Ambrósio, Jorge A. C.

III European Conference on Computational Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Computational Challenges for Multi-Physics Topology Optimization
Martin P. Bendsøe

2. Computational Geometry and the Analysis of Solids and Structures
J. A. Cottrell, A. Reali, Y. Bazilevs, T. J. R. Hughes

3. Advances in the Particle Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Eugenio Oñate, Sergio R. Idelsohn, Miguel A. Celigueta, Ricardo Rossi

4. Elastic and Plastic Impacts in Multibody Dynamics
Werner Schiehlen, Robert Seifried

5. Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Structures
A. Suleman, P. A. Moniz

6. Multiscale Strategy for Solving Industrial Problems
O. Allix

7. Numerical Integration of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Elastoplastic Solids
Francisco Armero, Christian Zambrana

8. Computational Methods for Dynamic Crack Propagation
Ted Belytschko, Wang Song

9. Analysis and Design of Sandwich Structures Made of Steel and Lightweight Concrete
Pål G. Bergan, Kåre Bakken, Karl-Christian Thienel

10. Multiscale Modeling of Pore Collapse Instability in High-Porosity Solids
Ronaldo I. Borja

11. Instabilities and Discontinuities in Two-Phase Media
Julien Réthoré, René Borst, Marie-Angèle Abellan

12. Towards Maneuvering Aeroelasticity—Progress in the Simulation of Large Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Carlo L. Bottasso

13. A Design Optimization Formulation for Problems with Random and Fuzzy Input Variables Using Performance Measure Approach
K. K. Choi, Liu Du

14. Strength of Porous Ceramics — Mechanical Testing and Numerical Modelling
Ioannis Doltsinis

15. Reduced Order Models in Unsteady Aerodynamic Models, Aeroelasticity and Molecular Dynamics
Earl H. Dowell, Kenneth C. Hall, Jeffrey P. Thomas, Robert E. Kielb, Meredith A. Spiker, Charles M. Denegri

16. Inverse Engineering
George S. Dulikravich, Helcio R. B. Orlande, Brian H. Dennis

17. Multiscale Approaches for Bridging Discrete and Continuum Scales
Jacob Fish, Wen Chen

18. Adaptive Mesh Generation in 3 Dimensions by Means of a Delaunay Based Method. Applications to Mechanical Problems.
Paul Louis George

19. Computational Micromechanics of Biological Materials: Bone and Wood
Christian Hellmich, Karin Hofstetter, Cornelia Kober

20. Mechanobiology: Computation and Clinical Application
Gerhard A. Holzapfel, Christian T. Gasser, Dimitris Kiousis

21. Recent Developments of Hybrid Crack Element: Determination of Its Complete Displacement Field and Combination with XFEM
B. L. Karihaloo, Q. Z. Xiao

22. Structural Model Validation and the Lack-of-Knowledge Theory
Pierre Ladevèze, Paul Enjalbert, Guilllaume Puel, Thierry Romeuf

23. Modeling of Historical Masonry with Discrete Elements
J. V. Lemos

24. A Regularized Strong-form Meshfree Method for Adaptive Analysis
G. R. Liu, Bernard B. T. Kee

25. Multiresolution Analysis for Material Design
Wing Kam Liu

26. Characterization and Multiscale Modeling of Asphalt - Recent Developments in Upscaling of Viscous and Strength Properties
Roman Lackner, Ronald Blab, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Herbert A. Mang

27. Dissipative Interface Modeling for Vibroacoustic Problems - A New Symmetric Formulation
Jean-François Deü, Walid Larbi, Roger Ohayon

28. Seismic Design Procedures in the Framework of Evolutionary Based Structural Optimization
Manolis Papadrakakis, Nikolaos D. Lagaros, Michalis Fragiadakis

29. High-Fidelity Multi-Criteria Aero-Structural Optimisation using Hierarchical Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms
L. F. González, L. H. Damp, J. Périaux, K. Srinivas

30. Interaction of Shells and Membranes with Incompressible Flows
Ekkehard Ramm, Christiane Förster, Malte Neumann, Wolfgang A. Wall

31. Nonlinear Analysis of Composite and FGM Shells using Tensor-Based Shell Finite Elements
J. N. Reddy, R. A. Arciniega

32. Strength of Textile Composites — A Voxel Based Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach
Raimund Rolfes, Gerald Ernst, Daniel Hartung, Jan Teßmer

33. Concrete at Early Ages and Beyond: Numerical Model and Validation
Bernhard A. Schrefler, Francesco Pesavento, Dariusz Gawin, Mateusz Wyrzykowski

34. Uncertainty & Reliability Analysis of Structural Dynamical Systems
Gerhart I. Schuëller

35. Neural Networks: New Results and Prospects of Applications in Structural Engineering
Zenon Waszczyszyn, Leonard Ziemianski

36. Computational Railway Dynamics
Torbjörn Ekevid, Per Kettil, Håkan Lane, Nils-Erik Wiberg

37. Micro-Meso-Macro Modelling of Composite Materials
P. Wriggers, M. Hain

38. An Object-Oriented Approach to High Order Finite Element Analysis of Three-Dimensional Continua
M. Baitsch, T. Sikiwat, D. Hartmann

39. A finite element formulation based on the theory of a Cosserat point — Extension to Ogden material
Eiris F. I. Boerner, Dana S. Mueller-Hoeppe, Stefan Loehnert, Peter Wriggers

40. A macro tetrahedral element with vertex rotational D.O.F.s
Jaesung Eom, Byungchai Lee

41. Application of aggregation multilevel iterative solver to problems of structural mechanics
Sergiy Yu. Fialko

42. Convergence Analysis of a Domain Decomposition Method with Augmented Lagrangian Formulation
Alexandre Santos Hansen, Fernando Alves Rochinha

