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Acoustical Imaging

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Table of contents

1. Air-Coupled Imaging Method Applied to the Study and Conservation of Paintings
A.M. Siddiolo, A. Maeva, R.Gr Maev

2. Study of Biomedical Specimens Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
D. Doroski, B.R. Tittmann, C. Miyasaka

3. Image Processing of Acoustic Microscopy Data to Estimate Textural Scales and Anistropy in Shales
T. Mukerji, M. Prasad

4. Near-Field Acoustical Imaging using Lateral Bending Mode of Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers
A. Caron, U. Rabe, J. Rödel, W. Arnold

5. Measurements of Parameters of Leaky Waves Using Ultrasonic Material Characterization System with Electronic Scanning
R.Gr Maev, S.A Titov

6. Application of an Acoustic Microscope for the Investigation of Embryonic Development in Quails Coturnix Coturnix
L.A Denisova, R.Gr. Maev, E.A Khramtsova, T.S Gurieva, O.A Dadasheva, A.F Denisov, E.V Snetkova

7. Ultrasonic Characterization of the Biological Objects of Spherical or Cylindrical Shape Using an Acoustic Microscope
A.R. Maeva, E.Yu. Bakulin, A. Sinisac, N. Bajic, L.A. Denisova, F.M. Severin, R.Gr. Maev, E.A. Khramtsova

8. Osteoblast Adhesion of Breast Cancer Cells with Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
C. Miyasaka, R.R. Mercer, A.M. Mastro

9. Measuring Cell Volume Regulation with Time Resolved Acoustic Microscopy
E.C. Weiss, F. Wehner, R.M. Lemor

10. Fundamental Potential for Acoustic Microscopy Evaluation of Dental Tissues
L.A. Denisova, R.Gr. Maev, F.S Rusanov, A.R. Maeva, A.F Denisov, D.Yu. Gavrilov, E.Yu. Bakulin, F.M. Severin

11. Performance Improvement of Algorithms Based on the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
P. Acevedo, A. Sotomayor, E. Moreno

12. Ultra-Broadband Ultrasonic Imaging Using Bi-Layer Structure Probe
I. Akiyama, A. Ohya, S. Saito

13. Development of a 40-MHz Annular Array
J.A. Ketterling, S. Ramachandran, F.L. Lizzi

14. Measuring Phase of Vibration of Spheres in a Viscoelastic Medium Using Vibrometry
M.W. Urban, R.R. Kinnick, J.F Greenleaf

15. Acoustic Rhinometry (AR): An Alternative Method to Image Nasal Airway Geometry
S.P. Straszek

16. A New High Frequency Ultrasound Skin Imaging System: Imaging Properties and Clinical in Vivo Results
M. Vogt, R. Scharenberg, G. Moussa, M. Sand, K. Hoffmann, P. Altmeyer, H. Ermert

17. Non-Invasive Breast Tissue Characterization Using Ultrasound Speed and Attenuation
S.A. Johnson, T. Abbott, R. Bell, M. Berggren, D. Borup, D. Robinson, J. Wiskin, S. Olsen, B. Hanover

18. Data Symmetries and their Use in Acoustic Diffraction Tomography
M.A. Anastasio, X. Pan, D. Shi

19. Computerized Ultrasound Risk Evaluation (CURE): First Clinical Results
N. Duric, P. Littrup, O. Rama, E. Holsapple

20. Full-Wave, Non-Linear, Inverse Scattering
J. Wiskin, D.T. Borup, S.A. Johnson, M. Berggren, T. Abbott, R. Hanover

21. High-Resolution 3-D Imaging and Tissue Differentiation with Transmission Tomography
V.Z. Marmarelis, J. Jeong, D.C. Shin, S. Do

