Howarth, Robert W.

Nitrogen Cycling in the Americas: Natural and Anthropogenic Influences and Controls

Howarth, Robert W. - Nitrogen Cycling in the Americas: Natural and Anthropogenic Influences and Controls, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Sources of reactive nitrogen affecting ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean: current trends and future perspectives
Luiz A. Martinelli, Robert W. Howarth, Elvira Cuevas, Solange Filoso, Amy T. Austin, Loreta Donoso, Vera Huszar, Dennis Keeney, Luciene L. Lara, Carlos Llerena, George Mcissac, Ernesto Medina, Jorge Ortiz-Zayas, Donald Scavia, David W. Schindler, Doris Soto, Alan Townsend

2. A review of anthropogenic sources of nitrogen and their effects on Canadian aquatic ecosystems
David W. Schindler, Peter J. Dillon, Hans Schreier

3. More is less: agricultural impacts on the N cycle in Argentina
Amy T. Austin, Gervasio Piñeiro, Marina Gonzalez-Polo

4. Human activities changing the nitrogen cycle in Brazil
Solange Filoso, Luiz Antonio Martinelli, Robert W. Howarth, Elizabeth W. Boyer, Frank Dentener

5. Assessment of nitrogen flows into the Cuban landscape
Julio A. Baisre

6. Urban influences on the nitrogen cycle in Puerto Rico
Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas, Elvira Cuevas, Olga L. Mayol-Bracero, Loreto Donoso, Ivonne Trebs, Debora Figueroa-Nieves, William H. McDowell

7. Nitrogen and phosphorus budgets for a tropical watershed impacted by agricultural land use: Guayas, Ecuador
Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Elizabeth W. Boyer, William H. Mcdowell, Charles A. Hall

8. The influence of climate on average nitrogen export from large watersheds in the Northeastern United States
R. W. Howarth, D. P. Swaney, E. W. Boyer, R. Marino, N. Jaworski, C. Goodale

9. Coastal eutrophication assessment in the United States
Donald Scavia, Suzanne B. Bricker

10. Nitrogen cycling in tropical and temperate savannas
M. M. C. Bustamante, E. Medina, G. P. Asner, G. B. Nardoto, D. C. Garcia-Montiel

11. Nutrient-chlorophyll relationships in tropical-subtropical lakes: do temperate models fit?
Vera L. M. Huszar, Nina F. Caraco, Fabio Roland, Jonathan Cole

12. The stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition of vegetation in tropical forests of the Amazon Basin, Brazil
Jean P. H. B. Ometto, James R. Ehleringer, Tomas F. Domingues, Joseph A. Berry, Françoise Y. Ishida, Edmar Mazzi, Niro Higuchi, Lawrence B. Flanagan, Gabriela B. Nardoto, Luiz A. Martinelli


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology / General SCI008000

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Natural Sciences

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