Awad, A. George

Quality of Life Impairment in Schizophrenia, Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Awad, A. George - Quality of Life Impairment in Schizophrenia, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ebook


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Table of contents

Part. Key Methodological Issues

1. The Distress/Protection Vulnerability Model of Quality of Life Impairment Syndrome
Michael S. Ritsner

2. Role of Dopamine in Pleasure, Reward and Subjective Responses to Drugs
Lakshmi N.P. Voruganti, A. George Awad

3. Neuroendocrine functions, mood and quality of life
Marianna Mazza, Salvatore Mazza

4. In the mind of the Beholder Neuronal mediators for the effect of emotional experience on~quality of life
Talma Hendler, Roee Admon, David Papo

5. Cross-cultural Quality of Life Research in Mental Health
Monika Bullinger, Silke Schmidt, Dieter Naber

6. Measuring the value of health-related quality of life
Graeme Hawthorne

7. Comparison of instruments for measuring the quality of life impairment syndrome in severe mental disorders
Michael S. Ritsner

8. Integrative bottom-up approach to HRQOL measurement
Ralf Pukrop, Andreas Bechdolf

Part. Quality of Life Impairment Syndrome in Severe Mental Disorders

9. Health Related Quality of Life in Subjects at Risk for a First Episode Of Psychosis
Andreas Bechdolf, Verena Veith, Ralf Pukrop, Joachim Klosterkötter

10. Quality of life impairment syndrome in schizophrenia
Michael S. Ritsner, Anatoly Gibel

11. Insight and quality of life in chizophrenia spectrum disorders
Paul H. Lysaker, Shira Louria

12. Quality of Life and Major Depression
Marcelo T. Berlim, Marcelo P.A. Fleck

13. Quality of life impairment in bipolar disorder
Erin E. Michalak, Greg Murray, Allan H. Young, Raymond W. Lam

14. Quality of Life Impairment in Anxiety Disorders
Margaret A. Koury, Mark Hyman Rapaport

15. Quality of Life in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Julio Bobes, M.-P. GarcÍa-Portilla, Maria-Teresa BascarÁn, Pilar-Alejandra SÁiz, Maria-Teresa Bobes-BascarÁn, Manuel BousoÑo

Part. Treatment and Rehabilitation Issues

16. Antipsychotic Medications, Schizophrenia and the Issue of Quality of Life
A. George Awad, Lakshmi N.P. Voruganti

17. Quality of life outcomes of ECT
Peter B. Rosenquist, W. Vaughn McCall

18. Quality of Life in Mental Health Services
Sherrill Evans

19. Subjective Quality of Life in Relation to Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Daily Life
Mona Eklund

20. Cost-Utility Analysis
Mojca Z. Dernovsek, Valentina Prevolnik-Rupel, Rok Tavcar


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