Caffrey, J. M.

Macrophytes in Aquatic Ecosystems: From Biology to Management

Caffrey, J. M. - Macrophytes in Aquatic Ecosystems: From Biology to Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Invasive river plants from Portuguese floodplains: What can species attributes tell us?
I. Bernez, F. Aguiar, C. Violle, T. Ferreira

2. Relationships between macrophytic vegetation and physical features of river habitats: the need for a morphological approach
H. Daniel, I. Bernez, J. Haury

3. Morphological variation in Eichhornia azurea (Kunth) and Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms in relation to aquatic vegetation type and the environment in the floodplain of the Rio Paraná, Brazil
Judith M. Milne, Kevin J. Murphy, Sidinei M. Thomaz

4. Changes in the allocation of some chemical compounds in structures of Oryza glumaepatula (Steud) in an Amazonian lake subjected to an anthropic impact (Lake Batata, Porto Trombetas)
P. R. Brum, A. Enrich Prast, F. A. Esteves

5. Primary production of Utricularia foliosa L., Egeria densa Planchon and Cabomba furcata Schult & Schult.f from rivers of the coastal plain of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
A. F. M. Camargo, M. M. Pezzato, G. G. Henry-Silva, A. M. Assumpção

6. An experimental study of the plastic responses of Ranunculus peltatus Schrank to four environmental parameters
C. Garbey, G. Thiébaut, S. Muller

7. The response of Ceratophyllum demersum L. and Myriophyllum spicatum L. to reduced, ambient, and enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation
Mateja Germ, Zdenka Masej, Alenka Gaberš?ik, Trošt Sedej

8. Effect of reservoir drawdown on biomass of three species of aquatic macrophytes in a large sub-tropical reservoir (Itaipu, Brazil)
Sidinei M. Thomaz, Thomaz A. Pagioro, Luis M. Bini, Kevin J. Murphy

9. Populations of Myriophyllum alterniflorum L. as bioindicators of pollution in acidic to neutral rivers in the Limousin region
P. Chatenet, D. Froissard, J. Cook-Moreau, P. Hourdin, A. Ghestem, M. Botineau, J. Haury

10. Aquatic plant bioassays used in the assessment of water quality in German rivers
Ute Feiler, Falk Krebs, Peter Heininger

11. The relationship between Callitriche L. clones and environmental variables using genotyping
Ludwig Triest, An Mannaert

12. Assessing and predicting the success of Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & Schmidt, a rare European aquatic macrophyte, in relation to lake environmental conditions
Ruth Wingfield, Kevin J. Murphy, Martin Gatwood

13. Seasonal variability in the palatability of freshwater macrophytes: a case study
A. Elger, M. H. Barrat-Segretain, N. J. Willby

14. Recovery of Potamogeton pectinatus L. stands in a shallow eutrophic lake under extreme grazing pressure
Sabine Hilt

15. Shoreline vegetation of Lake Nubia, Sudan
Magdi M. Ali

16. Stoneworts (Characeae) and associated macrophyte species as indicators of water quality and human activities in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, France
E. Lambert-Servien, G. Clemenceau, O. Gabory, E. Douillard, J. Haury

17. Habitat variability of the Littorelletea uniflorae plant communities in Polish Lobelia lakes
Marcin Sza?kowski, Stanis?aw K?osowski

18. The possibility of submerged macrophyte recovery from a propagule bank in the eutrophic Lake Miko?ajskie (North Poland)
Teresa Ozimek

19. Factors influencing the distribution of aquatic plant communities in Irish canals
J. M. Caffrey, C. Monahan, D. Tierney

20. Evaluation of the status of lakes located in the City of Olsztyn (Masurian Lake District, N-E Poland) by the macrophytoindication method (MPhI)
Hanna Ciecierska

21. Aquatic plants as environmental indicators of ecological condition in New Zealand lakes
J. Clayton, T. Edwards

22. A new method to assess water trophy and organic pollution — the Macrophyte Biological Index for Rivers (IBMR): its application to different types of river and pollution
J. Haury, M.-C. Peltre, M. Trémolières, J. Barbe, G. Thiébaut, I. Bernez, H. Daniel, P. Chatenet, G. Haan-Archipof, S. Muller, A. Dutartre, C. Laplace-Treyture, A. Cazaubon, E. Lambert-Servien

23. Comparison of different biological indices for the assessment of river quality: application to the upper river Moselle (France)
Gabrielle Thiébaut, Guillaume Tixier, François Guérold, Serge Muller

24. A comparison of macrophyte indices in headwaters of rivers in Flanders (Belgium)
Ludwig Triest

25. The prediction of macrophyte species occurrence in Swiss ponds
D. Auderset Joye, B. Oertli, A. Lehmann, R. Juge, J.-B. Lachavanne

26. Risk assessment method for submerged weeds in New Zealand hydroelectric lakes
J. Clayton, P. Champion

27. Predicting interactions between wetland vegetation and the soil-water and surface-water environment using diversity, abundance and attribute values
M. P. Kennedy, K. J. Murphy, D. J. Gilvear

28. Richness and structure of plant communities in temporary pools from western Morocco: influence of human activities
Laïla Rhazi, Mouhssine Rhazi, Patrick Grillas, Driss Khyari

29. Ecological management of aquatic plants: effects in lowland streams
H. Vereecken, J. Baetens, P. Viaene, F. Mostaert, P. Meire

30. Control of Myriophyllum verticillatum L. in Irish canals by turion removal
J. M. Caffrey, C. Monahan

31. The potential for biological control of invasive alien aquatic weeds in Europe: a review
André Gassmann, Matthew J. W. Cock, Richard Shaw, Harry C. Evans

32. Factors influencing the distribution of Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. and Rumex hydrolapathum Huds. in a mowed low-lying marshland, Réserve de Cheyres, lac de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Lionel Sager, Christian Clerc

33. Evaluating the necessity of additional aquatic plant testing by comparing the sensitivities of different species
Marco Vervliet-Scheebaum, Katja Knauer, Steve J. Maund, Reinhardt Grade

34. Plasticity of Lythrum salicaria and Phragmites australis growth characteristics across a European geographical gradient
D. Bastlová, M. Bastl, H. C. ?ížková, J. Kv?t

35. Use of Geographic Information Systems to monitor and predict non-native aquatic plant dispersal through north-eastern North America
C. W. Boylen, L. W. Eichler, J. S. Bartkowski, S. M. Shaver

36. Present distribution of the genus Elodea in the Alsatian Upper Rhine floodplain (France) with a special focus on the expansion of Elodea nuttallii St. John during recent decades
Sabine Greulich, Michèle Trémolières

37. Invasibility of four plant communities in the Llobregat delta (Catalonia, NE of Spain) in relation to their historical stability
Joan Pino, Josep Maria Seguí, Nora Alvarez

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Biodiversity, Landscape Ecology, Applied Ecology, Community & Population Ecology

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Developments in Hydrobiology
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