43. Computational Models on Graphs for Nonlinear Hyperbolic and Parabolic System of Equations
Yaroslav A. Kholodov, Alexander S. Kholodov, Nikolai V. Kovshov, Sergey S. Simakov, Dmitri S. Severov, Alexey K. Bordonos, Azilkhan Bapayev

44. Haar wavelet method for solving integral equations and evolution equations
Ülo Lepik

45. A new approach for elimination of dissipation and dispersion errors in particle methods
Hassan Ostad-Hossein, Soheil Mohammadi

46. Solution of stability problem of infinite plate strips
Zdzislaw Pawlak, Jerzy Rakowski

47. Modelling Time-Dependent Partial Equations with Moving Bounderies by the Moving Finite Element Method
Rui Robalo, Mario do Carmo Coimbra, Alirio E. Rodrigues

48. Discretization of Three-Dimensional Aggregate Particles
Daniel Rypl

49. Bending of an Elliptical Plate on Elastic Foundation and under the Combined Action of Lateral Load and In-Plane Force
Kenzo Sato

50. A modal analysis approach using an Hybrid-Mixed formulation to solve 2D elastodynamic problems
M. Vicente Silva, Eduardo Pereira

51. A new finite element method for Kirchhoff plates
Lourenço Beirão Veiga, Jarkko Niiranen, Rolf Stenberg

52. Non-element method for solving 2D boundary problems defined on connected polygonal domains described by Navier equation
Eugeniusz Zinieuk, Agniszka Boltuc

53. Computational Methods of Anisotropic Massif Mechanics Under Different Types of External Actions
Sh. Aitalyev, R. Baimakhan, Zh. Masanov, N. Kurmanbekkyzy, G. Ylyasova

54. Effect of Plastic Anisotropy on the Size of Elastic-Plastic Boundary in a Rotating Disk Problem
Nelli N. Alexandrova, Paulo M. M. Real

55. Numerical Testing on Return Map Algorithms for von-Mises Plasticity with Nonlinear Hardening based on a Generalized Midpoint Integration Scheme
Edoardo Artioli, Ferdinando Auricchio, Lourenço Beirão Veiga

56. A Model for the Analysis of Plates on a Layered Elastic Medium
Mehmet Züfü Asik

57. Modeling of solid state transformations using a phase field model with transformation plasticity
S. Benke

58. Computer modeling of three-dimensional wave movements in anisotropic elastic environments
S. Bosiakov, M. Zhuravkov

59. Visco-elastic regularization and strain softening
Rui S. Cardoso, Vitor D. Silva, Humberto Varum

60. Numerical simulations of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in accelerated solids
Juan J. López Cela, Antonio R. Piriz, María C. Serna

61. A Phenomenological Model to Simulate Mechanical Tests on Ultrafinegrained Aluminum Produced by ECAE
B. Diouf, F. El Houdaigui, S. Poortmans, B. Verlinden, A. M. Habraken

62. The peridynamic equation of motion in non-local elasticity theory
Etienne Emmrich, Olaf Weckner

63. Numerical Solution of Partially Plastic Curved Beam Problem
Ahmet N. Eraslan, Eray Arslan

64. A Proposal of Strain-Gage Rosette for Measurement Residual Stress Around a Circular Hole in a Plate With Circular Hole
José Luiz Fernandes, Antonio Carlos Marques Alvim, Renato Seixas Rocha

65. Prediction of dynamic stiffness of filled rubber mounts

66. Size effects in finite deformation micropolar plasticity
P. Grammenoudisa, Ch. Tsakmakis

67. An Application of a Boundary Perturbation Method to Some Problems of Elasticity
M. Grekov

68. Spatial Stabilization of Semidiscrete Elastodynamics
Eran Grosu, Isaac Harari

69. Modeling the Grain Size Effect using Gradient Hardening and Damage in Crystal (Visco) Plasticity
Mikkel Grymer, Magnus Ekh, Kenneth Runesson, Thomas Svedberg

70. Stress-Focusing Effect Following Dynamically Transforming Strains in a Spherical Zirconia Inclusion
Toshiaki Hata

71. Controllability Method for the Solution of Linear Elastic Wave Equation
Erkki Heikkola, Sanna Mönkölä, Anssi Pennanen, Tuomo Rossi

72. Development of a flow stress model for metals using the strain rate /temperature superposition principle
Ch. Husson, J. Richeton, S. Ahzi

73. Analysis of Elastic Body using Kalman Filter Finite Element Method
Taku Kato, Mutsuto Kawahara

74. Discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear elasticity
Adrian Lew, Alex Ten Eick

75. A Rate Dependent Constitutive Model for Carbon-Fibre/Epoxy-Matrix Woven Fabrics Submitted to Dynamic Loadings
S. Marguet, P. Rozycki, L. Gornet

76. Solution of viscoelasticity problems using special forms of elastic solutions
Valery P. Matveyenko

77. Finite elements method analysis of influence of contact phenomena on structure-subsoil interaction
Marcin Mazdziarz

78. Simulation of Inelastic Deformation of Polyethylene in Multiaxial State of Stress by Viscoelastic Constitutive Equtaion
Mamoru Mizuno, Yukio Sanomura

79. Modeling of granular media by the 2D discrete lattice
Igor S. Pavlov

80. Crystal plasticity based identification of anisotropic strain rate potentials for sheet metal forming simulation

81. A geometric approach to the algorithmic tangent stiffness
G. Romano, M. Diaco, R. Barretta

82. Parallel Computation of 3D Problems of the Dynamics of Elastic-Plastic Granular Material under Small Strains
Vladimir M. Sadovskii, Oxana V. Sadovskaya

