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Communicating European Research 2005

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Table of contents

1. Why Communicating European Research?
Michel Claessens

2. Thinking Science, Talking Science
Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis

3. Let’s Make Science The Next Headline
Janez PotoCnik

4. Information and Communication Technology Research and its Impact on Growth and Job Creation
Viviane Reding

5. The Evolving Context For Science And Society
Alan I. Leshner

6. Science Communication On Demand
Donghong Cheng, He Zhu

7. Bringing Scientists to the People
Carolyn Gale

8. “Science Meets Parliament”
Toss Gascoigne

9. The Science-Media Interface: Interactions of Scientists and Journalists
Hans Peter Peters

10. Science News on the Net
Brian Trench

11. The Changing Paradigm of Science Communication: Challenges for Researchers
Marie-Claude Roland

12. Training Scientists in Communication Skills
Mónica Bettencourt-Dias

13. Communication of Science, Communication in Science
Giuseppe Roffi, Luciano d’Andrea, Bernike Pasveer, Milan Bufon

14. Advancing European Protocols for Science Communication
Roderick Hunt

15. Science Goes Local: Local Media Matters
Elena Ceva, Berta Duane, Ulla Engelmann

16. Debate, Communicate, Educate
Ruth Kikin-Gil

17. Media Skills Workshops: Breaking Down the Barriers Between Scientists and Journalists
Jenni Metcalfe, Toss Gascoigne

18. Training for Dialogue and Debate
Steve Miller

19. Training Science Communication in a Swift Moving Society
Gemma Revuelta

20. Science Days – contact with science
Joachim Lerch

21. The Challenge Of Showing And Discussing The Unknown
Noyuri Mima

22. Science & the city
Vladimir De Semir

23. The Genova Science Festival
Manuela Arata

24. Science Class 2012
Russ Hodge

25. Scientific Literacy
Robin Millar

26. Perceptions and Images of Science and Science Education
Svein Sjøberg, Camilla Schreiner

27. Representing Science Through Multiple-Channel Digital Television
Richard Holliman

28. How to Get Science in the News
Jan-Olov Johansson

29. Heard it on the Radio!
Matteo Merzagora, Elisabetta Tola, Marzia Mazzonetto

30. Communicating Research in Developing Countries
Joanne Carpenter

31. Getting R&D Results into the Press
Tara Morris, Gareth Harding, Laura Miles, Eric Chreiki

32. Towards More Responsibility in Communicating Science
Blanka Jergovic

33. European Media: Two Cultures of Science Communication
Viola Egikova

34. How to reach the business media?
Gill Joy, Marta Ribele, Sean Duke, Michaela Stipsits, Luisa Minoli

35. The Same Old Future
Cormac Sheridan

36. Europe in Space - Taking off Without the Public?
Dirk H. Lorenzen

37. Population Exposure to Air Pollutants in Europe (People)
P. Pérez Ballesta, R. A. Field, E. De Saeger

38. Communicating Eu Food and Health Research
Torger Boerresen, Pi Högberg, George Chryssochoidis, Filip Cnudde, Teresa Belcher, Jörg Oehlenschläger

39. Communicating Environmental Research
Willy De Backer, Andrew Terry, András Demeter, Barbara Demeneix, Pierre Coërs, Jacques de Selliers

40. Talking Nano – What Makes Nanotechnology Special
Richard Hayhurst, Wolfgang M. Heckl, Guglielmo Maglio, Volker Türk, David Bennett

41. Communicate Internationally - With Partners from the New Independent States (NIS)
Richard burger, Tatiana runge, Liubov strelnikova, Kamila magzieva, Vladimir komlev

42. How to Communicate an Interdisciplinary Project?
Christiane Wehle

43. When Diversity Means Richness
Michel Claessens


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