Abramowicz, Witold

Technologies for Business Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. Conceptual Modelling for Grid Computing: Applying Collaborative Reference Modelling
Jan Brocke, Oliver Thomas, Christian Buddendick

2. Approaches for Business Process Model Complexity Metrics
Volker Gruhn, Ralf Laue

3. Characterization and Tool Supported Selection of Business Process Modeling Methodologies
Roland Kaschek, Roman Pavlov, VladimirA. A. Shekhovtsov, Sergiy Zlatkin

4. A Framework for Utilizing Preferred Work Practice for Business Process Evolution
Ruopeng Lu, Shazia Sadiq, Guido Governatori

5. On the Suitability of the Pi-Calculus for Business Process Management
Frank Puhlmann

6. Variability Modeling and Product Derivation in E-Business Process Families
Arnd Schnieders, Frank Puhlmann

7. Investigation of Reporting Tools for Cadastre Information Systems
Dariusz Kró, Jacek Oleksy, Malgorzata Podyma, Michal Szymanski, Bogdan Trawinski

8. Internet Supported Mass Enrollment to High Schools
Andrzej P. Urbanski

9. Dealing with Administrative Discretions in E-Government: The Citizen Consultation Model
Wanchai Varavithya, Vatcharaporn Esichaikul

10. Examples of Situation Spaces in Context-aware Business Solutions
Jerzy Bartoszek, Grazyna Brzykcy

11. ERP Implementation Effort Estimation Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Stefan Koch

12. Contrasting Rankings from Social Choice Aggregation Methods for Business Information System Selection in Multiple Case Studies
Edward Bernroider, Johann Mitlöhner

13. Managing Adaptive Information Projects in the Context of a Software Developer Organizational Structure
Pawel Cichon, Zbigniew Huzar, Zygmunt Mazur, Adam Mrozowski

14. Requirements for Establishing a Conceptual Knowledge Framework in Virtual Enterprises
Reyes Grangel, Ricardo Chalmeta, Cristina Campos

15. Two Methods for Schema Design for Intelligent XML Documents in Organizations
Anne Honkaranta, Eliisa Jauhiainen

16. IS Evolution Benefit Assessment – Challenges with Economic Investment Criteria
Irja Kankaanpää, Jussi Koskinen, Tero Tilus, Henna Sivula, Heikki Lintinen, Jarmo J. Ahonen

17. Adaptive Human-to-Human Collaboration via Negotiations of Social Protocols
Willy Picard

18. Is E-learning More Suitable for Full-time or for Part-time Students?
Viktorija Sulcic

19. Automated Acquisition of Semantic Relations for Information Retrieval Systems
Dariusz Ceglarek, Wojciech Rutkowski

20. Analysis of Query Logs of the Library Catalogues in the Internet Network
Kazimierz Choros, Justyna Kowalska, Izydor Statkiewicz

21. Business Process Retrieval of Company Policies
Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Tarjei Lægreid, Paul Christian Sandal, Jon Atle Gulla

22. Utility of Web Content Blocks in ContentExtraction
Marek Kowalkiewicz

23. A Comprehensive Assessment of Modern Information Retrieval Tools
Nishant Kumar, Jan De Beer, Jan Vanthienen, Marie-Francine Moens

24. Polish Texts Analysis for Developing Semantic-Aware Information Systems
Jakub Piskorski, Agata Filipowska, Krzysztof Wecel, Karol Wieloch

25. Temporalizing Ontology
Andrzej Bassara

26. Semantics-driven XML Data Exchange within Web-serviced Business Applications
Jolanta Cybulka, Adam Messiner, Tadeusz Pankowski

27. An Ontological Document Management System
Eric Simon, Iulian Ciorascu, Kilian Stoffel

28. Cost Estimation for Ontology Development: Applying the ONTOCOM Model
Elena Paslaru Bontas Simperl, Christoph Tempich, Malgorzata Mochol

29. Perspectives of Belief Revision in Document-driven Evolution of Ontology
Krzysztof Wecel

30. Assuring Enterprise-Wide Information Quality Management Capability Maturity
Saša Baškarada, Andy Koronois, Jing Gao

31. Involving Users to Improve the Level of Their Satisfaction from a Software Product Designed for Public Organization
Barbara Begior

32. Wrapping Semistructured Data to an Object-Oriented Model for a Data Grid
Kamil Kuliberda, Jacek Wislicki, Radoslaw Adamus, Kazimierz Subieta

33. Script-based System for Monitoring Client-side Activity
Artur Kulpa, Jakub Swacha, Roman Budzowski

34. A Security Evaluation Model for Multi-Agent Distributed Systems
Chunyan Ma, Arturo Concepcion

35. Industrial Application and Evaluation of a Software Evolution Decision Model
Tero Tilus, Jussi Koskinen, Jarmo J. Ahonen, Heikki Lintinen, Henna Sivula, Irja Kankanapää


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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