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Wheat Production in Stressed Environments

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Table of contents

1. The Global Need for a Sustainable Agricultural Model
R. A. Peiretti

2. The Economics of Wheat
J. Dixon

3. The Fusarium Head Blight Pathosystem
P. Nicholson, N. Gosman, R. Draeger, M. Thomsett, E. Chandler, A. Steed

4. The Status of Resistance to Bacterial Diseases of Wheat
H. Maraite, C. Bragard, E. Duveiller

5. Spread of a Highly Virulent Race of Puccinia graminis tritici in Eastern Africa
R. P. Singh, M. G. Kinyua, R. Wanyera, P. Njau, Y. Jin, J. Huerta-Espino

6. Inheritance of Adult Plant Resistance Genes and Associated Markers from a Durable Resistant Cultivar to Leaf Rust
L. Ingala, H. Saione, M. Helguera, M. Nisi, F. Sacco

7. Characterization of Genes for Durable Resistance to Leaf Rust and Yellow Rust in Cimmyt Spring Wheats
H. M. William, R. P. Singh, J. Huerta-Espino, G. Rosewarne

8. Epidemiology of Puccinia Triticina in Gangetic Plain and planned containment of crop losses
S. Nagarajan, M. S. Saharan

9. Stripe Rust Resistance in Chinese Bread Wheat Cultivars and Lines
X. C. Xia, Z. F. Li, G. Q. Li, Z. H. He, R. P. Singh

10. Introgression of Leaf Rust and Stripe Rust Resistance Genes from Aegilops Umbellulata to Hexaploid wheat Through Induced Homoeologous Pairing
P. Chhuneja, S. Kaur, R. K. Goel, M. Aghaee-Sarbarzeh, H. S. Dhaliwal

11. Enhancement of Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Bread Wheat and Durum by Means of Wide Crosses
G. Fedak, W. Cao, A. Xue, M. Savard, J. Clarke, D. J. Somers

12. Leaf Rust Resistance Gene LR34 is Involved in Powdery Mildew Resistance of Cimmyt Bread Wheat Line Saar
M. Lillemo, R. P. Singh, J. Huerta-Espino, X. M. Chen, Z. H. He, J. K. M. Brown

13. Strategies of the European Initiative for Resistance Breeding Against Fusarium Head Blight
P. Ruckenbauer, H. Buerstmayr, M. Lemmens

14. Genetic Analysis of Septoria Tritici Blotch to Improve Resistance in European Wheat Breeding Programmes
L. S. Arraiano, J. K. M. Brown

15. Inheritance And Allelic Relationship Of Resistance Genes To Spot Blotch Of Wheat Caused By Bipolaris Sorokiniana
S. Kumar, L. C. Prasad, U. Kumar, K. Tyagi, B. Arun, A. K. Joshi

16. Resistance to Magnaporthe Grisea Among Brazilian Wheat Genotypes
A. M. Prestes, P. F. Arendt, J. M. C. Fernandes, P. L. Scheeren

17. The International Breeding Strategy for the Incorporation of Resistance in Bread Wheat Against the Soil Borne Pathogens (Dryland Root Rot and Cyst and Lesion Cereal Nematodes) Using Conventional and Molecular Tools
J. M. Nicol, N. Bolat, A. Bagci, R. T. Trethowan, M. William, H. Hekimhan, A. F. Yildirim, E. Sahin, H. Elekcioglu, H. Toktay, B. Tunali, A. Hede, S. Taner, H. J. Braun, M. Ginkel, M. Keser, Z. Arisoy, A. Yorgancilar, A. Tulek, D. Erdurmus, O. Buyuk, M. Aydogdu

18. Genetic Resistance to Greenbug is Expressed with Higher Contents of Proteins and Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Wheat Substitution Lines
A. M. Castro, A. A. Clúa, D. O. Gimenez, E. Tocho, M. S. Tacaliti, M. Collado, A. Worland, R. Bottini, J. W. Snape

19. Utilization and Performance in Wheat of Yellow Dwarf Virus Resistance Transferred From Thinopyrum Intermedium
H. Ohm, J. Anderson

20. A Systemic Approach to Germplasm Development Shows Promise
A. Comeau, V. R. Caetano, F. Langevin, S. Haber

21. Breeding Hard Red Spring Wheat for FusariumHead Blight Resistance
M. Mergoum, R. C. Frohberg, R. W. Stack

22. Advances in Nitrogen Handling Strategies to Increase the Productivity of Wheat
K. W. Freeman, W. R. Raun

23. Tillage Intensity, Crop Rotation, and Fertilizer Technology for Sustainable Wheat Production North American Experience
T. L. Roberts, A. M. Johnston

