Eco-and Ground Bio-Engineering: The Use of Vegetation to Improve Slope Stability

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Table of contents

1. The influence of cellulose content on tensile strength in tree roots
Marie Genet, Alexia Stokes, Franck Salin, Slobodan B. Mickovski, Thierry Fourcaud, Jean-François Dumail, Rens van Beek

2. Novel biomechanical analysis of plant roots
O. Hamza, A.G. Bengough, M.F. Bransby, M.C.R. Davies, C. Halpin, P.D. Hallett

3. Root reinforcement: analyses and experiments
Tien H. Wu

4. Root strength and root area ratio of forest species in Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Gian Battista Bischetti, Enrico A. Chiaradia, Tommaso Simonato, Barbara Speziali, Barbara Vitali, Paolo Vullo, Antonio Zocco

5. Biotechnical characteristics of root systems of typical Mediterranean species
Chiara Mattia, Gian Battista Bischetti, Francesco Gentile

6. Uprooting resistance of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides)
S.B. Mickovski, L.P.H van Beek, F. Salin

7. Root reinforcement by hawthorn and oak roots on a highway cut-slope in Southern England
Joanne E. Norris

8. Protection roles of forest and non-forest woody species on slopes in Iran
Ghassem Habibi Bibalani1, Baris Majnonian, Ebrahim Adeli, Homauon Sanii

9. Reinforcement of tree roots in slope stability: A case study from the Ozawa slope in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
H. Nakamura, Q.M. Nghiem, N. Iwasa

10. Observation and simulation of root reinforcement on abandoned Mediterranean slopes
L.P.H. van Beek, J. Wint, L.H. Cammeraat, J.P. Edwards

11. Slope stabilisation by perennial ‘gramineae’ in Southern Italy: plant growth and temporal performance
D. Cazzuffi, A. Corneo, E. Crippa

12. Root system asymmetry of Mediterranean pines
P. Ganatsas, I. Spanos

13. Root morphology, stem growth and field performance of seedlings of two Mediterranean evergreen oak species raised in different container types
M. Tsakaldimi, T. Zagas, T. Tsitsoni, P. Ganatsas

14. Stabilising characteristics of New Zealand indigenousriparian colonising plants
M. Marden, D. Rowan, C. Phillips

15. Mechanical resistance of different tree species to rockfall in the French Alps
Alexia Stokes, Franck Salin, Adzo Dzifa Kokutse, Stéphane Berthier, Henri Jeannin, Shaun Mochan, Luuk Dorren, Nomessi Kokutse, Murad Abd. Ghani, Thierry Fourcaud

16. Root morphology and strain distribution during tree failure on mountain slopes
Alexia Stokes, Murad Abd. Ghani, Franck Salin, Frédéric Danjon, Henri Jeannin, Stéphane Berthier, Adzo Dzifa Kokutse, Henri Frochot

17. A numerical investigation into the influence of soil type and root architecture on tree anchorage
Lionel Dupuy, Thierry Fourcaud, Alexia Stokes

18. SLIP4EX – A program for routine slope stability analysis to include the effects of vegetation, reinforcement and hydrological changes
John R. Greenwood

19. Site investigation for the effects of vegetation on ground stability
John R. Greenwood, Joanne E. Norris, Jo Wint

20. Mechanics of root-pullout from soil: A novel image and stress analysis procedure
O. Hamza, A.G. Bengough, M.F. Bransby, M.C.R. Davies, P.D. Hallett

21. Dendrogeomorphological observations in a landslide on Tymfristos mountain in Central Greece
A.M. Papadopoulos, A. Mertzanis, A. Pantera

22. Monitoring ground bio-engineering stabilization of landslides in Lazio Region, Italy
Federico Preti, Chiara Milanese

23. The use of geostatistical techniques applied to soil conservation of low-density woodlands
T. Panagopoulos

24. A computer system using two membership functions and T-Norms for the calculation of mountainous watersheds torrential risk: The case of lakes Trixonida and Lisimaxia
F. Maris, L. Iliadis

25. Comparison between two low cost photogrammetric systems: The analytical instrument Adam ASP2000 and the digital photogrammetric station DVP
Vasilios C. Drosos, Nikos S. Karantzidis, Vasilios J. Giannoulas

26. Vegetative-based technologies for erosion control
R. P.C. Morgan

27. Vegetation succession and its consequences for slope stability in SE Spain
Erik Cammeraat, Rens van Beek, Annemieke Kooijman

28. Hedge brush layers and live crib walls—stand development and benefits
Rosemarie Stangl

29. Vegetation dynamics on sediment deposits upstream of bioengineering works in mountainous marly gullies in a Mediterranean climate (Southern Alps, France)
F. Rey, F. Isselin-Nondedeu, A. Bédécarrats

30. Implementation and monitoring of soil bioengineering measures at a landslide in the Middle Mountains of Nepal
Walter Lammeranner, Hans Peter Rauch, Gregor Laaha

31. Beech coppice short-term hydrological balance for simulated rainfall
P. Trucchi, M.C. Andrenelli

32. Beech coppice leaf cover and gross rainfall quali–quantitative transformation in simulated rainfall events of high intensity
P. Trucchi, M.C. Andrenelli

33. Effect of repeated fire on plant community recovery in Penteli, central Greece
G. Goudelis, P.P. Ganatsas, I. Spanos, A. Karpi

34. Effects of postfire logging on soil and vegetation recovery in a Pinus halepensis Mill. forest of Greece
Ioannis Spanos, Yannis Raftoyannis, Gerasimos Goudelis, Eleni Xanthopoulou, Theano Samara, Alexandros Tsiontsis

35. The contribution of agrotechnical works following a fire to the protection of forest soils and the regeneration of natural forest
M.A. Sapountzis, G.S. Efthimiou, P.S. Stefanidis

36. Decision support systems in eco-engineering: the case of the SDSS
Slobodan B. Mickovski, L. P. H. van Beek

37. A decision support system for the evaluation of eco-engineering strategies for slope protection
S.B. Mickovski, L.P.H. Van Beek

38. Land restoration for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece: Case study Lycabettus slopes (cycle road)
Julia Georgi

39. Herbaceous plant cover establishment on highway road sides
Z. Koukoura, A. Kyriazopoulos, I. Karmiris

40. Erosion control by application of hydroseeding methods along the Egnatia Motorway (Greece)
M. Katritzidakis, A. Liapis, I. Stathakopoulos, E. Pipinis, G. Kekis, E. Ververidou, E. Sevastou

41. Restoration of slopes disturbed by a motorway company: Egnatia Odos, Greece
M. Katritzidakis, E. Pipinis, A. Liapis, I. Stathakopoulos, G. Kekis, E. Ververidou, E. Sevastou

42. Instability effects of the landforms, in artificially modulated banks along the road Thermopylae–Nafpactos (Ftiotida, Greece)
A. Mertzanis, A. Papadopoulos, A. Pantera

43. Evaluation of revegetation techniques on mining spoil slopes
G. Brofas, G. Mantakas, K. Tsagari, Ch. Mermiris

44. Revegetation on steep slopes and in subalpine areas using biennial cover plants: A review of Huter’s technique
J. Heumader

45. Comparison of revegetation techniques on alpine slopes prone to avalanches and erosion
T. Schmid, U. Mueller, F. Tognini, J. Meyer

Keywords: Environment, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Forestry, Plant Ecology, Landscape Ecology

Publication year
Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences

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