Bonnell, Mike

Integrated Assessment of Water Resources and Global Change

Bonnell, Mike - Integrated Assessment of Water Resources and Global Change, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Shift in thinking to address the 21st century hunger gap
Malin Falkenmark

2. A grid-based assessment of global water scarcity including virtual water trading
Md. Sirajul Islam, Taikan Oki, Shinjiro Kanae, Naota Hanasaki, Yasushi Agata, Kei Yoshimura

3. Water footprints of nations: Water use by people as a function of their consumption pattern
A. Y. Hoekstra, A. K. Chapagain

4. Transitions towards adaptive management of water facing climate and global change
Claudia Pahl-Wostl

5. Stakeholder-driven, enquiry-driven, or stakeholder-relevant, enquiry-driven science?
W. James Shuttleworth

6. Learning Alliances for the broad implementation of an integrated approach to multiple sources, multiple uses and multiple users of water
Frits W. T. Penning de Vries

7. Possibilities and problems with the use of models as a communication tool in water resource management
Johanna Alkan Olsson, Lotta Andersson

8. Integration of the biophysical and social sciences using an indicator approach: Addressing water problems at different scales
Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy Meigh

9. Capturing the complexity of water uses and water users within a multi-agent framework
Thomas Berger, Regina Birner, José Díaz, Nancy McCarthy, Heidi Wittmer

10. Upscaling field scale hydrology and water quality modelling to catchment scale
Alaa El-Sadek

11. Linking databases of different sources and scales for groundwater research in the Urema River Basin/Central Mozambique
Franziska Steinbruch, Luis Macario

12. Integrated water and food analysis at the global and basin level. An application of WATERSIM
Charlotte Fraiture

13. The adaptive integrated data information system (AIDIS) for global water research
Wolfgang-Albert Flügel

14. Policy implications of a pan-tropic assessment of the simultaneous hydrological and biodiversity impacts of deforestation
Ellen M. Douglas, Stanley Wood, Kate Sebastian, Charles J. Vörösmarty, Kenneth M. Chomitz, Thomas P. Tomich

15. Towards better water security in North China
Jun Xia, Lu Zhang, Changming Liu, Jingjie Yu

16. Towards transition management of European water resources
Rutger Brugge, Jan Rotmans

17. Some foci of integrated water resources management in the “South” which are oft-forgotten by the “North”: A perspective from southern Africa
Roland E. Schulze

18. The GLOWA Volta Project: A framework for water resources decision-making and scientific capacity building in a transnational West African basin
Charles Rodgers, Nick Giesen, Wolfram Laube, Paul L. G. Vlek, Eva Youkhana

19. Integrating a climate change assessment tool into stakeholder-driven water management decision-making processes in California
David R. Purkey, Annette Huber-Lee, David N. Yates, Michael Hanemann, Susan Herrod-Julius

20. Involving stakeholders in integrated river basin planning in England and Wales
Paula Orr, John Colvin, David King

21. Integrated assessment of water resources: Australian experiences
B. F. W. Croke, J. L. Ticehurst, R. A. Letcher, J. P. Norton, L. T. H. Newham, A. J. Jakeman


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