Hendrit, Paul F.

Biological Invasions Belowground: Earthworms as Invasive Species

Hendrit, Paul F. - Biological Invasions Belowground: Earthworms as Invasive Species, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Biological invasions belowground—earthworms as invasive species
Paul F. Hendrix

2. Dispersal and clonal diversity of North-European parthenogenetic earthworms
Juhani Terhivuo, Anssi Saura

3. Lumbricid earthworm invasion in the Carpathian Mountains and some other sites in Romania
Victor V. Pop, Adriana Antonia Pop

4. Invasion patterns of Lumbricidae into the previously earthworm-free areas of northeastern Europe and the western Great Lakes region of North America
Alexei V. Tiunov, Cindy M. Hale, Andrew R. Holdsworth, Tamara S. Vsevolodova-Perel

5. Earthworm invasion into previously earthworm-free temperate and boreal forests
Lee E. Frelich, Cindy M. Hale, Peter B. Reich, Andrew R. Holdsworth, Stefan Scheu, Liam Heneghan, Patrick J. Bohlen

6. Earthworm invasions in the tropics
Grizelle González, Ching Yu Huang, Xiaoming Zou, Carlos Rodríguez

7. Earthworm invasions of ecosystems devoid of earthworms: effects on soil microbes
M. A. McLean, S. Migge-Kleian, D. Parkinson

8. The influence of invasive earthworms on indigenous fauna in ecosystems previously uninhabited by earthworms
Sonja Migge-Kleian, Mary Ann McLean, John C. Maerz, Liam Heneghan

9. Invasion of exotic earthworms into ecosystems inhabited by native earthworms
P. F. Hendrix, G. H. Baker, M. A. Callaham, G. A. Damoff, C. Fragoso, G. González, S. W. James, S. L. Lachnicht, T. Winsome, X. Zou

10. Introduced earthworms in agricultural and reclaimed land: their ecology and influences on soil properties, plant production and other soil biota
G. H. Baker, G. Brown, K. Butt, J. P. Curry, J. Scullion

11. Policy and management responses to earthworm invasions in North America
Mac A. Callaham, Grizelle González, Cynthia M. Hale, Liam Heneghan, Sharon L. Lachnicht, Xiaoming Zou


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology / General SCI008000

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Natural Sciences

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