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Modelling Land-Use Change

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Table of contents

Part VII. Modelling land-use change

1. Modelling Land-Use Change
E. Koomen, J. Stillwell

2. Land-Use Change at Cadastral Parcel Level in Albania
L.J.M. Jansen, G. Carrai, M. Petri

3. Driving forces of landscape change in the urbanizing Limmat Valley, Switzerland
A.M. Hersperger, M. Bürgi

4. Landscape changes in the Israeli Carmel area
M. Sonis, M. Shoshany, N. Goldshlager

5. New land-use development processes associated with the acceleration of urbanisation in China
Z.-G. Wu, S.-H. Zhou, C.-C. Feng

6. Driving Forces Of Land-Use Change in a Cultural Landscape Of Spain
J. Peña, A. Bonet, J. Bellot, J.R. Sánchez, D. Eisenhuth, S. Hallett, A. Aledo

7. Empirically derived probability maps to downscale aggregated Land-Use
N. Dendoncker, P. Bogaert, M. Rounsevell

8. A Spatial Interaction Model For Agricultural Uses
J. Gonçalves, T. Dentinho

9. Spatial Optimisation In Land-Use Allocation Problems
W Loonen, P. Heuberger, M. Kuijpers-Linde

10. Sustainable Land-Use and Water Management in Mountain Ecosystems
S.K. Mandal

Geneticland: Modelling Land-Use Change Using Evolutionary Algorithms
J. Seixas, J.P. Nunes, P. Lourenço, J. Corte-Real

12. Microsimulation Of Metropolitan Employment Deconcentration
D. Felsenstein, E. Ashbel, A. Ben-Nun

13. Simulation Of Polycentric Urban Growth Dynamics Through Agents
W. Loibl, T. Tötzer, K. Köstl, K. Steinnocher

PUMA: Multi-Agent Modelling Of Urban Systems
D. Ettema, K. Jong, H. Timmermans, A. Bakema

15. Integrating cellular automata and regional dynamics using GIS
K. Piyathamrongchai, M. Batty

16. A Land-Use Modelling System for Environmental Impact Assessment
J Borsboom-van Beurden, A. Bakema, H. Tijbosch

17. The MOLAND Modelling Framework for Urban and Regional Land-Use Dynamics
G. Engelen, C. Lavalle, J.I. Barredo, M. Meulen, R. White

18. Dynamic Simulation of Land-Use Change Trajectories with the Clue–s Model
P.H. Verburg, K.P. Overmars

19. Beyond Growth? Decline of the Urban Fabric in Eastern Germany
D. Haase, A. Holzkämper, R. Seppelt

20. Land-use Simulation for Water Management
J. Dekkers, E. Koomen

21. GIS-Based Modelling of Land-Use Systems
P. Sheridan, J.O. Schroers, E. Rommelfanger

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Computer Applications in Geosciences, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Math. Applications in Geosciences, Quantitative Geography

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