22. Using Diffraction Tomography to Estimate Marine Animal Size
J.S. Jaffe, P. Roberts

23. Breast Ductal Computer Phantom
E. Franceschini, S. Mensah, D. Amy, J.-P. Lefebvre

24. Compound Quantitative Ultrasonic Tomography of Long Bones Using Wavelets Analysis
P. Lasaygues

25. Data Redundancies in Reflectivity Tomography Using Offset Sources and Receivers
X. Pan, J. Zhang, M.A. Anastasio

26. Experimental Validation of the Spectral Fit Algorithm Using Tissue Mimicking Phantoms
T.A. Bigelow, W.D. O’Brien

27. Acoustical Imaging of Individual Microbubbles
F. Guidi, H.J. Vos, F. Nicchi, E. Boni, P. Tortoli

28. Optimization of a Breast Mass Classifier for Computer-Aided Ultrasound Analysis
M.P. Andrè, M. Galperin, G. Contro, N. Omid, L. Olson

29. Ex Vivo Breast Tissue Imaging and Characterization Using Acoustic Microscopy
I. Bruno, R.E. Kumon, B. Heartwell, E. Maeva, R.Gr. Maev

30. An Ultrasound Based System for Navigation and Therapy Control of Thermal Tumour Therapies
R.M Lemor, S.H Tretbar, H.J Hewener, C Guenther, K Schwarzenbarth, J.-P Ritz, K Lehmann

31. Classification of Thermally Ablated Tissue Using Diagnostic Ultrasound
S. Siebers, U. Scheipers, J. Hänsler, M. Frieser, D. Strobel, C. Welp, J. Werner, E. Hahn, H. Ermert

32. High Frequency Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging of Solid Tumors in Mice
M.L Oelze, W.D O’Brien, J.F. Zachary

33. Study and Characterization of Subharmonic Emissions by Using Shaped Ultrasonic Driving Pulse
L. Masotti, E. Biagi, L. Breschi, E. Vannacci

34. Volumetric Imaging Using Acoustical Holography
T.F. Garlick, G.F. Garlick

35. Recent Advances in Ultrasonic Tissue-Type Imaging of the Prostate
E.J. Feleppa, C.R. Porter, J.A. Ketterling, S. Dasgupta, S. Ramachandran, D. Sparks

36. Diagnostic Performance of a Computer-Aided Image Analysis System For Breast Ultrasound
M. Andrè, M. Galperin, G. Contro, N. Omid, L. Olson, C. Comstock, K. Richman, M. O’Boyle

37. Clinical Experimentation of FEMMINA* and RULES+ for Prostate and Breast Tumor Detection
L. Masotti, E. Biagi, S. Granchi, D. Bini, F. Ceccarelli, A. Luddi, E. Magrini

38. Measurements of Parameters of Leaky Waves Using Ultrasonic Material Characterization System With Electronic Scanning
R.Gr. Maev, S.A. Titov

39. Acoustic Imaging of Microstructure and Evaluation of the Adhesive’s Physical, Mechanical and Chemical Properties Changes at Different Cure States
I.A. Severina, A.J. Fabre, E.Yu. Maeva

40. Application of Images When Evaluating Ultrasonic Examination: Results in Industrial Practice
U. Schlengermann

41. Innovative Power Amplifier and Transducer Technologies for High Frequency, Broadband Sonar Arrays
K.R. Erikson, G. Zipfel, S.C Butler, G.S. Edelson, E.M. Will

42. Direct and Post-Compressed Sound Fields for Different Coded Excitations
A. Nowicki, Z. Klimonda, M. Lewandowski, J. Litniewski, P.A. Lewin, I. Trots

43. Elastic Properties of Clay Minerals Determined by Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy Technique
M. Kopycinska-Müller, M. Prasad, U. Rabe, W. Arnold

44. Three-Dimensional Acoustic Tissue Model: A Computational Tissue Phantom for Image Analyses
J. Mamou, M.L. Oelze, W.D. O’Brien, J.F. Zachary

45. Quantum Acoustical Imaging
W.S. Gan

46. A Study of Pulse-Echo Image Formation Using Non-Quadratic Regularization with Speckle-Based Images
R. Lavarello, F. Kamalabadi, W.D. O’Brien

47. Analytical Solutions of the KDV-KZK Equation
W.S. Gan

48. Synthetic Aperture Focusing of Echographic Images by Means of Pulse Compression
L. Masotti, E. Biagi, M. Scabia

49. Acoustical Imaging with Negative Refraction
W.S. Gan

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Imaging / Radiology, Ultrasound

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