Pintos, Guillermo Díaz

Autonomy and Human Rights in Health Care

Pintos, Guillermo Díaz - Autonomy and Human Rights in Health Care, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Health Care, Human Rights and Social Policy

1. Evolving Bioethics and International Human Rights
David C. Thomasma

2. Dignity, Rights, Health Care, and Human Flourishing
David P. Sulmasy

3. Human Rights: The Ethics Of Globalization
Guillermo Díaz Pintos

4. Human Rights And The Right To Health Care
Amnon Goldworth

5. Religion, International Human Rights And Women’s Health: Synthesizing Principles And Politics
David E. Guinn

Part II. The Centrality And Limits Of Autonomy

6. The Limitations And Accomplishments Of Autonomy As A Basic Principle In Bioethics And Biolaw
Jacob D. Rendtorff

7. Person And Human Being In Bioethics And Biolaw
Laura Palazzani

8. Welfare Rights And Health Care
Juan Ramón De Páramo Argüelles

9. Autonomy And The Rights Of Minors
Wayne Vaught

10. Domestic Violence
George P. Palermo

11. Balancing Autonomy And Traditional Values In Treating Terminally Ill Patients: Towards Locating The Right Questions For Japan
David N. Weisstub

Part III. Pluralism, Race And Health

12. Culture, Community Or Rights
Terry Carney

13. Bioethics Between Nature And Culture
Ana Marta González

14. Medical Practice As The Primary Context For Medical Ethics
Henk Jochemsen

15. Euthanasia And Multiculturalism
Andrés Ollero

Part IV. Future Legal Ordering And Social Planning

16. International Law And Genetic Counselling
Carlos M. Romeo-Casabona

17. International Perspective On Organ Donation
Elisa J. Gordon

18. Justice In The Distribution Of Transplant Organs
Rosamond Rhodes

19. Human Cloning And Human Dignity
Ángela Aparisi Miralles, José López Guzmán

20. Accessing Health Care Resources: Economic, Medical, Ethical And Socio-Legal Challenges
George P. Smith

21. Mental Health Rights: The Relation Between Constitution And Bioethics
Julio Arboleda-Flórez, David N. Weisstub

Part V. Individual Integrity, Research Ethics And Human Rights

22. The “Vulnerability” Quagmire In International Research
Judith Kissell

23. Human Rights, Health Care And Biomedical Innovation: Confronting The Research Imperative
George F. Tomossy

24. The Rights To Die And The Duty To Save: A Reflection On Ethical Presuppositions In Suicide Research
Brian Mishara, David N.Weisstub

25. The Right To Bodily Security Vis-À-Vis The Needs Of Others
Austen Garwood-Gowers


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