Miller, Harvey J.

Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access

Miller, Harvey J. - Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Societies and cities in the age of instant access
Harvey J. Miller

2. The new middle landscape
Brian Cavanaugh

3. Imagining the recursive city: explorations in urban simulacra
Michael Batty, Andy Hudson-Smith

4. Download my building: How building information modeling will transform our cities
David R. Scheer, Ryan E. Smith

5. Misses, near-misses and surprises in forecasting the informational city
Helen Couclelis

6. Does instant access promote sedentary behavior? Putting physical activity on the instant-access-in-cities agenda
Susan Hanson, Danielle Fontaine

7. Revisiting Hägerstrand’s time-geographic framework for individual activities in the age of instant access
Hongbo Yu, Shih-Lung Shaw

8. Dynamic prisms and ‘‘instant access’’: linking opportunities in space to decision making in time
Pip Forer, Otto Huisman, Chris McDowall

9. Where do you want to go today [in attribute space]?
André Skupin

10. Reexamining ICT impact on travel using the 2001 NHTS data for baltimore metropolitan area
Feng Zhang, Kelly J. Clifton, Qing Shen

11. Influence of mobility information services on travel behavior
Verena Franken, Barbara Lenz

12. Shared ride trip planning with geosensor networks
Silvia Nittel, Stephan Winter, Arda Nural, Trang Cao

13. Mobile ICT in public spaces and its impact on privacy
Karsten Weber, Ricarda Drüeke, Axel Schulz

14. The dimensions of locational privacy
Scott A. Bridwell

15. Location-based services: Enabling technologies and a concierge service model
Seungmo Kang, Tschangho John Kim, Sung-Gheel Jang

16. From cyberspace to DigiPlace: Visibility in an age of information and mobility
Matthew A. Zook, Mark Graham

17. Paradoxical consequences of location-based services (LBS): A tetradic analysis using McLuhan’s laws of media
Daniel Z. Sui

18. The evolving social geography of blogs
Sucharita Gopal

19. Cell phones and places: The use of mobile technologies in Brazil
Adriana Souza e Silva

20. Inter-firm relations in the age of instant access: Case of the U.S. logistics industry
Yuko Aoyama, Samuel J. Ratick

21. Rethinking public participation as instant access to virtual meetings
Timothy Nyerges, Michael Patrick

22. Digital middletown: a glimpse at the information society
H. O’Neal Smitherman


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