Filipe, Joaquim

Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics II

Filipe, Joaquim - Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics II, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Combining Human & Machine Brains
Kevin Warwick

2. Redundancy: the Measurement Crossing Cutting-edge Technologies
Paolo Rocchi

3. Hybrid Dynamic Systems
Janan Zaytoon

4. Target Localization using Machine Learning
M. Palaniswami, Bharat Sundaram, Rama G. L. Jayavardhana, Alistair Shilton

Part 1. Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization

5. Model Predictive Control for Distributed Parameter Systems Using RBF Neural Networks
Eleni Aggelogiannaki, Haralambos Sarimveis

6. Fuzzy Diagnosis Module Based on Interval Fuzzy Logic: Oil Analysis Application
Antonio Sala, Bernardo Tormos, Vicente Macián, Emilio Royo

7. Deriving Behavior from Goal Structure for the Intelligent Control of Physical Systems
Richard Dapoigny, Patrick Barlatier, Eric Benoit, Laurent Foulloy

8. Evolutionary Computation for Discrete and Continuous Time Optimal Control Problems
Yechiel Crispin

9. Contributors to a Signal from an Artificial Contrast
Hu Jing, Runger George, Tuv Eugene

10. Real-Time Time-Optimal Control for a Nonlinear Container Crane Using a Neural Network
T. J. J. van den Boom, J. B. Klaassens, R. Meiland

Part 2. Robotics and Automation

11. Image-Based and Intrinsic-Free Visual Navigation of a Mobile Robot Defined as a Global Visual Servoing Task
C. Pérez, N. García-Aracil, J. M. Azorín, J. M. Sabater, L. Navarro, R. Saltarén

12. Synthesizing Deterministic Controllers in Supervisory Control
Andreas Morgenstern, Klaus Schneider

13. An Uncalibrated Approach to Track Trajectories using Visual–Force Control
Jorge Pomares, Gabriel J. García, Laura Payá, Fernando Torres

14. A Strategy for Building Topological Maps through Scene Observation
Roger Freitas, Mário Sarcinelli-Filho, Teodiano Bastos-Filho, José Santos-Victor

15. A Switching Algorithm for Tracking Extended Targets
Kräußling Andreas, E. Schneider, Frank E. Schneider, Dennis Wildermuth, Stephan Sehestedt

16. SFM for Planar Scenes: A Direct and Robust Approach
Fadi Dornaika, Angel D. Sappa

17. Combining Two Methods to Accurately Estimate Dense Disparity Maps
Agustín Salgado, Javier Sánchez

18. Precise Dead-Reckoning for Mobile Robots using Multiple Optical Mouse Sensors
Daisuke Sekimori, Fumio Miyazaki

19. Image Binarisation using the Extended Kalman Filter
Alexandra Bartolo, Tracey Cassar, Kenneth P. Camilleri, Simon G. Fabri, Jonathan C. Borg

20. Lower Limb Prosthesis: Final Prototype Release and Control Setting Methodologies
Vicentini Federico, Canina Marita, Rovetta Alberto

21. Direct Gradient-Based Reinforcement Learning for Robot Behavior Learning
Andres El-Fakdi, Marc Carreras, Pere Ridao

Part 3. Signal Processing, Systems Modeling and Control

22. Performance Analysis of Timed Event Graphs with Multipliers using (Min, +) Algebra
Samir Hamaci, Jean-Louis Boimond, Sébastien Lahaye

23. Modeling of Motor Neuronal Structures Via Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Giuseppe d’Aloja, Paolo Lino, Bruno Maione, Alessandro Rizzo

24. Analysis and Synthesis of Digital Structure by Matrix Method
B. Psenicka, R. Bustamante Bello, M. A. Rodriguez

25. Ann-Based Multiple Dimension Predictor for Ship Route Prediction
Tianhao Tang, Tianzhen Wang, Jinsheng Dou

26. A Parameterized Polyhedra Approach for the Explicit Robust Model Predictive Control
Sorin Olaru, Didier Dumur

27. A New Hierarchical Control Scheme for a Class of Cyclically Repeated Discrete-Event Systems
Danjing Li, Eckart Mayer, Raisch Jörg

28. Wavelet Transform Moments for Feature Extraction from Temporal Signals
Ignacio Rodriguez Carreño, Marko Vuskovic

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Science, general, Automation and Robotics, Control Structures and Microprogramming

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258 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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