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Measuring Precipitation From Space

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Table of contents

Section 1. Climate Monitoring

1. European Commission Research for Global Climate Change Studies: Towards Improved Water Observations and Forecasting Capability
Michel Schouppe, Anver Ghazi

2. Is Man Actively Changing the Environment
Daniel Rosenfeld

3. The Global Precipitation Climatology Project
Arnold Gruber, Bruno Rudolf, Mark M. Morrissey, Toshiyuki Kurino, John E. Janowiak, Ralph R. Ferraro, Richard Francis, Albert Chang, Robert F. Adler

4. Oceanic Precipitation Variability and the North Atlantic Oscillation
Phillip A. Arkin, Heidi M. Cullen, Pinping Xie

5. Global Satellite Datasets: Data Availability for Scientists and Operational Users
Gilberto A. Vicente

Section 2. Cloud Studies in Support of Satellite Rainfall Measurements

6. Cloud Top Microphysics as a Tool for Precipitation Measurements
Daniel Rosenfeld

7. The Retrieval of Cloud Top Properties Using VIS-IR Channels
M. J. Costa, Vincenzo Levizzan, Elsa Cattani, Samantha Melani

8. Cloud Microphysical Properties Retrieval During Intense Biomass Burning Events Over Africa and Portugal
Maria João Costa, Elsa Cattani, Vincenzo Levizzan, Ana Maria Silva

9. 3D Effects in Microwave Radiative Transport Inside Precipitating Clouds: Modeling and Applications
Dong-Bin Shin, Alessandro Battaglia, Franco Prodi, Federico Porcù

10. Cloud Microphysical Properties from Remote Sensing of Lightning within the Mediterranean
Claudia Adamo, Robert Solomon, Carlo M. Medaglia, Stefano Dietrich, Alberto Mugnai

11. The Worth of Long-Range Lightning Observations on Overland Satellite Rainfall Estimation
Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, Themis G. Chronis

12. Neural Network tools for Satellite Rainfall Estimation
Francisco J. Tapiador, Chris Kidd, Vincenzo Levizzani, Frank S. Marzano

Section 3. Rainfall Algorithms

13. Passive Microwave Precipitation Measurements at Mid- and High Latitudes
Ralf Bennartz

14. The Goddard Profiling Algorithm (GPROF): Description and Current Applications
William S. Olson, Song Yang, John E. Stout, Mircea Grecu

15. Past, Present and Future of Microwave Operational Rainfall Algorithms
Ralph R. Ferraro

16. Space-Borne Radar Algorithms
Toshio Iguchi

17. Rain Type Classification Algorithm
Jun Awaka, Toshio Iguchi, Ken'ichi Okamoto

18. Dual-Wavelength Radar Algorithm
Kenji Nakamura, Toshio Iguchi

19. A Next-generation Microwave Rainfall Retrieval Algorithm for use by TRMM and GPM
Christian Kummerow, Hirohiko Masunaga, Peter Bauer

Section 4. Blended Techniques

20. The University of Birmingham Global Rainfall Algorithms
Chris Kidd, Francisco J. Tapiador, Victoria Sanderson, Dominic Kniveton

21. Multivariate Probability Matching for Microwave Infrared Combined Rainfall Algorithm (MICRA)
Frank S. Marzano, Domenico Cimini, F. Joseph Turk

22. Toward Improvements in Short-time Scale Satellite-Derived Precipitation Estimates using Blended Satellite Techniques
F. Joseph Turk, Amita V. Mehta

23. Global Rainfall Analyses at Monthly and 3-h Time Scales
George J. Huffman, Robert F. Adler, Scott Curtis, David T. Bolvin, Eric J. Nelkin

Robert J. Joyce, John E. Janowiak, Pingping Xie, Phillip A. Arkin

25. CMAP: The CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation
Pingping Xie, Phillip A. Arkin, John E. Janowiak

26. Rainfall Estimation Using a Cloud Patch Classification Map
Kuo-Lin Hsu, Yang Hong, Soroosh Sorooshian

Section 5. Validating Satellite Rainfall Measurements

27. Methods for Verifying Satellite Precipitation Estimates
Elizabeth E. Ebert

28. Assessment of Satellite Rain Retrieval Error Propagation in the Prediction of Land Surface Hydrologi
Emmanouil N. Anagnostou

29. EURAINSAT Algorithm Validation and Intercomparison Exercise
Martina Kästner

30. Ground Validation for the Global Precipitation Climatology Project
Mark M. Morrissey, Scott Greene

31. Validation of Rainfall Algorithms at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center
John Janowiak

32. Ground Networks: Are We Doing the Right Thing?
Witold F. Krajewski

Section 6. Modeling Precipitation Processes and Data Assimilation for Nwp

33. Aerosol Impact on Precipitation from Convective Clouds
Alexander Khain, Daniel Rosenfeld, Alexander Pokrovsky

34. The Wisconsin Dynamic/Microphysical Model (WISCDYMM) and the use of it to Interpret Satellite-Observed Storm Dynamics
Pao K. Wang

35. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Global Rainfall Data Assimilation Experimentation
Peter Bauer, Philippe Lopez, Emmanuel Moreau, Frédéric Chevallier, Angela Benedetti, Marine Bonazzola

36. Rainfall Assimilation into Limited Area Models
Andrea Buzzi, Silvio Davolio

37. Implementing an Operational Chain: The Florence LaMMA Laboratory
Alberto Ortolani, Andrea Antonini, Graziano Giuliani, Samantha Melani, Francesco Meneguzzo, Gianni Messer, Andrea Orlandi, Massimiliano Pasqui

Section 7. Applications to Monitoring Weather Events

38. Satellite Precipitation Algorithms for Extreme Precipitation Events
Roderick A. Scofield, Robert J. Kuligowski

39. Application of a Blended MW-IR Rainfall Algorithm to the Mediterranean
Francesca Torricella, Vincenzo Levizzani, F. Joseph Turk

40. Retrieving Precipitation with GOES, Meteosat, and Terra/MSG at the Tropics and Mid-latitudes
Christoph Reudenbach, Thomas Nauss, Jürg Bendix

41. Model and Satellite Analysis of the November 9–10, 2001 Algeria Flood
Carlo M. Medaglia, Sabrina Pinori, Claudia Adamo, Stefano Dietrich, Sabatino Di Michele, Federico Fierli, Alberto Mugnai, Eric A. Smith, Gregory J. Tripoli

42. Modeling Microphysical Signatures of Extreme Events in the Western Mediterranean to Provide a Basis for Diagnosing Precipitation from Space
Carlo M. Medaglia, Giulia Panegrossi, Stefano Dietrich, Alberto Mugnai, Eric A. Smith, Gregory J. Tripoli

43. Online Visualization and Analysis: A New Avenue to use Satellite Data for Weather, Climate, and Interdisciplinary Research and Applications
Zhong Liu, Hualan Rui, William L. Teng, Long S. Chiu, Gregory Leptoukh, Gilberto A. Vicente

Section 8. The Present and Future of Satellite Platforms

44. The Space-Based Component of the World Weather Watch's Global Observing System (GOS)
Donald E. Hinsman, James F. W. Purdom

45. The Meteosat and EPS/Metop Satellite Series
Johannes Schmetz, Dieter Klaes, Alain Ratier, Rolf Stuhlmann

46. The Evolution of the NOAA Satellite Platforms
W. Paul Menzel

47. Japan's Role in the Present and Future Satellite Observation for Global Water Cycle Research
Riko Oki, Yoji Furuhama

48. International Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Program and Mission: An Overview
Eric A. Smith, Ghassem Asrar, Yoji Furuhama, Amnon Ginati, Alberto Mugnai, Kenji Nakamura, Robert F. Adler, Ming-Dah Chou, Michel Desbois, John F. Durning, Jared K. Entin, Franco Einaudi, Ralph R. Ferraro, Rodolfo Guzzi, Paul R. Houser, Paul H. Hwang, Toshio Iguchi, Paul Joe, Ramesh Kakar, Jack A. Kaye, Masahiro Kojima, Christian Kummerow, Kwo-Sen Kuo, Dennis P. Lettenmaier, Vincenzo Levizzani, Naimeng Lu, Amita V. Mehta, Carlos Morales, Pierre Morel, Tetsuo Nakazawa, Steven P. Neeck, Ken'ichi Okamoto, Riko Oki, Garudachar Raju, J. Marshall Shepherd, Joanne Simpson, Byung- Ju Sohn, Eric F. Stocker, Wei-Kuo Tao, Jacques Testud, Gregory J. Tripoli, Eric F. Wood, Song Yang, Wenjian Zhang

49. Snowfall Measurements by Proposed European GPM Mission
Alberto Mugnai, Sabatino Di Michele, Eric A. Smith, Fabrizio Baordo, Peter Bauer, Bizzarro Bizzarri, Paul Joe, Christopher Kidd, Frank S. Marzano, Alessandra Tassa, Jacques Testud, Gregory J. Tripoli

50. Observing Rain by Millimetre–Submillimetre Wave Sounding from Geostationary Orbit
Bizzarro Bizzarri, Albin J. Gasiewsk, David H. Staelin

51. The CGMS/WMO Virtual Laboratory for Education and Training in Satellite Matters
James F. W. Purdom, Donald E. Hinsman

52. The International Precipitation Working Group: A Bridge Towards Operational Applications
Vincenzo Levizzani, Arnold Gruber

Keywords: Geosciences, Meteorology/Climatology, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Climate Change, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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Advances In Global Change Research
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