Roberts, Melinda A.

Harming Future Persons

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Table of contents

Part I. Can Bringing a Person into Existence Harm That Person? Can an Act That Harms No One Be Wrong?

1. The Intractability of the Nonidentity Problem
David Heyd

Part II. If Bringing a Badly Off Person into Existence is Wrong, is Not Bringing aWell Off Person into Existence Also Wrong?

2. Rights and the Asymmetry Between Creating Good and Bad Lives
Ingmar Persson

3. Asymmetries in the Morality of Causing People to Exist
Jeff McMahan

Part III. Must an Act Worse for People be Worse for a Particular Person?

4. Who Cares About Identity?
Nils Holtug

5. Do Future Persons Presently Have Alternate Possible Identities?
Clark Wolf

6. Rule Consequentialism and Non-identity
Tim Mulgan

Part IV. Is the Argument to “No Harm Done” Correct? Must an Act that Harms a Person Make that Person Worse Off?

7. Harming as Causing Harm
Elizabeth Harman

8. Wrongful Life and Procreative Decisions
Bonnie Steinbock

9. Harming and Procreating
Matthew Hanser

10. The Nonidentity Problem and the Two Envelope Problem: When is One Act Better for a Person than Another?
Melinda A. Roberts

Part V. Is the Morality of Parental Reproductive Choice Special? Can Intentions and Attitudes Make an Act that Harms No One Wrong?

11. Reproduction, Partiality, and the Non-identity Problem
Hallvard Lillehammer

12. Two Varieties of “Better-For” Judgements
Peter Herissone-Kelly

13. Harms to Future People and Procreative Intentions
David T. Wasserman

Part VI. Is the Person Affecting Approach Objectionable Independent of the Nonidentity Problem?

14. Can the Person Affecting Restriction Solve the Problems in Population Ethics?
Gustaf Arrhenius

Part VII. What are the Implications of the Nonidentity Problem for Law and Public Policy?

15. Implications of the Nonidentity Problem for State Regulation of Reproductive Liberty
Philip G. Peters

16. Reparations for U.S. Slavery and Justice Over Time
Seana Valentine Shiffrin

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Human Genetics, Constitutional Law, Medical Law, Law Theory/Law Philosophy

Publication year
International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine
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386 pages

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