24. Comparative Effectiveness of Urea and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate for Wheat Fertilization in South-Western Buenos Aires (Argentina)
M. M. Ron, T. Loewy

25. Dynamics of Root Development of Spring Wheat Genotypes Varying in Nitrogen Use Efficiency
J. M. Herrera, P. Stamp, M. Liedgens

26. Site-Specific Quality Management in Wheat Results from the 2003 Field Trials in Argentina
R. Bongiovanni, A. Méndez, W. Robledo, M. Bragachini, F. Proietti, F. Scaramuzza, F. Speranza

27. Corn and Soybean Residue Covers Effects on Wheat Productivity Under No-Tillage Practices
M. Barraco, M. DÍaz-Zorita, G. Duarte

28. Genetic Assessment of the Role of Breeding Wheat for Organic Systems
K. Murphy, S. S. Jones

29. A Novel Variety Management Strategy for Precision Farming
A. A. Romanenko, L. A. Bespalova, I. N. Kudryashov, I. B. Ablova

30. Yield Performances of Cereal Varieties in Various Crop RotationsUnder Mediterranean Dryland Areas
M. Avci, T. Akar, K. Meyveci, M. Karacam, D. Surek

31. Herbicide Tolerance in Imidazolinone-Resistant Wheat for Weed Management in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A.
D. A. Ball, C. J. Peterson

32. Investment Rate of Return in Wheat Research in Iran
H. Asadi

33. Web-Based System to True-Forecast Disease Epidemics
J. M. C. Fernandes, E. M. Del Ponte, W. Pavan, G. R. Cunha

34. Impact of Crop Management Systems on Diseases of Spring Wheat on the Canadian Prairies
M. R. Fernandez, D. Ulrich, L. Sproule, S. A. Brandt, A. G. Thomas, O. Olfert, R. P. Zentner, B. G. McConkey

35. Effect of Potash Deficiency on Host Susceptibility to Cochliobolus sativus Causing Spot Blotch on Wheat
D. Mercado Vergnes, M. E. Renard, E. Duveiller, H. Maraite

36. Implications for Fusarium Head Blight Control from Study of Factors Determining Pathogen and Don Content in Grain of Wheat Cultivars
V. Sip, J. Chrpova, L. Leisova, S. Sykorova, L. Kucera, J. Ovesna

37. Drought Resistance: Genetic approaches for improving productivity understress
R. M. Trethowan, M. Reynolds

38. Progress in Breeding Wheat with Tolerance to Low Temperature in Different Phenological Developmental Stages
D. B. Fowler, A. E. Limin

39. Identification of Wheat Genotypes Adapted to Mediterranean Rainfed Condition with Responsiveness to Supplementary Irrigation
M. Mosaad, M. Singh, M. Roustaii, H. Ketata, S. Rajaram

40. Genetic Achievements under Rainfed Conditions
R. Maich, D. Ortega, A. Masgrau, G. Manera

41. Quantifying Potential Genetic Gains in Wheat Yield Using a Conceptual Model of Drought Adaptation
M. P. Reynolds, A. G. Condon

42. Changes in the Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Wheat as a Result of an Increased Atmospheric CO2Concentration
O. Veisz, S. Bencze, G. Vida

43. Genetic Control of Water-Soluble Carbohydrate Reserves in Bread Wheat
G. J. Rebetzke, A. F. van Herwaarden, C. Jenkins, S. Ruuska, L. Tabe, N. Fettell, D. Lewis, M. Weiss, R. A. Richards

44. Variation for Staygreen Trait and its Association with Canopy Temperature Depression and Yield Traits Under Terminal Heat Stress in Wheat
M. Kumari, V. P. Singh, R. Tripathi, A. K. Joshi

45. Influence of Heat Stress on Wheat Grain Characteristics and Protein Molecular Weight Distribution
M. Castro, C. J. Peterson, M. Dalla Rizza, P. DÍaz Dellavalle, D. Vázquez, V. IbáÑez, A. Ross

46. Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping Heat Tolerance During Reproductive Development in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum)
D. Hays, E. Mason, J. Hwa Do, M. Menz, M. Reynolds

