Brown, Gordon D.

Immunology of Fungal Infections

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Table of contents

Section. Cells

1. Macrophages
Sigrid E.M. Heinsbroek, Siamon Gordon

2. Dendritic cells
Luigina Romani

3. The Neutrophil
David H. Dockrell, Emmet E. McGrath, Moria K.B. Whyte, Ian Sabroe

4. Lymphocytes
Anna Vecchiarelli, Antonella Mencacci, Francesco Bistoni

5. Other Cells: The role of non-neutrophilic granulocytes, NK and NKT cells in fungal immunology
Jeremy C.D. Wiseman, Christopher H. Mody

6. Genes and gene pathways in Candida infection
Robert B. Ashman, Camile S. farah, Christine Wells

Section. Soluble Factors

7. Collectins and Pentraxins
Uday Kishore, Kenneth B.M. Reid

8. Complement in fungal infections and complement evasion strategies
Cornelia Speth, Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Reinhard Würzner

9. Cytokines
Karen F. Buckland, Cory M. Hogaboam

10. Antibodies
José L. Lòpez-Ribot, RosalÍa DÍez-Orejas, Concha Gil

Section. Non-Opsonic Fungal Receptors

11. Recognition of fungal pathogens by Toll-like receptors
Mihai G. Netea, Jos W.M. Meer, Bart Jan Kullberg

12. Fungal ß-Glucans and their Receptors
S. Vicky Tsoni, Gordon D. Brown

13. Detection of Fungi by Mannose-based Recognition Receptors
F. Meyer-Wentrup, A. Cambi, C.G. Figdor, G.J. Adema

Section. Immunity to Specific Pathogens

14. Pneumocystis
Laura McKinley, Chad Steele

15. Interactions of Aspergillus fumigatus with its host during invasive pulmonary infections
Jean-Paul Latgé, Anne Beauvais

16. Candida
Desa Lilic, Ken Haynes

17. Immunology of infections with Cryptococcus neoformans
Pauline Ellerbroek, Anna Vecchiarelli, Andy Hoepelman, Frank Coenjaerts

18. Histoplasma Capsulatum
D. Joshua, MD. Nosanchuk

Section. Fungal Immune Evasion Mechanisms

19. Escape Mechanisms from the Immune Response
David M. Underhill

Section. Immune-Based Therapeutic Strategies

20. Cytokine Treatment of Fungal Infections
Bart Jan M.D. Kullberg

21. Fungal Vaccines and Vaccination: Problems and Perspectives
Antonio MD Cassone


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