Bailey, Shara E.

Dental Perspectives on Human Evolution: State of the Art Research in Dental Paleoanthropology

Bailey, Shara E. - Dental Perspectives on Human Evolution: State of the Art Research in Dental Paleoanthropology, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Dental Evolution and Dental Morphology

1. Introduction
S.E. Bailey

2. Patterns of molar variation in great apes and their implications for hominin taxonomy
V. Pilbrow

3. Trends in postcanine occlusal morphology within the hominin clade: The case of Paranthropus

S.E. Bailey, B.A. Wood

4. Maxillary molars cusp morphology of South African australopithecines
J. Moggi-Cecchi, S. Boccone

5. Gran Dolina-TD6 and Sima de los Huesos dental samples: Preliminary approach to some dental characters of interest for phylogenetic studies
M. MartinÓn-Torres, J.M. BermÚdez De Castro, A. GÓmez-Robles, M. Bastir, S. Sarmiento, A. Muela, J.L. Arsuaga

6. Neural network analysis by using the Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) applied to human fossil dental morphology: A new methodology
F. Manni, R. Vargiu, A. Coppa

7. Micro-computed tomography of primate molars: Methodological aspects of three-dimensional data collection
A.J. Olejniczak, F.E. Grine, L.B. Martin

8. HRXCT analysis of hominoid molars: A quantitative volumetric analysis and 3D reconstruction of coronal enamel and dentin
D.G. Gantt, J. Kappelman, R.A. Ketcham

Part II. Dental Microstructure and Life History

9. Introduction
R. Macchiarelli, S.E. Bailey

10. Inferring primate growth, development and life history from dental microstructure: The case of the extinct Malagasy lemur, Megaladapis

G.T. Schwartz, L.R. Godfrey, P. Mahoney

11. Histological study of an upper incisor and molar of a bonobo (Pan paniscus) individual
F. Ramirez Rozzi, R.S. Lacruz

12. New perspectives on chimpanzee and human molar crown development
T.M. Smith, D.J. Reid, M.C. Dean, A.J. Olejniczak, R.J. Ferrell Assistant Professor, L.B. Martin

13. Portable confocal scanning optical microscopy of Australopithecus africanus enamel structure
T.G. Bromage, R. Lacruz, A. Perez-Ochoa, A. Boyde

14. Imbricational enamel formation in Neandertals and recent modern humans
D. Guatelli-Steinberg, D.J. Reid, T.A. Bishop, C. Spencer Larsen

Part III. Dental Development

15. Introduction
B.A. Wood

16. Of mice and monkeys: Quantitative genetic analyses of size variation along the dental arcade
L.J. Hlusko, M.C. Mahaney

17. Quantifying variation in human dental development sequences: An EVO-DEVO perspective
J. Braga, Y. Heuze

18. Dental calcification stages of the permanent M1 and M2 in U.S. children of African-American and European-American ancestry born in the 1990s
J. Monge., A. Mann., A. Stout., J. RogÈr., R. Wadenya

19. A computerized model for reconstruction of dental ontogeny: A new tool for studying evolutionary trends in the dentition
P. Smith, R. Müller, Y. Gabet, G. Avishai

Part IV. Dentition and Diet

20. Introduction
F.E. Grine

21. An evaluation of changes in strontium/calcium ratios across the neonatal line in human deciduous teeth
L.T. Humphrey, M.C. Dean, T.E. Jeffries

22. Dental topography and human evolution with comments on the diets of Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus

P.S. Ungar

23. Dental microwear and Paleoanthropology: Cautions and possibilities
M.F. Teaford

24. Tooth wear and diversity in early hominid molars: A case study
L. Ulhaas, O. Kullmer, F. Schrenk

25. 3-D interferometric microscopy applied to the study of buccal enamel microwear
F. Estebaranz, J. Galbany, L.M. Martínez, A. PÉrez-pÉrez

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology, Anatomy

Publication year
Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
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434 pages

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