47. Molecular Breeding for Salt Tolerance, Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance and Disease Resistance Using Synthetic Hexaploid Wheats, Genetic Transformation, and Associated Molecular Markers
M. Van Ginkel, F. Ogbonnaya, M. Imtiaz, C. Ramage, M. G. Borgognone, F. Dreccer, J. Eder, M. Emmerling, P. Hearnden, E. Lagudah, A. Pellegrineschi, R. Trethowan, J. Wilson, G. Spangenberg

48. Wheat Breeding for Soil Acidity and Aluminum Toxicity
E. von Baer

49. Genetic Variation for Subsoil Toxicities in High pH Soils
A. L. Millar, A. J. Rathjen, D. S. Cooper

50. Determining the Salt Tolerance of Triticale Disomic Addition (Thinopyrum additions) Lines
W. C. Botes, G. F. Marais

51. Current and Future Trends of Wheat Quality Needs
R. J. Peña

52. Mitigating the Damaging Effects of Growth and Storage Conditions on Grain Quality
C. W. Wrigley

53. Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Puroindoline A and B Alleles in Chinese Improved Cultivars And Landraces
Z. H. He, F. Chen, X. C. Xia, L. Q. Xia, X. Y. Zhang, M. Lillemo, C. F. Morris

54. Introduction Of D-Genome Related Gluten Proteins Into Durum Wheat
D. Lafiandra, C. Ceoloni, R. Carozza, B. Margiotta, M. Urbano, G. Colaprico, M. G. D’Egidio

55. Natural Variation And Identification Of Microelements Content In Seeds Of Einkorn Wheat (Triticum Monococcum)
H. Ozkan, A. Brandolini, A. Torun, S. AltIntas, S. Eker, B. Kilian, H. J. Braun, F. Salamini, I. Cakmak

56. Molecular Weight Distribution of Gluten Proteins
O. R. Larroque, P. Sharp, F. Bekes

57. Glutenin and Gliadin Allelic Variation and their Relationship to Bread-Making Quality in Wheat Cultivars Grown in Germany
F. J. Zeller, G. Wenzel, L. K. Sai Hsam

58. Breeding for Breadmaking Quality Using Overexpressed HMW Glutenin Subunits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Z. BedO, M. Rakszegi, L. Lang, E. Keresztényi, I. Baracskai, F. Békés

59. Nutritional and Baking Quality of low Phytic Acid Wheat
M. J. Guttieri, K. M. Peterson, E. J. Souza

60. Long-Term Breeding for Bread Making Quality in Wheat
S. Dencic, B. Kobiljski, N. Mladenov, N. Hristov, M. Pavlovic

61. The Genetics of Soft Wheat Quality: Improving Breeding Efficiency
E. Souza, M. Guttieri

62. Wheat Microevolution under Intensive Breeding Process in the Northern Caucasian Region
L. A. Bespalova, Y. M. Puchkov, F. A. Kolesnikov

63. Genotypic Variability of Commercial Varieties of Bread Wheat for Parameters of Commercial and Industrial Quality
J. G. Montaner, M. Di Napoli

64. NIR Spectroscopy as a Tool for Quality Screening
D. Vàzquez, P. C. Williams, B. Watts

65. Change in Grain Protein Composition of Winter Wheat Cultivars Under Different Levels of N and Water Stress
C. Saint Pierre, C. J. Peterson, A. S. Ross, J. Ohm, M. C. Verhoeven, M. Larson, B. Hoefer

66. The Influence of Dough Mixing Time on Wheat Protein Composition and Gluten Quality for Four Commercial Flour Mixtures
R. Kuktaite, H. Larsson, E. Johansson

67. Nitrogen-Sulphur Fertiliser Induced Changes in Storage Protein Composition in Durum Wheat
S. E. Lerner, M. Cogliatti, N. R. Ponzio, M. L. Seghezzo, E. R. Molfese, W. J. Rogers

68. Physiology of Determination of Major Wheat Yield Components
G. A. Slafer

69. Influence of Foliar Diseases and their Control by Fungicides on Grain Yield and Quality in Wheat
M. J. Gooding

70. Genetic Improvement of Wheat Yield Potential in North China
Y. Zhou, Z. H. He, X. M. Chen, D. S. Wang, J. Yan, X. C. Xia, Y. Zhang

71. Physiological Processes Associated with Winter Wheat Yield Potential Progress
M. J. Foulkes, J. W. Snape, V. J. Shearman, R. Sylvester-Bradley

72. Variability on Photoperiod Responses in Argentinean Wheat Cultivars Differing in Length of Crop Cycle
D. J. Miralles, M. V. Spinedi, L. G. Abeledo, D. Abelleyra