83. A hyperelastodynamics ALE formulation based on spatial and material forces.
Z. Uthman, H. Askes

84. Monoharmonic Approach to Investigation of Heat Generation in The Viscoplastic Solids under Harmonic Loading
Yaroslav A. Zhuk

85. A continuous Galerkin finite element method for thermoelasticity without energy dissipation
Swantje Bargmann, Paul Steinmann

86. The Model Coupling Liquid Bridge Between Ellipsoidal Grains
Jolanta Blaszczuk, Zbigniew Domanski

87. Reliability ofWavelet Packet System Identification
Maik Brehm, Christian Bucher

88. An attempt to simulate more precisely the behavior of a solid body using new energy conservation equation for fully coupled thermal structural analysis
L. Écsi, P. Élesztös

89. Mathematical aspects of the initial-boundary value problems in nonlinear thermoelasticity of simple and non-simple materials
J. A. Gawinecki

90. Effect of Parameter Uncertainties on a Vibro-Acoustic Design
M. Guerich, S. Ben Chaabane

91. A numerical method for solid-liquid interaction
Goodarz Khodabakhshi, Vahid Nassehi, Leila Shojai, Richard J. Wakeman

92. Computational Simulation of Irreversible Deforming and Fracture of Damageable Solids and Structures
Alexey B. Kiselev, Olga V. Nekhaeva, Anton V. Privalsky

93. Solution of the coupled light-mechanical problems
Miroslav Kropác, Justín Murín

94. Simulation of the ferroelectric hysteresis using a hybrid finite element formulation
I. Kurzhöfer, J. Schröder, H. Romanowski

95. A Two-Phase Numerical Modelling of the Liquid Solid Transition in Polymer Processing
R. Lanrivain, L. Silva, T. Coupez

96. A two-phase model for granular flows applied to avalanches
Caroline Leppert, Dieter Dinkler

97. Parallel 3D Finite Element Analysis of Coupled Problems
Lee Margetts, Joanna M. Leng, Ian M. Smith

98. Numerical Simulation of Rubber Curing Process with Application to Bladders Manufacture
Paulo Porta, Carlos Vega

99. Coupled Finite Element Analysis of Composite Laser Rods Thermal Characteristics under Longitudinal Diode Pumping
E. Stupak, R. Kacianauskas, A. S. Dementjev, A. Jovaiša

100. On the Modeling of Nonplanar Shear Walls in Shear Wall - Frame Building Structures
Tolga Akis, Turgut Tokdemir, Cetin Yilmaz

101. Directional Drillstring Dynamics
Fredy Coral Alamo, Hans Ingo Weber, Harry Saavedra Espinoza

102. MVM Energy Method for Buckling Analysis of Tapered Plates
M. M. Alinia, S. Kazemi, A. R. Rahai

103. Considerations on Advanced Analysis of Steel Portal Frames
Arthur R. Alvarenga, Ricardo A. M. Silveira

104. A Discrete Element Model For The Fracture Analysis of Reinforced Concrete
N. Monteiro Azevedo, J. V. Lemos, J. R. Almeida

105. Analytical Criteria for the Evaluation of the Internal Forces at the Elastic and Plastic Limit States of Lozenge and Triangular Cross-Sections
António M. Baptista

106. Comparative Study of Aluminum Alloy Plate 2024/7050 Under the Effect of Internal Damping
M. Benachour, A. Hadjoui, F. Hadjoui, M. Benguediab, N. Benachour

107. Nonlinear Analysis of Space Frames
António A. Correia, Francisco B. E. Virtuoso

108. Investigation of shear wall behavior with composite boundary elements
Ali Davaran, Shahin Nayeri Amiri, Armin Kashefi

109. An investigation on dynamic behavior of shear walls on flexible foundation
Dr. Mikail Yousefzadeh Fard, Shahin Nayeri Amiri, Armin Kashefi

110. Influence of the morphology of adhesive joining on the mechanical properties of periodic metal hollow-sphere-structures
T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio

111. Dynamic behaviour of a composite twin girder bridge in a high speed interoperable line
Helder Figueiredo, Rui Calçada, Raimundo Delgado

112. A Finite Element Model for Beam to Column Bolted Connections with Semi Rigid Behaviour
A. Foces, J.A. Garrido, A. Moreno

113. Rational strain measures - The implicit corotational method
G. Garcea, A. Madeo

114. Discrete and continuous analysis of different cable structures
V. Kulbach, J. Idnurm

115. Three-dimensional Vibration Analysis of Crystal Plates via Ritz Method
Qian Li, VaiPan Iu

116. A 3D Solid Finite Element for Reinforced Concrete Analysis Allowing Slippage of Reinforcement
Georgios Ch. Lykidis, Konstantinos V. Spiliopoulos

117. Some new results on MITC plate elements
Mikko Lyly, Jarkko Niiranen, Rolf Stenberg

118. Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Considering the Slip Between Steel and Concrete.
Joaquim Marins Neto, Aloisio Ernesto Assan

119. Novel semi-analytical methodology to determine model parameters for simple finite element bolt model
Joost C. F. N. Rijn

120. Accounting for Fuselage Instabilities in the Coarse Model of an Aircraft Fuselage by means of a Material Law
Wilhelm Rust, Josef Overberg

121. Modelling of reinforced materials by a subcycling algorithm
J. L. Curiel Sosa, N. Petrinic, E. A. Souza Neto, D. R. J. Owen

