischer, T. Kraska

24. How to generate and measure negative pressure in liquids?
A. R. Imre

25. Indirect methods to study liquid-liquid miscibility in binary liquids under negative pressure
A. R. Imre, A. Drozd-Rzoska, S. J. Rzoska, T. Kraska

V. Bio-liquids and related problems

26. Critical properties of soft matter at restricted geometry as emerging problem: fundamentals and biological applications
A. V. Chalyi, L. A. Bulavin, K. A. Chalyy, L. M. Chernenko, A. N. Vasil'ev, E. V. Zaitsev

27. Water-biomolecule systems under extreme conditions: from confinement to pressure effects
M.-C. Bellissent-Funel

28. Recent progresses in understanding of water interacting with biomolecules, and inside living cells and tissues
R. C. Ford, J. Li

29. Self-assembly of polypeptides. The effect of thermodynamic confinement
G. Floudas, P. Papadopoulos

30. Coulomb liquids under electric field – application of a new computer simulation method
E. S. Yakub

31. Solvation effects in near-critical polar fluids
A. Onuki


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