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Handbook of Input-Output Economics in Industrial Ecology

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Industrial Ecology in the Age of Input-Output Analysis
Reid Lifset

2. Input-Output Economics and Material Flows
Faye Duchin

3. Industrial Ecology and Input-Output Economics: A Brief History
Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa

II. Material Flow Analysis

4. Conceptual Foundations and Applications of Physical Input-Output Tables
Stefan Giljum, Klaus Hubacek

5. Modelling Manufactured Capital Stocks and Material Flows in the Australian Stocks and Flows Framework
James A. Lennox, Graham M. Turner

6. An Input-Output Framework to Enhance Consistency in Hybrid Modeling
Susanne Kytzia

7. Physical Input-Output Analysis and Disposals to Nature
Erik Dietzenbacher, Stefan Giljum, Klaus Hubacek, Sangwon Suh

8. Accounting and Modelling Global Resource Use
Stefan Giljum, Friedrich Hinterberger, Christian Lutz, Bernd Meyer

9. Constructing Physical Input-Output Tables with Material Flow Analysis (MFA) Data: Bottom-Up Case Studies
Ottilia De Marco, Giovanni Lagioia, Vera Amicarelli, Antonella Sgaramella

10. Analysing the Economic Impacts of a Material Efficiency Strategy
C. Nathani

III. Life Cycle Assessment

11. A Comparison Between Conventional LCA and Hybrid EIO-LCA: Analyzing Crystal Giftware Contribution to Global Warming Potential
P. Ferrão, Jorge Nhambiu

12. Application of the Sequential Interindustry Model (SIM) to Life Cycle Assessment
Stephen H. Levine, Thomas P. Gloria, Eliahu Romanoff

13. Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a Management Tool: An Emphasis on Electricity Generation, Global Climate Change, and Sustainability
Sergio Pacca

14. Methods in the Life Cycle Inventory of a Product
Sangwon Suh, Gjalt Huppes

IV. Sustainable Consumption

15. Principal Methodological Approaches to Studying Sustainable Consumption: Scenario Analysis, Ecological Footprints and Structural Decomposition Analysis
Richard Wood, Manfred Lenzen

16. Global Environmental Impact of Dutch Private Consumption
Durk Nijdam, Harry C. Wilting

V. Policy Applications

17. A Hybrid IO Energy Model to Analyze CO2 Reduction Policies: A Case of Germany
Stefan Vögele, Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs, Peter Markewitz

18. Carbon Tax and its Short-Term Effects in Italy: An Evaluation Through the Input-Output Model
Ignazio Mongelli, Giuseppe Tassielli, Bruno Notarnicola

19. Comparing the Environmental Effects of Production and Consumption in a Region – A Tool for Policy
Harry C. Wilting, Jan P. M. Ros

20. Prioritizing Within the Product-Oriented Environmental Policy — The Danish Perspectives
Bo P. Weidema, Sangwon Suh, Philippa Notten

21. Input-Output Equations Embedded Within Climate and Energy Policy Analysis Models
Donald A. Hanson, John A. “Skip” Laitner

VI. Energy and Climate Change

22. Application of the IO Methodology to the Energy and Environmental Analysis of a Regional Context
Fulvio Ardent, Marco Beccali, Maurizio Cellura

23. Thermodynamic Input-Output Analysis of Economic and Ecological Systems
Nandan U. Ukidwe, Jorge L. Hau, Bhavik R. Bakshi

24. A Step-Wise Guide for Energy Analysis: How to Calculate the Primary Energy Requirements of Households?
Kees Vringer, Kornelis Blok, Barend Engelenburg

25. Application of IO Energy Analysis for CO2 Emissions by the Portuguese Economy: The Case of Portugal
Luís M.G. Cruz

26. Models for National CO2 Accounting
Jesper Munksgaard, Jan Christoph Minx, Line Block Christoffersen, Lise-Lotte Pade

VII. Waste Management

27. Waste Input-Output Analysis, LCA and LCC
Shinichiro Nakamura, Yasushi Kondo

28. Economy-Waste-Environment Input-Output Model: Effects of Portuguese Production and Consumption
Eduardo Barata

29. Environmental Household Accounts with Waste Discharge Using the Waste Input-Output Table
Ayu Washizu, Koji Takase

VIII. National Accounts, Statistics and Databases

30. SEEA-2003 and the Economic Relevance of Physical Flow Accounting at Industry and National Economy Level
Ole Gravgård Pedersen, Mark Haan

31. Environmental Input-Output Database Building in Japan
Keisuke Nansai

32. Developing the Sectoral Environmental Database for Input-Output Analysis: Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive of the U.S.
Sangwon Suh

IX. Advances in Modelling and Theory

33. Ecological Input-Output Analysis of Material Flows in Industrial Systems
Reid Bailey

34. Modelling Sustainability of the Austrian Economy with Input-Output Analysis
Andrea Stocker, Mikuláš Luptačik

35. Multistage Process-Based Make-Use System
Shigemi Kagawa, Sangwon Suh

36. Input-Output Analysis and Linear Programming
Klaus-Ole Vogstad

37. Time Use and Sustainability: An Input-Output Approach in Mixed Units
Jan Christoph Minx, Giovanni Baiocchi

38. The Application of Multi-regional Input-Output Analysis to Industrial Ecology
Glen P. Peters, Edgar G. Hertwich

Keywords: Environment, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Environmental Economics, Game Theory/Mathematical Methods

Publication year
Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science
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917 pages
Natural Sciences

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