122. Limit Analysis of Cable-Tied Structures
Konstantinos V. Spiliopoulos, Theodoros N. Patsios

123. Smart Super Elements in Slender Structures Subjected to Wind
D. J. M. Steenbergen, Johan Blaauwendraad

124. Nonlinear analysis of space R/C frames with non-uniform torsion
Boris Trogrlic, Ante Mihanovic, Zeljana Nikolic

125. An FE Analysis of the Stresses in Pultruded GRP Single-Bolt Tension Joints and Their Implications for Joint Design
Geoffrey J. Turvey, Pu Wang

126. An Efficient Evaluation of Structural Safety applying Perturbation Techniques
José M. G. C. Veiga, Jorge M. Delgado, António A. R. Henriques

127. Semi-Analytical Analysis of Super Tall Building Bundled-Tube Structures
Gong Yaoqing, Li Ke

128. Large Displacements in Nonlinear Numerical Analyses for Cable Structures
Nikolina Zivaljic, Ante Mihanovic, Boris Trogrlic

129. Mathematical Modeling for Synthesis and Design of Non-orthogonal Worm Gears with a Straight-line Tooth Contact
V. Abadjiev, D. Petrova, E. Abadjieva

130. Computational modeling of ultrasonically assisted turning
Naseer Ahmed, Alexander V. Mitrofanov, Vadim V. Silberschmidt, Vladimir I. Babitsky

131. Numerical evaluation of bored piles in tropical soils by means of the geotechnical engineering “GEO4” Fine Software
G. J. M. Anjos, R. P. Cunha, P. Kuklik, B. Miroslav

132. Kinematics and force interaction of screw shaft with variable screw course
Bahadirov Gayrat Atahanovich, Bahadirov Kudrat Gayratovich

133. Optimal construction of the thermo-elastic actuator
J. Barglik, B. Ulrych

134. Determination of Moment-Curvature Diagrams and Moment-Deflection Curves in Reinforced Concrete Beams
M. H. F. M. Barros, C. Oliveira

135. Numerical simulation of the nanoindentation experiment: sensitivity analysis of the experimental parameters
P. Berke, T. J. Massart

136. Numerical evaluation of wrinkling stress in sandwich panels
Monika Chuda-Kowalska, Andrzej Garstecki, Zbigniew Pozorski

137. Application of FEA as a Predictive Tool in the Corrugated Paperboard Industry

138. Implementation of 3D homogenization techniques for the thermo-elastic FEM analysis of brazed plate-fin heat exchangers
J. Dib, F. Bilteryst, J. L. Batoz, I. Lewon

139. Hierarchical treecode for optimized collision checking in DEM simulations - application on electrophotographic toner simulations
Rainer Hoffmann

140. 3D FEM analysis of basic process parameters in rotary piercing mill
Jan Kazanecki, Zbigniew Pater, Jaroslaw Bartnicki

141. Numerical Evaluation of the Influence of Stiffener Rings on the Critical Buckling Pressure of the Vessels

142. Topology optimization and fabrication of multi-material dielectrics for antenna performance improvements

143. Reduction method independent substructure synthesis
Paul J. Klinge

144. Discrete Models for the Simulation of Rubber Components Dynamics
M. Lancini, A. Magalini, D. Vetturi

145. Contact Analysis of Impeller-Shaft assembly and Reasonably Designing the Amount Interference of Turbocompressors
A. H. Liao, H. W. Zhang, C. H. Wu

146. Study of the stress induced granular consolidation process by 3D DEM simulation
Yong Sheng, C. J. Lawrence, B. J. Briscoe

147. Numerical Analysis of Passive Earth Pressures with Interfaces
Jim Shiau, Catherine Smith

148. Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of a Multi-Propped Deep Excavation in Shanghai Soft Deposit

149. The computer analysis of the temperature fields arising in bearing node at rotation of a rotor
M. Zhuravkov, S. Bosiakov, S. Pronckevich

150. Updating 3D acoustic models with the Constitutive Law Error method.A two-step approach for absorbing material characterization
V. Decouvreur, Ph. Bouillard, P. Ladevèze

151. Analysis of Fluid-Structure coupling by Statistical Energy Analysis
J. C. García-Andujar, L. Fritz, J. López-Díez

152. Efficient Iterative Solution of Time-harmonic Scattering by Objects in Layered Fluid
Kazufumi Ito, Jari Toivanen

153. Computational Aeroacoustics by Coupling the Finite-Element and the Lattice-Boltzmann-Method
Barbara Neuhierl, Ernst Rank

154. Analysis of a perforated panel for the correction of low frequency resonances in domestic rooms
Andrea Panteghini, Francesco Genna, Edoardo Piana

155. Sound Insulation Provided by a Multi-layer System Containing a Heterogeneity: a BEM Approach
Andreia Pereira, António Tadeu

156. An efficient wave based method for steady-state vibro-acoustic transmission calculations
B. Pluymers, W. Desmet, D. Vandepitte, P. Sas

157. Modeling Sound Radiation by Structures Caused by a Ground Impact Load: a BEM Approach
Paulo Santos, António Tadeu

158. Cohesive Model of Electromechanical Fatigue for Ferroelectric Materials and Structures
Irene Arias, Santiago Serebrinsky, Michael Ortiz

159. Simulation of active systems in a NVH full car model
H. Atzrodt, S. Herold, D. Mayer

160. Toward an exhaustive modeling of the macroscopic behaviour of shape memory alloys
Ferdinando Auricchio, Alessandro Reali, Lorenza Petrini

