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Industrial Enzymes

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Table of contents

Section A. Carbohydrate Active Enzymes

1. Amylolytic Enzymes: Types, Structures and Specificities
Machovic Martin, Janecek štefan

2. The Use of Starch Processing Enzymes in the Food Industry
Synowiecki Jòzef

3. Cellulases For Biomass Conversion
Qi Xu, William S. Adney, Shi-You Ding, Himmel E. Michael

4. Cellulases in the Textile Industry
Miettinen-Oinonen Arja

5. Xylanases: Molecular Properties and Applications
Pastor F. I. Javier, Gallardo Óscar, Julia Sanz-Aparicio, Pilar Díaz

6. Microbial Xylanolytic Carbohydrate Esterases
Evangelos Topakas, Christakopoulos Paul

7. Structural and Biochemical Properties of Pectinases
Sathyanarayana N. Gummadi, N. Manoj, D. Sunil Kumar

8. a-L-rhamnosidases: Old and New Insights
Paloma Manzanares, Salvador Vallés, Daniel Ramòn, Margarita Orejas

9. Application of Glycosidases and Transglycosidases in the Synthesis of Oligosaccharides
Francisco J. Plou, Aránzazu Gómez de Segura, Antonio Ballesteros

Section B. Peptidases

10. An Introduction to Peptidases and the Merops Database
Neil D. Rawlings, Fraser R. Morton, Alan J. Barrett

11. Cysteine Proteases
Zbigniew Grzonka, Franciszek Kasprzykowski, WiesLaw Wiczk

12. Subtilisin
John Donlon

13. Aspartic Proteases Used in Cheese Making
Félix Claverie-MartÌn, Marìa C. Vega-Hernàndez

14. Metalloproteases
Johanna Mansfeld

15. Aminopeptidases
Yolanda Sanz

Section C. Lipases

16. Lipases: Molecular Structure and Function
Marina Lotti, Lilia Alberghina

17. Use of Lipases in the Industrial Production of Esters
Soundar Divakar, Balaraman Manohar

18. Use of Lipases in Organic Synthesis
Vicente Gotor-Fernández, Gotor Vicente

19. Use of Lipases for the Production of Biodiesel
Andrea Salis, Maura Monduzzi, Vincenzo Solinas

20. Use of Lipases in the Synthesis of Structured Lipids in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
José da Cruz Francisco, Simon P. Gough, Estera S. Dey

Section D. Nucleic Acids Enzymes

21. Restriction and Homing Endonucleases
Krzysztof J. Skowronek, Janusz M. Bujnicki

22. DNA Polymerases for PCR Applications
Régen Drouin, Walid Dridi, Oumar Samassekou

23. Prokaryotic Reverse Transcriptases
Bert C. Lampson

24. Dicer: Structure, Function And Role In RNA-Dependent Gene-Silencing Pathways
Justin M. Pare, Tom C. Hobman

Section E. Oxidoreductases and Other Enzymes of Diverse Function

25. Hydrogen Peroxide Producing and Decomposing Enzymes: their Use in Biosensors and other Applications
Nóra Adányi, Teréz Barna, Tamás Emri, Márton Miskei, István Pócsi

26. Laccases: Biological Functions, Molecular Structure and Industrial Applications
Miguel Alcalde

27. High Redox Potential Peroxidases
Ángel T. Martínez

28. Amino Acid Dehydrogenases
Stephen Y.K. Seah

29. Phytase: Source, Structure and Application
Xin Gen Lei, Jesus M. Porres, Edward J. Mullaney, Henrik Brinch-Pedersen

30. Nitrile Hydrolases
Praveen Kaul, Anirban Banerjee, Uttam Chand Banerjee

31. Aspartases: Molecular Structure, Biochemical Function and Biotechnological Applications
Tomohiro Mizobata, Yasushi Kawata

32. Transglutaminases
María Jesús Arrizubieta

33. Penicillin Acylases
David W. Spence, Martin Ramsden

34. Hydantoinases
Yun-Peng Chao, Chung-Jen Chiang, Jong-Tzer Chern, Jason T.C. Tzen


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