Donati, Edgardo R.

Microbial Processing of Metal Sulfides

Donati, Edgardo R. - Microbial Processing of Metal Sulfides, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I. Fundamentals, microorganisms and mechanisms

1. Microorganisms Involved in Bioleaching and Nucleic Acid-Based Molecular Methods for Their Identification and Quantification
Axel Schippers

2. Mechanisms and biochemical fundamentals of bacterial metal sulfide oxidation
Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand

3. Electrochemical Techniques Used To Study BacteriaL-Metal Sulfides Interactions In Acidic Environments
Denise Bevilaqua, Heloisa A. Acciari, Assis V. Benedetti, Oswaldo Garcia

4. Catalytic Role of Silver and Other Ions on The Mechanism of Chemical and Biological Leaching
Antonio Ballester, María Luisa Blázquez, Felisa González, Jesús A. Muñoz

5. Recovery Of Zinc, Nickel, Cobalt And Other Metals By Bioleaching
Marisa Viera, Cristina Pogliani, Edgardo Donati

6. Bioleaching Of Metals In Neutral And Slightly Alkaline Environment
Aleksandra Sklodowska, Renata Matlakowska

Section II. Bioreactors and Bioheaps

7. Bioleaching Of Sulfide Minerals In Continuous StirredTanks
Dominique Henri Roger Morin

8. Bioreactor Design Fundamentals And Their Application To GoldMining
Fernando Acevedo, Juan Carlos Gentina

9. Airlift Reactors: Characterization And ApplicationsIn Biohydrometallurgy
Alejandra Giaveno, Laura Lavalle, Chiacchiarini Patricia, Edgardo Donati

10. Principles, Mechanisms And Dynamics Of Chalcocite Heap Bioleaching
Jochen Petersen, David G. Dixon

Section III. Genetics and Molecular Biology

11. The Use Of Bioinformatics And Genome Biology To Advance Our Understanding Of Bioleaching Microorganisms
Raquel Quatrini, Jorge Valdès, Eugenia Jedlicki, David S. Holmes

12. Proteomics And Metaproteomics Applied To Biomining Microorganisms
Carlos A. Jerez

13. Cell-Cell Communication In Bacteria
Susana Valenzuela, Alvaro Banderas, Carlos A. Jerez, Nicolas Guiliani

Section IV. Other Applications

14. Bioflotation And Bioflocculation Of Relevance To Minerals Bioprocessing
K. Hanumantha Rao, S. Subramanian

15. Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From Gaseous Effluents
José Manuel Gómez, Domingo Cantero


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