161. Vibration Damping Using Resonant Shunted Shear-Mode Piezoceramics
Ayech Benjeddou, Julie A. Ranger

162. Optimal control of piezoelectric anisotropic plates
I. N. Figueiredo, G. Stadler

163. Residual Internal Forces in Stiffened Thermal-Bimorph Actuator after Forming Process
Wiktor L. Gambin, A. Zarzycki

164. Spectral Level Set Methodology in the Optimal Design of Adaptive Aeroelastic Structures
Alexandra A. Gomes, Afzal Suleman

165. Nondestructive identification of defects for smart plates in bending using genetic algorithms
Georgios E. Stavroulakis, Daniela G. Marinova, Dimitar H. Lukarski, Emmanuel C. Zacharenakis

166. Modeling Shape Memory Alloy Plane Truss Structures using the Finite Element Method
Juliana Hoyer Insaurrauld Pereira, Mauricio Rangel Pacheco, Pedro Manuel Calas Lopes Pacheco, Ricardo Alexandre Amar Aguiar, Marcelo Amorim Savi

167. Evaluation of NiMnGa Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys Using Cellular Neural Networks
Gursev Pirge, Sabri Altintas, Niyazi Kiliç, Osman N. Uçan

168. Modelling of fibre Bragg grating sensor plates
C. A. Ramos, R. Oliveira, R. D. S. G. Campilho, A. T. Marques

169. Refined Finite Element Model for Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Beams with Shear Piezoelectric Actuators and Sensors
Marcelo A. Trindade, Ayech Benjeddou

170. Thermoelectromechanical Response of a Parallel Crack in a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Strip
S. Ueda, H. Kondo

171. Multi-Scale Finite Element Modeling of Piezoelectric Materials by A Crystallographic Homogenization Method
Yasutomo Uetsuji, Eiji Nakamachi

172. Vibration Control of A Laminated Composite Plate Subjected to Blast Loading
H. Uyanik, Z. Mecitoglu

173. Experimental Identification of GHM and ADF Parameters for Viscoelastic Damping Modeling
C. M. A. Vasques, J. Dias Rodrigues, R. A. S. Moreira

174. Numerical Aspects of Modelling Thermo- MechanicalWave Propagation With Phase Transformations
L. X. Wang, R. V. N. Melnik

175. Analysis and Design Optimization of Smart Laminated Composite Beams using Layerwise Theory
A. Zabihollah, R. Ganesan, R. Sedaghati

176. A thermo-viscoplastic model for bituminous materials
Hervé Di Benedetto, Cédric Sauzéat, Brice Delaporte, Mondher Neifar

177. From Asphalt to the Arctic: New Insights into Thermo-Mechanical Ratchetting Processes
James G A Croll

178. An Object-Oriented System for Finite Element Analysis of Pavements
Aurea Silva Holanda, Lucas Tadeu Barroso Melo, Francisco Evangelista, Jorge Barbosa Soares, Evandro Parente, Teresa Denyse Pereira Araújo

179. On the treatment of convective terms in coupled hydro-mechanics for porous media subject to dynamic loading
Bernd Lenhof, Per Kettil, Kenneth Runesson, Nils-Erik Wiberg

180. Asphalt Mechanics, a Key Tool for Improved Pavement Performance Predictions
A. A. A. Molenaar

181. Sensitivity of Blood Flow Patterns to the Constitutive Law of the Fluid
Pablo J. Blanco, Ignacio Larrabide, Raúl A. Feijóo, Santiago A. Urquiza

182. The influence of stem design on strains and micromotion in revision Total Knee Arthroplasty: Finite element analysis
A. Completo, J. A. Simões, F. Fonseca

183. Optimization of targeted movements
Anders Eriksson

184. Persistence of Axial Rotation in Idiopathic Scoliosis Due to the Structural Changes of the Intervertebral Disc
Behnam Heidari, David FitzPatrick, Damien McCormack, Keith Synnott

185. Numerical Simulation of Hemodynamics in a Cerebral Artery
H. Iwase, R. Himeno

186. Analysis of some Contact Problems in Human Joints after Arthroplasty
A. John, M. Mazdziarz, J. Rojek, J. J. Telega, P. Maldyk

187. Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis Before Birth by Means of Chaotic Analysis on the Herat Rate Signal
Pardis Khayyer, Alireza Zolghadrasli, Farhang Daneshmand, Ali Najafi

188. Configurational Derivative as a Tool for Image Segmentation
Ignacio Larrabide, Raúl A. Feijóo, Edgardo Taroco, André A. Novotny

189. Numerical Simulations to Analyze and Optimize the Human Substitute Voice
G. Link, M. Kaltenbacher, R. Lerch

190. The thaw time of frozen cancellous bone for mechanical testing
C. Nabais, R. M. Guedes, J. A. Simões

191. Modeling of Passive Behavior of Soft Tissues Including Viscosity and Damage
Tobias Olsson, João A. C. Martins

192. Nano and macro structure of cortical bone: numerical investigations
M. Racila, J. M. Crolet

193. Calculation of Muscle and Joint Forces in the Masticatory System
Stefan Rues, Hans J. Schindler, Jürgen Lenz, Karl Schweizerhof

194. The algorithms of mathematical programming in muscle recruitment and muscle wrapping problems
Vít Vondrák, Zdenek Dostál, John Rasmussen, Michael Damsgaard

195. Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Airflow and Vibration Analysis for Upper Airway of Humans
Chi Yu, Yuefang Wang, Yingxi Liu, Xiuzhen Sun

196. Computer Simulation of Anisotropic Damage and Residual Stresses in Atherosclerotic Arteries
D. Balzani, J. Schröder, D. Gross

