Bai, Y. L.

IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials

Bai, Y. L. - IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

Part 1. Mechanical Behaviors of Nanocrystal Materials

1. Mesoscopic Modeling of the Deformation and Fracture of Nanocrystalline Metals
Lallit Anand, Yujie Wei

2. Dislocation-Assisted Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Copper under Large Deformation
X. L. Ma, H. T. Wang, W. Yang

3. Microstructure and Tensile Strength of Cu with Nano-Scale Twins
Y. F. Shen, X. H. Chen, B. Wu, L. Lu

4. Microstructural Evolution in Crystalline Metal Induced by Plastic Deformation
A. Nakatani, T. Shimokawa

Part 2. Super-Strength and Ductility of Nano-Thin Films

5. The Origin of Superhardness in Nanocomposite Coatings: Analysis of Nanoindentation and Scratch Tests
Chunsheng Lu, Yiu-Wing Mai, Yao-Gen Shen

6. Micromechanics of Nanocomposites with Interface Energy Effect
Z. P. Huang, J. Wang

7. Measurements and Simulations of Interface Behavior in Metal Thin Film Peeling Along Ceramic Substrate
Yueguang Wei, Haifeng Zhao, Siqi Shu

8. Micro-Cantilevers for Thin Films: Young’s Modulus
G. J. McShane, M. Boutchich, S. Phani, D. F. Moore, T. J. Lu

Part 3. Nanomechanics of Biomaterials

9. Bio-Inspired Mechanics of Bone-Like Hierarchical Materials
Huajian Gao

10. Force Unfolding Single RNAs: From Equilibrium to Far-From Equilibrium
Fei Liu, Huan Tong, Zhong-Can Ou-Yang

11. Modelling the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
P. Tillman, J. M. Hill

Part 4. Mechanical Behaviors of Carbon Nano-Tube, Nano-Wire, Nano-Layers

12. A Comparison of Different Interatomic Potentials: Radius Effect of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
H. Jiang, Y. Huang, K. C. Hwang

13. Shape Memory Effect and Pseudoelasticity in Cu Nanowires
Wuwei Liang, Min Zhou

14. Instabilities of Carbon Nanotubes Studied Using a Hybrid Atom/Continuum Approach
L. -F. Wang, Q. -S. Zheng

15. Shallow and Deep Nanoindentation on W/NbN Nanolayers
S. X. Mao, B. M. Ennis, Y. G. Wei

Part 5. Micro-Mechanics Models and Simulation for the Nanostructured Materials

16. Cluster Statistical Thermodynamics (CST) — To Efficiently Calculate Quasi-Static Deformation at Finite Temperature Based on Molecular Potential
Ming Hu, Haiying Wang, Mengfen Xia, Fujiu Ke, Yilong Bai

17. On the Size of the Representative Volume Element for Isotropic Elastic Polycrystalline Copper
F. Houdaigui, S. Forest, A. -F. Gourgues, D. Jeulin

18. Atomistic Corroboration of a Multiscale Approach for the Analysis of Dislocation Nucleation at a Surface Step
G. Xu, D. E. Segall, C. Li

19. Indenter Tip Radius and Micro-Indentation Hardness
C. J. Tao, T. C. Wang, X. Y. Feng, S. H. Chen

Part 6. Mechanical Behaviors of Other Nano-Materials

20. The Phase Angle of an Interface Crack Induced by Indentation Delamination with Buckling
Tong-Yi Zhang, Bin Huang, Ming-Hao Zhao

21. Microscopic Shape Memory and Superelastic Effects and Their Novel Tribological Applications
Yang-Tse Cheng, Wangyang Ni, Yijun Zhang, David S. Grummon

22. Dynamics of Self-Organized Epitaxial Island Formation under Controlled Annealing
Y. Ni, A. K. Soh, L. H. He

23. Studying Visco-Plasticity of Amorphous Polymers by Indentation Tests
C. Y. Zhang, Y. W. Zhang, K. Y. Zeng, L. Shen

24. Phase Transitions of Carbon Materials under High Pressure
Wanlin Guo, Yitao Dai, Bin Zhang


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