Horst, Walter J.

The Apoplast of Higher Plants: Compartment of Storage, Transport and Reactions

Horst, Walter J. - The Apoplast of Higher Plants: Compartment of Storage, Transport and Reactions, ebook


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Table of contents

Section 1. Cell wall-ion interactions: Significance for nutrition of plants and their stress tolerance

1. Cell Wall-Ion Interactions
N. Carpita

2. Boron in the Apoplast of Higher Plants
M. A. Wimmer, H. E. Goldbach

3. Silicon in Plant Nutrition
H. Wiese, M. Nikolic, V. Römheld

4. Significance of the Root Apoplast for Aluminium Toxicity and Resistance of Maize
W. J. Horst, M. Kollmeier, N. Schmohl, M. Sivaguru, Y. Wang, H. H. Felle, R. Hedrich, W. Schröder, A. Staß

5. Significance of Polyamines for Pectin-Methylesterase Activity and the ion Dynamics in the Apoplast
J. Gerendas

Section 2. The root apoplast - implication for ion acquisition and Short-distance transport

6. The apoplast: A kinetic perspective
A.D.M. Glass

7. The apoplast of ectomycorrhizal roots – site of nutrient uptake and nutrient exchange between the symbiotic partners
H. BÜcking, R. Hans, W. Heyser

8. Chemical compositon of apoplastic transport barriers in roots
L. Schreiber, R. Franke, K. Hartmann

9. Apoplastic water transport in roots
E. Steudle, K. Ranathunge

Section 3. Ion uptake from and loading into the apoplast: Characterization of channel properties and relevance for the nutrition of plants

10. Long Distance Transport in Plants: Towards Analyses of Regulatory Interactions Between Membrane Transport Systems and Cell Wall Ionic Atmosphere in Vascular Tissues
H. Sentenac

11. The Role of Potassium in Wood Formation of Poplar
J. Fromm, R. Hedrich

12. Transport Characteristics of Ion Channels as Influenced by Apoplastic Properties
P. Ache, R. Deeken

13. Ion Uptake from the Xylem into the Symplasm of the Maize Leaf
M. Abshagen-Keunecke, U.-P. Hansen

14. Loading of Ions into the Xylem of the Root
B. Köhler, K. Raschke

Section 4. The significance of the apoplast as a compartment for long-distance transport

15. New Tools to Explore the Apoplast
F.W. Bentrup

16. On-Line Measurements of Ion Relations in the Xylem Sap of Intact Plants
L.H. Wegner, H. Schneider, U. Zimmermann

17. Dynamic and Nutrient Fluxes in the Xylem
F. Gilmer, U. Schurr

18. Relationship Between Apoplastic Nutrient Concentrations and the Long-Distance Transport of Nutrients in the Ricinus communis L. Seedling
E. Komor, G. Orlich, H. Bauer-Ruckdeschel

19. Long-Distance Water Transport Under Controlled Transpirational Conditions: Minimal-Invasive Investigations by Means of Pressure Probes and NMR Imaging
H. Schneider, L.H. Wegner, A. Haase, U. Zimmermann

20. Changes in Composition of the Xylem Sap as well as in Ion Fluxes in Populus Tremula X Alba L. Xylem In Dependence on Exogenous Factors
S. Siebrecht, G. Fiebelkorn, R. Tischner

Section 5. Ion relations in the apoplast of leaves

21. Ion Dynamics in the Apoplast of Leaf Cells
Z. Rengel

22. Probing Apoplastic Ion Relations in Vicia Faba as Influenced by Nutrition and Gas Exchange
H.H. Felle, S. Hanstein

23. The Role of the Leaf Apoplast in Manganese Toxicity and Tolerance in Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp)
M.M. Fecht-Christoffers, P. Maier, K. Iwasaki, H.P. Braun, W.J. Horst

24. Interaction between Phloem transport and Apoplastic Solute Concentrations
G. Lohaus

25. Investigations of the mechanisms of long-distance transport and ion distribution in the leaf apoplast of vicia faba l
W. Merbach, D. Lüttschwager, K. Hüve

26. The dynamics of iron in the leaf apoplast
M. Nikolic, V. Römheld

27. Self-Reporting Arabidopsis Thaliana Expressing pH- and [CA2+] - Indicators Unveil Apoplastic Ion Dynamics
C. Plieth, D. Gao, M.R. Knight, A.J. Trewavas, B. Sattelmacher

Section 6. The apoplast compartment for plant-microbe interactions

28. Constraints For Endophytic Bacteria
T. Hurek

29. The Apoplast of Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) Needles as Habitat and Reaction Compartment for Autotrophic Nitrifiers
M. Teuber, H. Papen, R. Gasche, T.H. Eßmüller, A. Geßler

30. The Rice Apoplast as a Habitat for Endophytic N2-Fixing Bacteria
B. Reinhold-Hurek, A. Krause, B. Leyser, L. Miché, T. Hurek

31. The Apoplast of Indeterminate Legume Nodules: Compartment for Transport of Amino Acids, Amides and Sugars?
S. Schubert


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