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Studies of Cave Sediments

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Table of contents

1. Lithofacies And Transport Of Clastic Sediments In Karstic Aquifers
Rachel F. Bosch, William B. White

2. Sediment And Sediment-Associated Contaminant Transport Through Karst
Barbara J. Mahler, Jean-Christian Personne, F. Leo Lynch, Peter C. Metre

3. Palaeomagnetic Analysis Of Sediments In The Buchan Caves, Southeastern Australia, Provides A Pre-Late Pleistocene Date For Landscape And Climate Evolution
R. J. Musgrave, J. A. Webb

4. Paleomagnetic Analysis Of A Long-Term Sediment Trap, Kooken Cave, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, USA
Ira. D. Sasowsky, Rebecca A. Clotts, Bryan Crowell, Selena M. Walko, Edward J. LaRock, William Harbert

5. Provenance Of Suspended Sediment Discharged From A Karst Aquifer Determined By Clay Mineralogy
F. Leo Lynch, Barbara J. Mahler, Nico N. Hauwert

6. Reading Virginia's Paleoclimate From The Geochemistry And Sedimentology Of Clastic Cave Sediments
Elizabeth P. Knapp, Dennis O. Terry, David J. Harbor, Robert C. Thren

7. Glacially-Influenced Sediment Cycles In He Lime Creek Karst, Eagle County, Colorado
Paul A. Burger

8. Cave Sediments And Denuded Caverns In The Laski Ravnik, Classical Karst Of Slovenia
France Sustersic

9. Paleoclimate Records From Speleothems In Limestone Caves
William B. White

10. Uranium-Series Dating Of Speleothemes: Current Techniques, Limits amp; Applications
Jeffrey A. Dorale, R. Lawrence Edwards, E. Calvin Alexander Jr, Chuan-Chou Shen, David A. Richards, Hai Cheng

11. Paleoclimate Information From Speleothems: The Present As A Guide To The Past
Russell S. Harmon, Henry P. Schwarcz, Mel Gascoyne, John W. Hess, Derek C. Ford

12. Influence Of Depositional Environment On Devil's Hole Calcite Morphology And Petrology
Peter T. Kolesar, Alan C. Riggs

13. Speleothems From The High-Alpine Spannagel Cave, Zillertal Alps (Austria)
Christoph Spotl, Augusto Mangini, Stephen J. Burns, Norbert Frank, Rudolf Pavuza

14. Isotope Stage 11, The ‘Super-Interglacial’, From A North Norwegian Speleothem
Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Joyce Lundberg

15. Establishing A Speleothem Chronology For Southwestern Oregon
Steven C. Turgeon, Joyce Lundberg

16. Silicates In Carbonate Speleothems, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, U.S.A.
Victor J. Polyak, Necip Guven

17. Reliquiae Diluvianae Alter: Last Interglacial Flood Deposits In The Caves Of The West Indies
Donald A. McFarlane, Joyce Lundberg

Keywords: Geosciences, Sedimentology, Meteorology/Climatology, Hydrogeology, Geochemistry

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Natural Sciences

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