Balicer, Ran D.

Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness

Balicer, Ran D. - Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Risk Assessment

1. Introduction to Bioterrorism Risk Assessment
Ran D. Balicer, Itay Wiser

2. Some Public Health Perspectives on Quantitative Risk Assessments for Bioterrorism
Steve Leach

3. Situational Awareness in a Bioterror Attack via Probability Modeling
Edward H. Kaplan, Johan Walden

4. The Bioterrorism Threat
Yair Sharan

5. Change of Mind-Set Following 9/11: The few that are already willing to Resort to Weapons of Mass Destruction
Yoram Schweitzer

6. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis and Providing Subacute Care in the Context of a Bioterrorism Event: Lessons learned from 2001
Jonathan Zenilman

7. Detecting and Responding to Bioterrorism
Janet Martha Blatny

8. Species-Neutral Disease Surveillance: A Foundation of Risk Assessment and Communication
David R. Franz

Part II. Risk Communication

9. Introduction to Bioterrorism Risk Communication
Itay Wiser, Ran D. Balicer

10. Risk Communication to Health-Care Workers as a Risk Reduction Measure in Bioterrorism
Yoav Yehezkelli, Yoram Amsalem, Adi Aran

11. Anthrax-Euronet and Beyond – Challenges of Scientific Research on High Risk Agents
Amanda J. Ozin, Stephen H. E. Kaufmann

12. Risk Communication and Public Behavior in Emergencies
Yair Amikam

13. Prevention Strategies and Promoting Psychological Resilience to Bioterrorism Through Communication
Anne Speckhard

14. Risk Communication and the Community Response to a Bioterrorist Attack: the Role of an Internet-Based early warning system A.K.A “The Informal Sector”
Marjorie Pollack

15. Information Systems for Risk Communication Related to Bioterrorism
Manfred S. Green, Zalamn Kaufman

Part III. Focus on Smallpox

16. Risk Assessment in Smallpox Bioterrorist Aggression
Marian Negut

17. Renewal of Immunological Memory to Smallpox: Use of New Tools Yields Old Results
Jonathan Boxman, Itay Wiser, Nadav Orr

18. Preparing for a Smallpox Bioterrorist Attack: Pulse Vaccination as an Optimal Strategy
Zvia Agur, Karen Marron, Hanita Shai, Yehuda L. Danon

19. A Priori Versus a Posteriori Risk Assessment for Bioterror Attack
Eli Stern

20. Impact of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Stability in the Middle East
M. K. Shiyyab

21. The Role of Risk Assessment in Preparing the Health-Care System for Bioterrorism and Natural Epidemics
Meir Oren

22. Susceptibility of B. Anthracis to Various Antibacterial Agents and their Time-Kill Activity
Abed Athamna, Ethan Rubinstein

23. Natural Or Intentional Food Contamination? How can we know?
Daniel Cohen

24. Bioterrorism Emergency Response: Current Concepts and Controversies
Eric. K. Noji

25. Preparedness and Response for Bioterrorism Involving the Food Supply
Jeremy Sobel

26. Risk Communication and Psychological Impact: Technological and Operational Methods of Mitigation
Michael J. Hopmeier


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