197. Computational study on stability and bone remodeling for a hip replacement using a “minimal invasive” femoral stem
João Folgado, Rui P. Andrade, Paulo R. Fernandes

198. Porous polycrystals built up by uniformly and axisymmetrically oriented needles: Homogenization of elastic properties
Andreas Fritsch, Christian Hellmich, Luc Dormieux

199. A Poroviscoelastic Overlay Model for Finite Element Analyses of Articular Cartilage at Large Strains
Uwe-Jens Görke, Hubert Günther, Markus A. Wimmer

200. A Finite Element Study of Strain Distribution in an Instrumented Knee Prosthesis for Full Force Measurement in Vivo.
Rui Guimaraes, Stephen J G Taylor, Gordon W Blunn

201. Topological Derivative Applied to Image Enhancement
Ignacio Larrabide, Raúl A. Feijóo, Edgardo Taroco, André A. Novotny

202. Determination of Contractile Forces Generated by Actin Fibre Networks
J. Patrick McGarry, Peter E. McHugh, Amit Pathak, Lorenzo Valdevit, Anthony G. Evans, Robert M. McMeeking

203. Hip Prosthesis Design Using a Multi-Criteria Formulation
Rui B. Ruben, Paulo R. Fernandes, João Folgado, Helder C. Rodrigues

204. Global Dynamical Model of the Cardiovascular System
Sergey S. Simakov, Alexander S. Kholodov, Yaroslav A. Kholodov, Alexey A. Nadolskiy, Alexander N. Shushlebin

205. Computational Study of the Vibrating Disturbances to the Lung Function
Sergey S. Simakov, Alexander S. Kholodov, Yaroslav A. Kholodov, Alexey A. Nadolskiy, Alexander N. Shushlebin

206. ABAQUS-Based, Coupled Porohyperelastic Transport Finite Element Models for Soft Hydrated Biological Structures
Bruce R. Simon, Paul H. Rigby, Tyler P. Newberg, Robert I. Park, Stewart K. Williams

207. Theoretical Modeling of Cyclically Loaded, Biodegradable Cylinders
João S. Soares, Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal, James E. Moore

208. Validation of a non-linear wear model for UHMWPE
S. Kanagaraj, S. A. Oliveira Mónica, José A. O. Simões

209. FEA of Human Knee Joint Replacement Using Real Bone Models
Lukas Zach, Svatava Konvickova, Pavel Ruzicka

210. Subregion boundary element method for piezoelectric structures
G. Dziatkiewicz, P. Fedelinski

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215. A Displacement Solution to Transverse Shear Loading of Beams by BEM
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216. Non-conforming Coupled Time Domain Boundary Element Analysis
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217. Control of Thermal Stress in a Piezoelectric Composite Disk by a Stepwise Applied Electric Potential Distribution
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218. Mitigation of Free-Edge Effects by Meso-Scale Structuring
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219. A Quasi-2d Finite Element Formulation for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Sandwich Beams
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220. A Numerical Comparison of Distinct Meshless Methods for the Analysis of Composite Laminates

221. A New Damage Identification and Quantification Indicator for Piezoelectric Advanced Composites
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222. Design of Variable-Stiffness Conical Shells for Maximum Fundamental Frequency
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223. A Micromechanics-Based Damage Model for the Strength Prediction of Composite Laminates
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224. Finite Element Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Thin-Walled Composite Laminated Beams
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225. Design Sensitivity Analysis of Composite Thin-walled Profiles including Torsion and Shear Warping
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226. Buckling optimisation of composite panels via lay-up tables
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227. Numerical approach for the design of adhesively-bonded assemblies
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228. Enhancement of Blast Resistance of Sandwich Plates
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229. Mechanics and Acoustics of Viscoelastic Composites by Micro-Macro Mean-Field Approach
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230. Numerical Evaluation of Upper and Lower Bounds to the Collapse Limit Load for Composite Laminates
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231. Material degradation assessment for stiffened composite shells using metamodelling approach.
Kaspars Kalnins, Rolands Rikards, Janis Auzins

232. A new model for the behaviour of the multi-layer material interfaces
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233. FE-Tool CODAC for an Efficient Simulation of Low-Velocity Impacts on Composite Sandwich Structures
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234. Preliminary Investigation for Optimization of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite Structures
J. Kato, A. Lipka, E. Ramm

235. On Post-Buckling Analysis and Experimental Correlation of Cylindrical Composite Shells with Reissner-Mindlin-Von Kármán Type Facet Model
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236. Application of Failure Criteria to Short Fiber Reinforced Composites and Experimental Validation

237. Tow-Placed, Variable-Stiffness Composite Panels: Damage Tolerance Improvements over Traditional Straight-Fibre Laminates
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238. A Mixed-Formulation Four-Node Rectangular Element in the Modeling of Laminate Composite Beam Structures
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239. Optimal design of stiffened composite underwater hulls
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240. Higher Order Model for Analysis of Magneto-Electro-Elastic Plates
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242. Applications of Distributed Piezoelectric Electrode Patches for Active Noise and Vibration Control
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243. Computational Elastoplastic Modeling of Multi-phase Fiber-reinforced Composites
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245. Piezoelectric Control of Composite Plate Vibration: Effect of Electric Field Distribution
M. Pietrzakowski

