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Space Weather

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Table of contents

1. The Solar Weather/Solar Activity Monitoring and Forecast
Ronald Linden

2. Using CME Observations for Geomagnetic Storm Forecasting
Andrei N. Zhukov

3. Solar Activity Monitoring
Peter T. Gallagher, R. T James McAteer, C. Alex Young, Jack Ireland, Russell J. Hewett, Paul Conlon

4. Modeling of Solar Energetic Particles in Interplanetary Space
Rami Vainio, Neus Agueda, Angels Aran, David Lario

5. Simulating CME Initiation and Evolution: State-of-the-art
S. Poedts, B. Holst, C. Jacobs, E. Chané, G. Dubey, D. Kimpe

6. Signatures of the Ancient Sun Constraining the Early Emergence of Life on Earth
M. Messerotti, J. Chela-Flores

7. The Sun’s Interaction with the Earth’s Thermosphere and Climate System
A.S. Rodger

8. Solar Variability and Climate
Joanna D. Haigh

9. Influence of Solar Activity Cycles on Earth’s Climate
Nigel D. Marsh

10. Unravelling Signs of Global Change in the Ionosphere
Thomas Ulich, Mark A. Clilverd, Martin J. Jarvis, Henry Rishbeth

11. Thermosphere Density Model Calibration
Eelco Doornbos

12. Numerical Space Weather Prediction: Can Meteorologists Forecast the Way Ahead?
M. Keil

13. Ionosphere/Positioning and Telecommunications
Sandro M. Radicella

14. Space Weather Influence on Satellite-based Navigation and Precise Positioning
R. Warnant, S. Lejeune, M. Bavier

15. New improvements in HF Ionospheric Communication and Direction Finding Systems
Louis Bertel, Christian Brousseau, Yvon Erhel, Dominique Lemur, François Marie, Martial Oger

16. Short-Term fo F2 Forecast: Present Day State of Art
A.V. Mikhailov, V.H. Depuev, A.H. Depueva

17. Manifestation of Strong Geomagnetic Storms in the Ionosphere above Europe
D. Buresova, J. Lastovicka, G. De Franceschi

18. Effects of Scintillations in GNSS Operation
Y. Béniguel, J.-P. Adam

19. Radiation Environment of the Earth–Spacecraft and Aircraft Environment
Ioannis A. Daglis

20. Complementarity of Measurements and Models in Reproducing Earth’s Radiation Belt Dynamics
S. Bourdarie, V. Maget, R. Friedel, D. Boscher, A. Sicard, D. Lazaro

21. Radiation Effects on Spacecraft and Countermeasures, Selected Cases
Wolfgang Keil

22. Aircraft Crew Radiation Exposure in Aviation Altitudes During Quiet and Solar Storm Periods
Peter Beck

23. The Magnetic Environment – GIC and other Ground Effects
Jurgen Watermann

24. Geomagnetic Indices in Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Space Weather
M. Menvielle, A. Marchaudon

25. The Value of Real-time Geomagnetic Reference Data to the Oil and Gas Industry
James Bowe, Simon McCulloch

26. Spatiotemporal Characteristics of the Ground Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations in the Auroral Region and Implications on the Predictability of Geomagnetically Induced Currents
A. Pulkkinen

27. Finnish Experiences with Grid Effects of GIC’s
Jarmo Elovaara


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