Kowalski, Stefan Jan

Drying of Porous Materials

Kowalski, Stefan Jan - Drying of Porous Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Preface
Stefan Jan Kowalski

2. An overview of innovation in industrial drying: current status and R&D needs
Arun S. Mujumdar

3. Modern methods of drying nanomaterials
Zdzislaw Pakowski

4. Internal heating effect and enhancement of drying of ceramics by microwave heating with dynamic control
Yoshinori Itaya, Shigeru Uchiyama, Shigekatsu Mori

5. The vapour-liquid interface and stresses in dried bodies
Stefan Jan Kowalski, Andrzej Rybicki

6. Multiscale aspects of heat and mass transfer during drying
Patrick Perré

7. Theoretical models of vegetable drying by convection
Stanislaw Pabis

8. Analysis of the mechanism of counter-current spray drying
Marcin Piatkowski, Ireneusz Zbicinski

9. Modern modelling methods in drying
Thomas Metzger, Marzena Kwapinska, Mirko Peglow, Gabriela Saage, Evangelos Tsotsas

10. Non-linear heat and mass transfer during convective drying of kaolin cylinder under non-steady conditions
Musielak Grzegorz, Banaszak Jacek

11. Effects of the method of identification of the diffusion coefficient on accuracy of modeling bound water transfer in wood
Wieslaw Olek, Jerzy Weres

12. Stresses in dried wood. Modelling and experimental identification
Stefan Jan Kowalski, Anna Smoczkiewicz-Wojciechowska

13. Kinetics of atmospheric freeze-drying of apple
Jan Stawczyk, Sheng Li, Dorota Witrowa-Rajchert, Anna Fabisiak

14. Microwave drying of various shape particles suspended in an air stream
Michal Araszkiewicz, Antoni Koziol, Anita Lupinska, Michal Lupinski

15. Periodic fluctuations of flow and porosity in spouted beds
Roman G. Szafran, Andrzej Kmiec

16. Modeling of vacuum desorption of multicomponent moisture in freeze drying
J. F. Nastaj, B. Ambrozek

17. Optimization of fine solid drying in bubble fluidized bed
Artur Poswiata, Zbigniew Szwast


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Chemistry / General SCI013000

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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