246. A Finite Element Model for the Analysis of 3D Axisymmetric Laminated Shells with Embedded Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators
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248. Shear Deformation Effect in Nonlinear Analysis of Spatial Composite Beams in Variable Axial Loading by BEM
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249. Constitutive ply damage modeling, FEM implementation, and analyses of laminated structures
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250. Simulation of Delamination in Stringer Stiffened Fiber-Reinforced Composite Shells
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251. Development of methods of numerical solution of singular integrodifferential equations for solid mechanics problems
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252. Validation of large scale simulations of dynamic fracture
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257. Finite deformation fracture modelling of a thermo-mechanical cohesive zone
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259. One 3D adaptive fragmentation procedure for the explicit simulation of brittle material cracking
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260. Finite Element Analysis of Cracked Plates With Circular Stress Raisers Used For S.I.F. Reduction
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261. Simulation of Materials Damage in the Field of Internal Stresses
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262. Computational methods for the fast boundary stabilization of flexible plates
Frederic Bourquin

263. Sensor and Actuator Capabilities of a Laminated Piezoelectric Plate Model
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264. Numerical Analysis of Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Darcy Flow
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265. An Error Estimator for the Reissner-Mindlin Plate Problem
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266. A Convergence Study of the Numerical Solution of Two Bi-directionally Coupled Partial Differential Equations in Thermoelectricity
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267. Numerical simulations of rubber-like materials under changing directions
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268. About an Efficient and Consistent Numerical Strategy for the Solution of the Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Anisotropic Finite Elastoplasticity
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269. Vibrations of composite beams with multiple delaminations
Helle Hein

270. Computational aspects of anisotropic finite strain plasticity based on the multiplicative decomposition
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271. Adaptation of biological tissues — a fibre reorientation model for orthotropic multiplicative growth
A. Menzel

272. Polyconvex anisotropic hyperelastic energies
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273. Micromechanically motivated phenomenological modeling of induced flow anisotropy and its application to sheet forming processes with complex strain path changes
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274. 3D homogenization procedure for load bearing masonry columns
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276. Macroscale modelling of structured materials with damage by a specific rigid element model
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289. Response of a Single Degree of Freedom Elastic Perfectly Plastic System under Non-Stationary Gaussian Seismic Excitation

290. Fuzzy Frequency Response Function of a Composite Floor Subject to Uncertainty by Application of the Gad Algorithm
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291. Comparative Numerical Evaluation of Angra I Auxiliary Feedwater System Reliability by the Method of Suplementary Variables
José Luiz Fernandes, Marcos Oliveira Pinho, Antonio Carlos Marques Alvim, Antonio Pithon

292. Lifetime Estimation of Vertical Bridge Tie Rods Exposed toWind-induced Vibrations
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295. Approximate method for probability density of the response of a linear oscillator to a non-Poisson impulse process
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304. Iterative solution of the random eigenvalue problem
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314. On a simplified method for wear simulation in rolling contact problems

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Alexander Konyukhov, Peter Vielsack, Karl Schweizerhof

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327. Mechanical Modelling of Friction and Adhesion of Elastomers at Rough Interfaces
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328. A 9m Drop Test Simulation of a Dual Purpose Cask for Nuclear Research Reactors Spent Fuel Elements
Carlos A. J. Miranda, Miguel Mattar Neto, Gerson Fainer

329. A Discontinuous Galerkin Approach for the Numerical Treatment of Tractive Rolling
Udo Nacke, Matthias Ziefle

330. An iterative method with BEM discretization for the friction contact problems
P. Neittaanmäki, A. S. Kravchuk, I. G. Goryacheva

331. Frictional Contact of Elastomer Materials on rough rigid Surfaces
Jana Nettingsmeier, Peter Wriggers

332. Optimizing the Description of Forming Tools with Bézier Surfaces in the Numerical Simulation of the Deep Drawing Process
M. C. Oliveira, L. F. Menezes, J. L. Alves

333. Exploring the dynamics of a simple system involving Coulomb friction
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334. Multibody Modeling of Pantographs for Catenary-Pantograph Interaction
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Mathieu Renouf, Vincent Acary

336. Third body flow during wheel-rail interaction
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337. Modelling thermal contact resistance on glass forming processes with special interface finite elements
José César Sá, Sébastien Grégoire, Philippe Moreau, Dominique Lochegnies

338. Numerical Investigation of Shakedown Residual Stresses Under Moving Surface Loads
Jim S. Shiau

339. Frictional Contact/Impact between a Hyperelastic Body and Moving Rigid Obstacles
N. Strömberg

340. Incorrect Contact of Screw Surfaces and its Consequences
Jaromír Švígler

341. Three-Dimensional Rupture Instability of a Displacement-Softening Interface under Nonuniform Loading
Koji Uenishi

342. Contact of rough surfaces - A comparison of experimental and numerical results
Kai I. Willner, Daniel B. Görke

343. Continuum Mechanics Modelling and Simulation of Carbon Nanotubes
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349. Homogenization of single-walled carbon nanotubes
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355. Pore gas interaction in polymeric foams with respect to energy absorption
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357. A time-space framework suitable for the LATIN computational strategy for multiphysics problems
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368. Modeling the behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with FRP
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373. Evolution Equation of Creep Damage Under Stress Variation
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374. Concrete Damage Model Adaptation for Cyclic Loading

375. Hybrid and Mixed Finite Element Formulations for Softening Materials
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Denis L. S. Sornin, Khémaïs. Saanouni

377. On a New Framework for Anisotropic Damage Model
Jian-Ying Wu, Jie Li

378. Shell Optimization under Constraint on Damage Accumulation
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379. Design of Acceptance-Sampling Plans under Bayesian Risk
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380. Optimal design for the worst case scenario
Elena Cherkaev, Andrej Cherkaev

