Maynard, Andrew D.

Nanotechnology and Occupational Health

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Table of contents

1. Nanotechnology and occupational health: New technologies — new challenges
Andrew D. Maynard, David Y. H. Pui

2. Nanotechnology and society
Kenneth H. Keller

3. Protecting workers and the environment: An environmental NGO’s perspective on nanotechnology
John M. Balbus, Karen Florini, Richard A. Denison, Scott A. Walsh

4. Phospholipid lung surfactant and nanoparticle surface toxicity: Lessons from diesel soots and silicate dusts
William E. Wallace, Michael J. Keane, David K. Murray, William P. Chisholm, Andrew D. Maynard, Tong-man Ong

5. Plasma synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals for nanoelectronics and luminescence applications
Uwe Kortshagen, Lorenzo Mangolini, Ameya Bapat

6. Rationale and principle of an instrument measuring lung deposited nanoparticle surface area
H. Fissan, S. Neumann, A. Trampe, D. Y. H. Pui, W. G. Shin

7. Calibration and numerical simulation of Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor (TSI Model 3550 NSAM)
W. G. Shin, D. Y. H. Pui, H. Fissan, S. Neumann, A. Trampe

8. An axial flow cyclone to remove nanoparticles at low pressure conditions
Sheng-Chieh Chen, Chuen-Jinn Tsai

9. Measuring particle size-dependent physicochemical structure in airborne single walled carbon nanotube agglomerates
Andrew D. Maynard, Bon Ki Ku, Mark Emery, Mark Stolzenburg, Peter H. McMurry

10. A comparison of two nano-sized particle air filtration tests in the diameter range of 10 to 400 nanometers
Daniel A. Japuntich, Luke M. Franklin, David Y. Pui, Thomas H. Kuehn, Seong Chan Kim, Andrew S. Viner

11. Modeling of filtration efficiency of nanoparticles in standard filter media
J. Wang, D. R. Chen, D. Y. H. Pui

12. Experimental study of nanoparticles penetration through commercial filter media
Seong Chan Kim, Matthew S. Harrington, David Y. H. Pui

13. Reduction of nanoparticle exposure to welding aerosols by modification of the ventilation system in a workplace
Myong-Hwa Lee, William J. McClellan, Joe Candela, Dan Andrews, Pratim Biswas

14. Health risk assessment for nanoparticles: A case for using expert judgment
Milind Kandlikar, Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Andrew Maynard, Barbara Murdock, William A. Toscano

15. Evaluation of nanoparticle emission for TiO2 nanopowder coating materials
Li-Yeh Hsu, Hung-Min Chein

16. Moving forward responsibly: Oversight for the nanotechnology-biology interface
Jennifer Kuzma


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Natural Sciences

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