Youtsos, A.G.

Residual Stress and Its Effects on Fatigue and Fracture

Youtsos, A.G. - Residual Stress and Its Effects on Fatigue and Fracture, ebook


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Table of contents

Part 1. Residual Stress Analysis by Modelling Techniques

1. Residual Stress Numerical Simulation Of Two Dissimilar Metal Weld Junctions
Philippe Gilles, Ludovic Nouet

2. Finite Element Simulation Of Welding In Pipes: A Sensitivity Analysis
D.E. Katsareas

3. Residual Stress Prediction In Letterbox-Type Repair Welds
L.K. Keppas, N.K. Anifantis, D.E. Katsareas, A.G. Youtsos

4. Viscosity Effect On Displacements And Residual Stresses Of A Two-Pass Welding Plate
Walid EL Ahmar, Jean-François Jullien

Part 2. Residual Stress Analysis by Experimental Methods

5. Evaluation Of Novel Post Weld Heat Treatment In Ferritic Steel Repair Welds Based On Neutron Diffraction
C. Ohms, D. Neov, A.G. Youtsos

6. High-Resolution Neutron Diffraction For Residual Strain/Stress Investigations
P. Mikula, M. Vrána

7. Effects Of The Cryogenic Wire Brushing On The Surface Integrity And The Fatigue Life Improvements Of The Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Ground Components
N. Ben Fredj, A. Djemaiel, A. Ben Rhouma, H. Sidhom, C. Braham

8. Surface Integrity In High Speed Machining Of Alloy
J.D. Puerta Velásquez, B. Bolle, P. Chevrier, A. Tidu

9. The present and the new HFR-Petten SANS facility
O. Uca, C. Ohms, A.G. Youtsos

Part 3. Residual Stress Analysis by Modelling Techniques

10. Sensitivity of Predicted Residual Stresses To Modelling Assumptions
S K Bate, R Charles, D Everett, D O’Gara, A Warren, S Yellowlees

11. Welding Effects On Thin Stiffened Panels
T.T. Chau

12. Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Ceramic and Polymer Matrix Composites Using Finite Element Method
K. Babski, T. Boguszewski, A. Boczkowska, M. Lewandowska, W. Swieszkowski, K.J. Kurzydlowski

13. Phase Transformation And Damage Elastoplastic Multiphase Model For Welding Simulation

Part 4. Residual Stress Effects on Fatigue and Fracture

14. Identification of Residual Stress Length Scales in Welds for Fracture Assessment
P. J. Bouchard

15. Interaction of Residual Stress with Mechanical Loading in a Ferritic Steel
A. Mirzaee-Sisan, M. C. Smith, C. E. Truman, D. J. Smith

16. Effects of Residual Stresses on Crack Growth in Aluminum Alloys
B. Kumar

17. Effect of Reflection Shot peening and Fine Grain Size on Improvement of Fatigue Strength for Metal Bellows
H. Okada, A. Tange, K. Ando

18. Surface Crack Development In Transformation Induced Fatigue Of Sma Actuators
Dimitris C. Lagoudas, Olivier W. Bertacchini, E Patoor

19. Assessment of Defects Under Combined Primary and Residual Stresses
A.H. Sherry, J Quinta da Fonseca, K Taylor, M.R. Goldthorpe

Keywords: Chemistry, Structural Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic, Nuclear Engineering

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