381. Dimension Reduction Method for Reliability-Based Robust Design Optimization
K. K. Choi, Ikjin Lee, David Gorsich

382. A Fatigue Life Reliability-based Design Optimization of a Slat Track using Mesh Morphing
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383. A New Approach of Robust Design Based on the Concept of Allowable Load Set
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384. A sampling technique enhancing accuracy and efficiency of metamodel-based RBDO: constraint boundary sampling
Tae Hee Lee, Jae Jun Jung, Do Hyun Jung

385. Interval sensitivity analysis of dynamic response envelopes for uncertain mechanical structures
David Moens, Dirk Vandepitte

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Carlo Poloni, Paolo Geremia, Alberto Clarich

387. Development and Application of A New Metropolis GA for the Structural Design Optimization
Yeon-Sun Ryu

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390. DQEM and DQFDM for Computational Mechanics Problems
Chang-New Chen

391. An innovative truly-mixed method for cohesive-crack propagation problems
C. Cinquini, M. Bruggi, Paolo Venini

392. Compactly Supported Fundamental Functions for Spline-Based Differential Quadrature
Domingo Barrera Rosillo, Francisco Ibáñez Pérez

393. Differential Quadrature Solution for Parabolic Structural Shell Elements
Francesco Tornabene, Erasmo Viola

394. Multiple Crack Growth failure in Cortical Bone under Tension by the eXtended Finite Element Method
Elisa Budyn, Laurent Henry, Thierry Hocr

395. Subdivision Shells
Fehmi Cirak

396. Capturing Slip Weakening and Variable Frictional Response in Localizing Geomaterials Using an Enhanced Strain Finite Element
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399. An enriched space-time finite element method for fluid-structure interaction - Part I: Prescribed structural displacement
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Ionut D. Moldovan, João A. Teixeira Freitas

401. Explicit dynamic with X-FEM to handle complex geometries
P. Rozycki, N. Moës, E. Bechet

402. Prediction of macroscopic material failure based on microscopic cohesive laws
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403. Strict, sharp and practical bounds of computed outputs of interest for evolution problems
L. Chamoin, P. Ladevèze

404. Error bounds on outputs of interest for linear stochastic problems.
É. Florentin, P. Ladevèze, J. Bellec

405. An hp-adaptive analysis of some linear free vibration problems
M. Jasinski, G. Zboinski

406. Moving Mesh Adaptivity applied to Railway Dynamics
Håkan Lane, Per Kettil, Nils-Erik Wiberg

407. Finite strain r-adaption based on a fully variational framework
J. Mosler, M. Ortiz

408. Extension processes, adaptivity and remeshing for elasto-plastic problems
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409. Efficient implementation of domain decomposition methods using a hierarchical h-adaptive finite element program
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410. Adaptive remeshing in transient impact processes with large deformations and nonlinear material behavior
Wolfgang A. Wall, Tobias Erhart, Ekkehard Ramm

411. Particle Swarms in Engineering Design Problems
Bogdan Bochenek, Pawel Forys

412. Particle Swarm Optimization: efficient globally convergent modifications
Emilio F. Campana, Giovanni Fasano, Daniele Peri, Antonio Pinto

413. Evolutionary Optimization of Chemistry of Bulk Metallic Glasses
George S. Dulikravich, Nenad Jelisavcic, Igor N. Egorov

414. Introduction of Control Points in Splines for Synthesis of Optimized Cam Motion Program
Tarun K. Naskar

415. On the use of Differential Evolution in the Trajectory Modeling of Parallel Architecture Robot
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416. Evolutionary Topologic Optimization using the Finite Element Method
Mário M. R. Teixeira, Maurício P. Brandão

417. A Multilevel Domain Decomposition Methodology for Solving Coupled Problems in Fluid-Structure-Thermal Interaction
Eugenio Aulisa, Sandro Manservisi, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer

418. Moving Mesh Algorithm for Unstructured Grids Based on Interpolation with Radial Basis Functions
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419. Vibrational Analysis of Fluid-Structure Systems Using Natural Neighbour Galerkin Method
F. Daneshmand, S. Noroomandi

420. Fluid-Structure Interaction in FEM Journal Bearing Simulations
Alex Kraker, Daniel J. Rixen, Ron A. J. Ostayen

421. Numerical simulation of wind-structure interaction for thin shells and membranes
Alexander Kupzok, Roland WÜchner, Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

422. Reliability Analysis of Prestressed Egg-shaped Digester
Jie Li, Hua-ming Chen, Jian-bing Chen

423. The Vortex Structures in the Sphere Wakes in the Wide Range of the Reynolds and Froude Numbers
Paul V. Matyushin, Valentin A. Gushchin

424. Transient Analysis Methods for Hypersonic Applications with Thermo-Mechanical Fluid-Structure Interaction
Reinhold Niesner, Matthias Haupt, Peter Horst

425. Stall Induced Vibration & Flutter In A Symmetric Airfoil
Sunetra Sarkar, Hester Bijl

426. Application of Lagrange Multipliers for Computational Aeroelasticity
Ralf Unger, Matthias C. Haupt, P. Horst

427. Computer Simulation of Diffraction Technique Applied for Measurements of Surface Stress Gradients
J. T. Assis, V. I. Monine, S. A. Philippov, S. M. Iglesias

428. Numerical Assessment of a Micromorphic Model of Ductile Rupture
Koffi Enakoutsa, Jean-Baptiste Leblond, Gilles Perrin

429. Fatigue Crack Trajectory Analysis of Single-Side Repaired Thin Aluminum Panels with Various Composite Patch Lay-up Configurations
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, B. Mohammadi, S. Bakhshandeh

430. Prediction of the Crack Initiation Life of Turbine Blade
Sharadchandra D. Jog, Rajeshwar. Baddam

431. Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Location of the Stopping Holes and their Diamete

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