73. Acclimation of Photosynthesis and Stomatal Conductance to Elevated CO2 in Canopy Leaves of Wheat at Two Nitrogen Supplies
A. del Pozo, P. Pérez, R. Morcuende, D. Gutiérrez, A. Alonso, R. Martínez Carrasco

74. Using Stomatal Aperture-Related Traits to Select for High Yield Potential in Bread Wheat
A. G. Condon, M. P. Reynolds, G. J. Rebetzke, M. van Ginkel, R. A. Richards, G. D. Farquhar

75. Strategic Research to Enhance the Yield Potential Through Redesigning of Wheat Plant Architecture
S. S. Singh, J. B. Sharma, D. N. Sharma, Nanak Chand

76. Effects of Abiotic Stress on Sink and Source Affecting Grain Yield and Quality of Durum Wheat: A Model Evaluation
T. C. Ponsioen, X. Yin, J. H. J. Spiertz, C. Royo

77. Effects of Some Management Practices and Weather Conditions on Triticum aEstivum Farinographic Stability in Miramar, Argentina
F. Gutheim

78. Grain Weight and Grain Quality of Wheat in Response to Enhanced Ultra-Violet (UV-B) Radiation at Latter Stages of Crop Development
D. F. Calderini, S. Hess, C. R. Jobet, J. A. Zúñiga

79. Effect of Water Stress and Potassium Chloride on Biological and Grain Yield of Different Wheat Cultivars
M. Moussavi-Nik, H. R. Mobasser, A. Mheraban

80. Regulation of Flowering Time in Wheat
J. Dubcovsky, A. Loukoianov, M. D. Bonafede

81. Molecular Breeding for Multiple Pest Resistance in Wheat
D.J Somers, C. McCartney, R. DePauw, J. Thomas, S. Fox, G. Fedak, G. Humphreys, J. Gilbert, B. McCallum, T. Banks

82. Reflections and Opportunities: Gene Discovery in the Complex Wheat Genome
J. W. Snape, G. Moore

83. In Vitro Starch Binding Experiments: Study of the Proteins Related to Grain Hardness of Wheat
A. Bakó, M. Gárdonyi, L. Tamás

84. High Throughput Agrobacterium Transformation of Wheat: a Tool for Functional Genomics
H. D. Jones, M. Wilkinson, A. Doherty, H. Wu

85. Accelerating the Transfer of Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)
J. Thomas, C. Hiebert, D. Somers, R. DePauw, S. Fox, C. McCartney

86. Production and Molecular Cytogenetic Identification of New Winter Wheat/Winter Barley Disomic Addition Lines
M. Molnár-Láng, É. Szakács, G. Linc, E. D. Nagy

87. Genetic Engineering of Russian Wheat Genotypes for Abiotic Stress Resistance
D. Miroshnichenko, M. Filippov, A. Babakov, S. Dolgov

88. Molecular Mapping of Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat and its Implication in Breeding
H. S. Bariana, H. Miah, G. N. Brown, N. Willey, A. Lehmensiek

89. Potential Uses of Microsatellites in Marker-Assisted Selection for Improved Grain Yield in Wheat
B. Kobiljski, S. Dencic, N. Hristov, N. Mladenov, S. Quarrie, P. Stephenson, J. Kirby

90. Marker Implementation in the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia Wheat Breeding Program
R. McLean, I. Barclay, R. Wilson, R. Appels, M. Cakir, G. Devlin, D. Li

91. Efficient integration of molecular and conventional breeding methodologies
D. Bonnett, J. Hyles, G. Rebetzke

92. Genetic Diversity in Turkish Durum Wheat Landraces
T. Akar, M. Ozgen

93. Historical Cross-Site Association Based on Cultivar Performance in the Southern Cone
M. M. Kohli, J. Crossa, J. Franco

94. Microsatellites as a Tool to Evaluate and Characterise Bread Wheat Core Collection
L. Leišová, L. Kucera, L. Dotlacil

95. Molecular Mapping of Leaf and Stripe Rust Resistance Genes In T. Monococcum and Their Transfer to Hexaploid Wheat
K. Singh, P. Chhuneja, M. Ghai, S. Kaur, R. K. Goel, N. S. Bains, B. Keller, H. S. Dhaliwal

96. Borlaug, Strampelli and the Worldwide Distribution of RHT8
M. H. Ellis, D. G. Bonnett, G. J. Rebetzke

97. Wheat Breeding in Global Context
S. Rajaram


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